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  • wdc

    Also, don’t put beans up your nose.

    • Suse

      Thanks for reminding me…great childhood memories…

    • hahaha yes!!

    • It was a raisin, not a bean! (as my older sister likes to remind me)

  • sproc

    Face —> Palm

  • Amy

    Honestly, we could use a few of these around Shaw. There are school-aged kids who like to throw rocks at cars, dogs, kids in strollers… The cops are aware, but we all know what that amounts to in the absence of them being present at the scene.

    • dcd

      Yes, Shaw could use them. They’ll definitely work, too – I predict a dramatic decrease on rock throwing incidents after the signs go up.

      • Amy

        True. “Rocks, you say? I hadn’t thought of rocks!”

    • zartan

      more arrests aren’t going to solve this problem. if only it was this simple.

  • textdoc

    How disappointing that this even has to be said. :(
    I guess anything that might get kids/teens to stop throwing rocks at Metrobuses — which (IIRC) has been a significant problem on certain routes EOTR — is worth trying.

    • textdoc

      *At Metrobuses, cars, people, etc.
      The fact that this flyer shows a photo of a bus and lists Metro Transit Police above MPD makes me think that this flyer was produced (or primarily funded) by WMATA.

  • emvee

    Sigh, if only I could’ve had some of these to hand out to the kid that threw a rock at me last month.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    The fact that these cards are necessary causes me to lose a lot of faith in humanity. Come to think of it, a lot of things in DC have.

  • petworther

    Back in the day this was a huge problem with kids on the Garfield terrace balconies throwing rocks and bricks and bikers going up the 11th Street hill.
    The most telling line here is where a fifth grader says “It’s funny” in reference to essentially trying to murder cyclists.

  • DC memories

    One of my first memories of DC, when I moved here 10 years ago, was riding up the escalator in Union Station when a pack of kids hurled rocks at my face and made racist remarka about me. I can’t say things are a whole lot better now.

  • Curious

    Where do the kids get these rocks? It’s not like they’re just lying around in an urban environment. Do they carry a supply around with them?


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