Kennedy Street Coup – New Bar from Owners of Ivy and Coney, Bar Manager from KBC and a 3rd very special Tchotchke Curator

by Prince Of Petworth December 9, 2015 at 4:03 pm 30 Comments

View of Kennedy Street at 5th – 518 Kennedy Street NW is across the street

Upshur Street Kennedy Street continues to roll – next up comes word of a new bar coming to 518 Kennedy Street, NW. What has my excitement to a level nine is who it’s from – the owners of Ivy & Coney in Shaw, the bar manager of KBC (Kangaroo Boxing Club) in Columbia Heights and Matthew McGovern, Tchotchke Curator extraordinaire from Columbia Heights and Brookland/Edgewood. Not a bad trio.

So quickly before I get scooped – the bar’s name is still being worked out. If all goes well it will open next year. It will have the same low key, laid back vibe as KBC and Ivy & Coney. There will be a nice outdoor patio area – though the owners are taking great lengths to ensure the neighbors are happy. Many more updates as construction progresses and they get closer to opening next year!

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  • Brightwood Resident

    YES!!!! This couldn’t be more fantastic. Hopefully development will start to roll in for Kennedy Street!

  • CeeDC

    SOOO exciting! Can’t wait for this to open…

  • Nicole


  • Anon

    Great news! I hope activity begins East of Missouri Ave as well.

  • JT

    This is really great news! Particularly with the streetscape improvements coming next year, the wide sidewalks will be great for outdoor dining. First few steps toward bringing some vibrancy to the corridor.

  • emily

    shocking and awesome. shockingly awesome.

  • memememe


  • nico heights

    Woop woop

  • Kennedy Street!

    Kennedy Street is rockin’ now!

  • anon7

    Interesting news. I live the same distance from Upshur as I do from Kennedy, but have literally never found a compelling reason to stroll up to Kennedy Street. Guess that’s gonna change now.

    • CultureCoffee

      Hi Anon7:

      “..never found a compelling reason..” this makes us sad. Stop by Culture Coffee 709 Kennedy St NW, open til 10 pm Web, Twitter and Facebook: culturecoffeedc on the web. Hopefully, we’ll be the one reason you can take a stroll. Great weather this weekend ;)

      • Outback2010


      • Petworth_dude

        Want to check it out…but crime reports are a “compelling reason” for me.

        I live near 8th and Crittenden, by the way.

        • CultureCoffee

          I understand there was a stabbing on 8th and Upshur last Sunday.

  • neighbor

    Wow, this is great news! I’d be excited regardless–but from this trio? They know what they’re doing.

    • sunnytime

      +1000! I believe them when they say “the owners are taking great lengths to ensure the neighbors are happy.”

  • KDY

    Wow. I’ve been a Kennedy Street optimist for some time and even I am somewhat shocked at the pace with which new businesses are appearing on the horizon. So in addition to the already beloved Andrene’s, Taqueria DF, and Culture Coffee, we have the following on the way:

    Blanken Brothers Bar on 5th and Kennedy
    Library bar/restaurant on 3rd and Kennedy
    ANXO cidery and restaurant on 7th and Kennedy
    Swampoodle restaurant/bar on 14th and Kennedy


    • Outback2010

      Swampooodle? never heard of her. Do we have any updates on their elusive opening?

  • please have the owners of the spar contact one of the BLANKEN’s who is the only one remaining. At his office in Silver Spring which can be found under Steven Selby Blanken, DPM or BLANKEN podiatry group. It is very important that we discuss this . we were not brothers it was grandfather father and son

    • ft bretworth

      this is awesome.

    • Anon

      We need a new name for the bar, then!

      House Blanken
      Blanken & Family

      • textdoc

        The Blankin’ Blankens Bar?

        • neighbor

          This wins!

  • YAY!!!!

    This is so huge!! Love all these businesses coming to Kennedy! Despite what is often said about it there is a great community here that will support these businesses. Can’t wait!

    • CultureCoffee

      It is a nice little community. :)

  • Wow! I feel as if Vintage Glam is on the wrong end of Kennedy St. VG is open and stocked for the Holiday season with beautiful wares – gifts, holiday cards, wrap, etc. Take a nice stroll on the other end of Kennedy.

    Pinkies Up!

  • Such amazing news!! I’ll be there early and often.

  • NE Resident

    Love that Target Liquors sign with the old-style phone number. I hope it never falls apart.

  • Guadalupe Rodriguez

    The picture above is misleading….I spoke to Mr.Plotnich owner of the liquor store on the corner of 5th & Kennedy, he had no idea after being questioned about a business opening up at the location above. It took a while to clarify this info but he assured me he has no plans to sell,lease his business pictured above on this posting. There has been some mixed info regarding this picture and the upcoming Kennedy Street Coup.

    Thank you,
    Lupe’ Rodriguez

  • dmizejewski

    Excellent news. We moved to Manor Park a year and half ago and have been struck at the major untapped potential of Kennedy St. It seems like the last commercial street in NW that hasn’t undergone a renaissance and has all the bones in place. After living along U St, Georgia Ave, and 11th St and witnessing their rebirths, we are looking forward to having some new bars–and whatever other restaurants and shops that will follow–in our new neighborhood!


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