Washington, DC

parking tickets
Photo by PoPville flickr user Mike Maguire

One reader reports:

“Today 3 of my friends and I received tickets in Eckington at 2 am. All parking. I got a registration ticket and my friend got caught too close to the alleyway. They seem to be cracking down on the area.”

Another reader writes:

“I was parked around 4:50 on the 4000 block of Marlboro Pl, NW. As I am sure you know this is a one way, one block street with residents parking out front of their homes daily. 75% of the block has no parking signs from 7am-7pm for gas line work. According to multiple neighbors on the block there has been no workmen out to the property in almost a week. That being said an MPD officer from 4D showed up at 5pm to ticket all of those parked on the block. When I questioned why he was ticketing people this late in the day when there were no Washington Gas trucks to be found he responded, “Well the sign is there, right?” This is just profiteering and absolutely unneccesary. There were only about four cars parked on the block and I am guessing neighbors just getting home from work.

This is as bad as ticketing at 11:25am when street cleaning ends at 11:30am and the street cleaner came through an hour earlier which happens weekly near Dupont Circle.

The tickets he was giving out were for EMERGENCY NO PARKING at $50/each. I know because I got one. I plan on fighting the ticket to just have someone hear me out.”


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