“They were the only dog daycare in the area left where I felt my dog received proper attention”

by Prince Of Petworth November 12, 2015 at 4:00 pm 39 Comments

1738 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Not sure if you – or any of your readers are aware – but my boyfriend and I had a surprise this morning when we tried to drop off our dog for dog daycare this AM at Planet Pet. We were told that Planet Pet no longer offers dog daycare services – and that they never will. Really?? Since when?? We’ve been going to Planet Pet for years, and we have had NO communication about this change of service. How does one run a business like this? Completely unacceptable. The young lady at the front desk gave absolutely no explanation – seems like company procedure, considering that we also got no notice. There were no flyers, no emails, no phone calls. Seriously – nothing.

This is a shame. They were the only dog daycare in the area left where I felt my dog received proper attention. It’s also a shame because how are they seriously going to sustain a business on 14th street with not providing a key service in the city? Good luck. And I hope those customers who had daycare packages (which were not cheap) with Planet Pet were fully reimbursed. I also hope the owner and manager of this place pull their heads out their asses and learn to communicate with their loyal customers – because a “sorry we no longer do daycare – surprise!” is an a**hole move.”

Dear Parents,

In an effort to bring a more chic, elegant, and unforgettable experience for your dog AND you, Planet Pet will close its doors for the last time on Saturday, November 14th at 10pm and re-open mid-December under new management, a new name, a new vibe – from the inside out.

Keep your nose in the air, your paws on solid ground, and your ears perked. DC’s next big pet pavilion is coming soon!

More details to come, but for now….

Save the Dates:

11/8/2015: Last day for daycare

11/9/2015: All boarding dogs must depart by closing time, 9pm!

11/14/2015: Planet Pet closes for good

Mid-December: GRAND OPENING of …….(name to be announced)

Thank you!

The Staff at Planet Pet

  • TX2DC

    I don’t own a dog, but a good friend uses Rover.com and is quite pleased with the service. They on-demand dog sitting by screened individuals, kinda like Uber but for dog sitters.

    • MuGw

      Rover is not a good idea. My dogs were abused by one of their so-called screened individuals. While multiple reviews from prior customers appeared on their site, Rover later told me we were that person’s first customers. They don’t do any screening that would catch a dog abuser and they clearly don’t check to make sure that reviews on their website are real.

      • La

        There are a lot of great sitters on Rover! I leave my dog with a rover sitter and I am one myself. By the way, Rover marks reviews as “verified” if it comes from someone who actually booked a stay with the sitter through rover. Other reviews can be left for the sitter by anyone, but they are not marked as verified, so keep that in mind when you are looking at reviews. And always make sure to meet the sitter before you leave your dog with them. You can tell a lot about a person when they are interacting with your dog in front of you. I hope you have better luck on Rover. I’ve had great experiences.

      • SahraS

        woah, that’s terrifying! I’ve been using Rover for about two years. I generally always use the same girl but have tried a few and always had pleasant experiences!

    • eggs

      I’ll also recommend DogVacay, but of course you always have to do your homework – ask for references and sit down and talk with the person ahead of time (find out what issues they’ve encountered in the past and how they’ve handled them, what their emergency vet of choice is, etc). I’ve also always brought my dog with me and stayed for about an hour to get a feel for how my dog feels around the person (and their dog[s] if they have any). We’ve found a couple wonderful sitters through it!

  • siz

    i meaaaan, is it a key service though? don’t most people just pay dogwalkers for individual walks? i dunno. also, sounds like they’re becoming an “elegant” pet shop which seems kind of obnoxious but also i don’t think there are any other pet stores in that area, so i’d imagine they’d do ok.

    • Duponter

      City Dogs and Wagtime are both somewhat nearby. I suppose if you’re right on 14th, this is nicer than walking four or five blocks away.

      • Anon

        You may want to google “Wagtime dog death” and read-up some Yelp reviews before trusting them with your pet. You’ve been warned.

