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“Holiday Tree Delivery Service for DMV Residents”

by Prince Of Petworth November 18, 2015 at 3:10 pm 15 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I am the co-owner of DC Tree Delivery. I notice you wrote an article about where to get a Christmas Tree in DC last year and wanted to share what DC Tree Delivery is doing this 2015 season!

This year DC Tree Delivery is delivering Maryland grown Fraser Firs to homes and apartments in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland (inside the Beltway). Each tree comes with a tree stand, delivery, and setup included. We’re even vacuuming up the needles to help take the hassle out of the holidays. We went live in October and so far the response has been great. Our delivery slots are filling up fast and our full service trees start at just $75!”

  • Tim

    That sounds kind of sketchy. Where in Maryland do the trees come from? These types of trees don’t grow particularly well in most if not all of Maryland. (I sold Christmas trees in Pennsylvania about 20 years ago). What if you don’t like the one they bring? How long have they been out of the ground? If they’re from a wholesaler, they’ve likely been sitting around and drying out for a period of time which is an extreme fire hazard. If one wants a local tree of that size, they may as well go out and buy one from directly a local grower for the same price. 4 and 7 footers are really easy to carry and set up.

    • madmonk28

      Also, can I just pile on and say that I hate the term DMV?

      • Bullwinke

        +1. My first thought is Department of Motor Vehicles… what?

    • Eleven

      Really? I grew up cutting down my Christmas trees from farms in Maryland. Were they the absolute best most beautiful Christmas trees ever? Probably not, but they got the job done. As as someone who helped carry her 7 footer home (about a mile) last year, I will say that they are not “really easy to carry.” If you don’t have a car and a nearby parking spot, there can be some logistical challenges to getting a tree in the city. I personally like to pick out my own tree, but I think this sounds like a smart service, and I’m sure they will do well.

      • ian

        I think what he’s saying is that Fraser Firs don’t grow well in Maryland. Either the trees are of poor quality or they are not actually from Maryland. A Christmas tree is actually pretty easy to carry if one person is carrying it and they hold it where the center of gravity is found.

    • JJ

      Seems a little presumptuous to suggest they wont be quality trees? And if they’re from MD, doesn’t that mean you’re already supporting a ‘local grower’?

      Either way, there’s a ton of value in this service: tree, stand, setup, delivery and clean up? Sold!

      • Rob T

        I don’t think he’s being presumptuous. They are selling a service which involves delivering a certain variety of tree that they claim was grown in Maryland. Supposedly, most if not all tree farmers have little or no success growing that type of tree in Maryland’s climate and soil. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that the tree is either 1) from Maryland, but of poor quality based on the fact that Fraser firs do not get the nutrition and conditions they need when grown in Maryland or 2) the tree is beautiful and not from Maryland. The trees are not that cheap anyway.

  • andy

    I just want to pour out a virtual eggnog latte for the former Garden District and its Christmas three sales. See you at the crossroads (14th & S).

    • mike

      I miss the Garden District.

      • Bullwinke

        Me, too.

    • I think the hardware store across the street from where Garden District was has Christmas trees.

  • bruno

    Holiday tree? Oh please, really. They are Christmas trees. That’s taking it too far.

  • O’Tannenbaum

    I’m sure these are pretty much the same low quality one can get for $20 at Costco or Home Depot. Factor in for profit, overhead, delivery cost and “free” tree stand. Most Fraser firs come from NC, not Maryland. There are plenty of great places to buy high-quality trees in DC and help local schools and organizations. I’ll put in a shameless plug for Brent Elemrntary on Capitol Hill, where we’ve been buying our trees for the past four or five years. A bargain compared to Eastern Market and huge number of Grade A (the only higher rating is Prime) Fraser firs on display, cut and trucked from NC earlier in the week.

  • mvexplorer

    Wow.. these comments are so harsh. Personally, I think it is a great idea for a business in a city. I am skeptical of not being able to pick out your own tree, but as someone without a car or person to help me carry it, I would definitely consider this service.

    • faye

      Does it annoy you for someone to attach the “local” tag to something that may not be local? It sounds as though Rob T is on to something. I smell a rat.


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