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  • northeazy

    Ah yes. Just what H street needs. This spot will be perfect for when you have already eaten at Chupacabra, Far east Taco, Impala, and Sol taquerias. I guess there was a market opening after Chinitos closed down.

    • northeazy

      Oh yeah and H Street Country Club serves tacos too. Good luck.

  • Chris Weber

    Yeah, are there not something like 17 places on H Street you can get a taco at? I’ve only been to Sol (decent) and Impala (not decent and overpriced) so maybe there is a lack of quality?

    • northeazy

      Impala is supposed to be high end tacos. I think they are good but agreed a tad pricey and the tacos are smallish. Sol is the perfect basic taqueria. No frills but great portions and variety. Chipacabra is more pan-Latin cuisine and Far East is Asian fusion. H St Country Club’s are a joke. I guess to match the irony that a “country club” only serves Mexican fare. TaKorean is also at Union Market if that counts.

    • Anonymoose

      If you didn’t like Impala, I’d recommend going back again. I go there at least once a week with friends from San Diego, and it’s probably the freshest, most authentic Mexican food you can find in DC. A couple tacos, beans, and rice comes to less than $10, so it’s no overpriced to me.

      • Impala isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely overpriced if you’re comparing it to stuff from SD. The quality level isn’t even really comparable.


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