        • brantshali

          As a dog owner, I have read and sympathize with the small handful of HORRIBLE reports I have read about Wagtime. That being said, my wife and I have used Wagtime for about a year and a half now for dog walking, daycare and longer-term boarding and have no reservations recommending them…and I have…to people that we know. Those people have, in turn, used Wagtime and have had the same positive experience that we have.

          That being said, whether it’s Wagtime or Rover or any other service where you are going to entrust your pet (family member?) I highly recommend doing your research and coming to your own informed conclusion as to the risk you are willing to accept.

          • CapitalDame

            Agreed, we have used Wagtime, Dogma, Wagtime Too, and a place in Alexandria and have been most pleased with Wagtime. I have heard the same dog death stories about every major doggy daycare/boarding facility (plus rover.com, dogvacay.com, and individual dog walking services) in DC that I have heard about Wagtime either on Yelp or just personally through people I know. The reality is that you take the best precautions you can, but ultimately are going to be taking some risk regardless of where you take your pet.

          • CapitalDame

            I agree. I have heard the same stories about Wagtime about almost every single other dog boarding facility in DC, either on Yelp or just personally through people I know. And that includes dogvacay.com, rover.com, AND individual dog walking services. The reality is you take all the precautions you can, but you are taking risk no matter who you trust your dog with. The stories I have heard about Wagtime are disturbing, but so are the stories about other facilities. That said, I am constantly on the search for a place that doesn’t have those horrible stories because while my dog has been very happy with Wagtime Too, I want to do my best to minimize the risks we take. If anyone has any recommendations, I’m happy to hear them!

  • La

    They did have a flyer up on their front door for the last couple of weeks, so it’s not totally out of nowhere. I was also told by the staff that they have a new owner, who actually owned Dogs by Day back when it was on 14th street years ago. Not sure if that’s true or not. I was also told that they do plan to offer daycare once they reopen, so I’m surprised the poster was told something completely different. They also said everyone with an existing package for daycare will be emailed with instructions on how to claim that value, either through store credit, a check, or roll-over to the new place. I hope they follow-through with that.

    • thedcyears


    • eggs

      My guess is that the person who was speaking with the OP is an employee who won’t be retained under this new company and doesn’t give a sh*t, hence her answers.

  • You Street

    I am THRILLED that this place is closing. I am concerned that the “new” place will be the same as the “old” one. , just with a different name. Read the Yelp reviews of Planet Pet and you will see some of the great reasons this business failed, not the least of which were 1) they wouldn’t let pet owners see the day care facilities, 2) they secretly transported pets out of the city for grooming services and consistently had pets back many hours after the promised time, and 3) the staff were incompetent and just awful at customer service (as exemplified by the experience of today’s OP).
    If they change the ownership and the entire staff, this place will be worth a look. If not, stay away.

    • 7thStTechGuy

      We walked in there looking for rawhide dog chews one day and the girl behind the counter had no idea what we were talking about.

  • anon

    “How does one run a business like this? Completely unacceptable….
    They were the only dog daycare in the area left where I felt my dog received proper attention.”
    ok. got it.

    • ChenChen

      seriously. he/she mentions “a**hole move” but when I read that, the poster came off as an a**hole to me.

  • lm41

    I am really glad we switched to wagtime when Planet Pet moved out of their Adams Morgan location a few months ago. They handled that transition pretty poorly, and we just gave up. Sounds like things have just gotten worse…

    • Truxtoner

      Isn’t Wagtime the one that has been featured here several times for dogs being attacked by other dogs at daycare and/or getting loose and getting killed while loose?

      Honestly, I’m terrified to leave my dog at any of these places. City Dogs seems to be the only one I haven’t heard horrible things about, but it is just too far away. Right now I have a dog walker I mostly am okay with, but live in fear at any moment I’ll be left to find another one and go through that entire vetting process again. I really wish they would open one in NoMa so I could drop pup off on the way to the Metro. Anyone know of any good ones in the Eastern Shaw/Truxton/NoMA/Mt Vernon Square areas?

      • anonymous

        Yes. Wagtime is bad news. I’d encourage the previous poster to look them up on the PoPville site and also reference the Yelp site (including the unfiltered reviews). Their issues are not trivial.

