Washington, DC

1738 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Not sure if you – or any of your readers are aware – but my boyfriend and I had a surprise this morning when we tried to drop off our dog for dog daycare this AM at Planet Pet. We were told that Planet Pet no longer offers dog daycare services – and that they never will. Really?? Since when?? We’ve been going to Planet Pet for years, and we have had NO communication about this change of service. How does one run a business like this? Completely unacceptable. The young lady at the front desk gave absolutely no explanation – seems like company procedure, considering that we also got no notice. There were no flyers, no emails, no phone calls. Seriously – nothing.

This is a shame. They were the only dog daycare in the area left where I felt my dog received proper attention. It’s also a shame because how are they seriously going to sustain a business on 14th street with not providing a key service in the city? Good luck. And I hope those customers who had daycare packages (which were not cheap) with Planet Pet were fully reimbursed. I also hope the owner and manager of this place pull their heads out their asses and learn to communicate with their loyal customers – because a “sorry we no longer do daycare – surprise!” is an a**hole move.”

Dear Parents,

In an effort to bring a more chic, elegant, and unforgettable experience for your dog AND you, Planet Pet will close its doors for the last time on Saturday, November 14th at 10pm and re-open mid-December under new management, a new name, a new vibe – from the inside out.

Keep your nose in the air, your paws on solid ground, and your ears perked. DC’s next big pet pavilion is coming soon!

More details to come, but for now….

Save the Dates:

11/8/2015: Last day for daycare

11/9/2015: All boarding dogs must depart by closing time, 9pm!

11/14/2015: Planet Pet closes for good

Mid-December: GRAND OPENING of …….(name to be announced)

Thank you!

The Staff at Planet Pet


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