17 Year Old “Jose Alexander Ochoa Passed Away Because He Was Stabbed While Walking To His Girlfriend House”

by Prince Of Petworth December 23, 2015 at 11:03 am 11 Comments

via GoFundMe

So much sadness – thanks to a commenter for posting more info about the 17 Year old stabbed to death at 8th and Upshur St, NW Sunday around 5:30pm.

There is a GoFundMe page for the family that simply and powerfully says:

“Jose Alexander Ochoa Unfortunately Passed Away On
December 20 , 2015 Because He Was Stabbed While Walking To His Girlfriend House.”

The Washington Post reported:

“Ochoa, a senior at Paul International High School, a charter school, had planned to go to college; he would have been the first in his family to do so.

Now, the family who just days ago was trying to figure out how to send Ochoa to college is struggling to find money for his funeral. They’ve put up donation boxes in local stores. They want to bury him in the District, but Maryland is less expensive.”

  • Thomas

    Absolutely disgusting. Hopefully they can find the person who did this.

  • JB

    So…there was an apparently random robbery-turned-murder at 5 p.m., one block off of a major thoroughfare. Where is the outrage? Mayor Bowser, Chief Lanier: this is unacceptable!

  • Ben

    “They’ve put up donation boxes in local stores. ”

    Anyone know which stores? I will gladly stop by one today so they can avoid GoFundMe’s fees.

  • Anonamom

    Jesus Christ, I recognize this kid. I am so sorry for this tragic loss of life.

  • Aninymous

    Even the heavily trafficked areas of ward 4 are no longer safe. I can’t even count the number of assaults and now this? What are the police and Brandon Todd doing about this??!

  • madmonk28

    Vote Bowser.

    • hma


  • Sad

    I saw the ambulance leaving Taylor St onto Georgia while standing inside the Yes Market. Right then, I thought about the mother of whoever it was in the ambulance, and the pain she would feel if the victim didn’t survive. Ugh. Makes me sad to think about the impact this senseless act now is having on this man’s family and friends. The violent people in DC need to get on a different path. Just sickens me to think about how our city could be so much more if we didn’t have this near constant issue to contend with. Over sneakers, a chain, and a phone no less, really!?

  • LC

    This happened less than a block from my house, and I have been shocked at how little attention this has gotten.

  • disgusted in dc

    I echo other’s comments: Where is the outrage? Is there any leadership out there? Any political officials who have enough humanity, decency, sensitivity to speak out and stand up to the thugs and reassure us that there’s action being taken? Why does Mayor Bowser seem to be completely invisible on issues of public safety?

  • givenup

    There is no outrage because we do not see him as we saw the kid from American Univ. This tragic incident is viewed as some kid who became a statistic from a community that deals out these shitty hands on a regular. The common POP reader cant see themselves in this kids shoes and thus are far removed.


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