        • Anon

          To be fair, they didn’t personally kill the dog. They were just directly responsible for its death.

      • lm41

        Yes, and those were terrible incidents. That said, I have much more confidence in the Wagtime staff than the PP staff. I’ve met several former PP staff members (vet techs, etc), and they all said it was bad news. After six months there, my dog started acting really reluctant to go inside when we dropped him off – big red flag.

  • You Street

    Also, I have high hopes for the new dog facility at 14th and Florida:


    I suspect it will be pricey but it’s a chain and seems to be getting good reviews in other cities.

  • Jen

    The original owner of Dogs by Day & Night (when they were on 14th St in the original location) was great. The staff was wonderful, really cared about the dogs and worked for the owner for a long time. Things started going downhill there when they were sold and moved to the Adams Morgan location. I hope the rumors of the original owner coming back are true.

  • Stephen

    We use K-9 Devine and they are wonderful. They pick up the dog in the AM, take it to rural Maryland to run around all day and bring them back in the evening. They even give them a bath if your dog gets muddy. Cost for day care is $40 a day and it scales if you buy a package. Also you can book the day up to 7PM the night before. We dont use it every day but when we need its a lifesaver.


  • ET

    Dogs care about a chic and elegant experience? Really? I though they cared about treats, toys, and butts to sniff. Sounds like the chic and elegant for the owners who they can then charge out the kazoo for the chic and elegant.

    • Johnny


    • Anonymous

      There’s a whole lot of suckers living within a block of 14th Street.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    I can fully endorse Dogwalking DC and JJ the owner. They have great walkers and do a fantastic job. I work from home and when our dog sees her walker out and about when I walk her, she goes nuts and almost knocks her over with affection. Well keep using them as long as we can, they have great customer service and a variety of services.

    • I second this! JJ and her team are amazing but in really high demand in this neighborhood. Sometimes I think my pup loves her walker more than me :)

  • chris

    All I can think of are the crack whores who used to populate this block 15 years ago, and that makes me chuckle at this discussion.

    • Anonymous

      Less than that. Prostitutes and roving packs of homeless guys were still pretty common even in 2009 and 2010.

  • I always got a weird vibe in there like their management was just not cut out to run a business – they opened way too quickly and should have finished instead of opening while renovating.

    I never saw the same employee twice (and we came in almost weekly for treats or food or toys, etc.) but they were always friendly and professional and knew their stuff about ethical/safe products. I really do hope they do things properly when they open again.

  • Hookdntx

    I have been using Barkly for scheduled walks as well as on demand and my 4 legged beastie is happy with them


  • cpt12

    I take my dog to Planet Pet and I’ve seen a flyer on the counter for probably a month about this change. It certainly sucks, but anyone who frequents the place like this OP would certainly have known this.

  • DC Boat

    I had a reservation at Planet Pet to board my dogs over the Thanksgiving holiday week. Thank the gods I saw this post on PopVille, otherwise I would not have known that they were closing down. I live down on the SW Waterfront, so I don’t walk past the storefront everyday and wouldn’t have seen the sign. So thanks, PoPville, for saving my vacation!

    I did not receive an e-mail from PlanetPet, or a even a phone call to let me know that my existing reservation would no longer work. Further, I paid a $120 deposit and was told that I had to wait 2-3 weeks for “checks to be cut” in order to get my money back.

    I have been going here for 10 years and am appalled, to say the least. I hope other customers see this post and cancel their reservations, otherwise they are going to show up and be surprised.

    • CapitalDame

      YIKES I’m so sorry to hear that! I generally call my boarding facility a few days in advance to confirm everything, and then again the day in advance, but with a holiday like that, it would be really hard to squeeze yourself in elsewhere!

  • SahraS

    I was pretty saddened when I went in last week to pick up cat food. They kept giving me free samples (of fairly large bags) when they told me the news. I love that there was always a roaming animal around and the great quality of foods and treats for sale! This place will be missed and I’m a bit nervous for what’s to come…new and trendy doesn’t always have the same feel as the tried and true


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