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  • I Dont Get It

    Don’t red cup me, bro!

  • dmitri

    it’d be super cool for union station to have some local vendors and none better than the quickly-growing coffee scene to fill the void. unfortunately, it will probably be a CVS before a local coffee shop.

    • PewPew

      Doubtful on CVS, Walgreens is opening in the basement.
      Though I would doubt a local coffee vendor, Union Station is too much to compete with coffee wise with beyond just starbucks.

    • INDC

      Agreed… local shops are probably priced out of this location so we’re left with the rancid corporate chains and their large budgets offering their stale junk.

    • Breedentials

      But could you put a roasting machine in Union Station?

  • phl2dc

    I’ve never seen it not full.

  • lucie

    It’s nuts in the morning. I often have meetings over there and I’ve been there at 7:30, 8, 9, 10, and there’s never not a line spilling out into the concourse. On the flip side, though, they are FAST.

    • lm

      they are FAST indeed — but their drinks always taste worse than normal. i work at a building between union & the noma location and usually got to the noma one even if it is a bit farther away.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    Just back of the envelope, but say the average Starbucks purchase is $4 and they get around 100 customers an hour. (Peak commute times they’re busier than this but this Starbucks is open like 18 hours a day and has relatively slower periods too). That’s $7200 in revenue a day which works out to about $2.6 million a year. I bet that’s ballpark.

    • Gotta also account for payroll, utilities and rent..,. Renting the space probably runs around $35k-$50k/month because it’s highly coveted retail space… But still, the figures probably work out well for a heavily marketed store like Starbucks, not so much for an independent coffee store or restaurant.

  • Vin Wrynn

    I’d rather have a La Colombe.

  • union station junkie

    Don’t forget there are at least a five other coffee focused in Union Station, but they probably don’t all have pumpkin spice lattes. Au Bon Pan, Pret, Dunkin, Le Pan Quetin, Aunite’s + three Starbucks and I am sure other places sell drip coffee, MC’D’s etc.

    • Union Visitor

      Shake Shack sells the always delicious Stumptown brew

    • Boomer

      Love the Pret a Manger serve yourself. There could be a 30-person line at the Starbucks near the Amtrak stations and you’re in and out in 2 minutes at Pret.

  • ExPartner

    I worked in a few Starbucks locations in the area about 5-10 years ago and back then the union station location was grossing 50-60K/week.


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