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Here’s Where Chick Fil A Hopes to come to in Tenleytown

by Prince Of Petworth November 20, 2015 at 10:40 am 22 Comments


Earlier this month Tenleytown DC reported:

“Chick-fil-A has filed for a construction permit with the District Department of Transportation for the former Payless ShoeSource storefront at 4505 Wisconsin Avenue.”

Of course not without a fight

“Do parents want their kids at nearby schools-Janney, Wilson, and Deal to be eating this at such an early age? Chick-fil-A, a popular chain among young adults and teens will just cause students at these schools to be unhealthy. There are numerous studies stating the more fast food kids eat as children, the more likely they are to continue these unhealthy eating habits through adulthood.”

Looking towards the metro stop

  • palisades

    And who is paying for these kids to eat at Chick fil a? Oh…..parents? Oops, that means taking responsibility for the health and well-being of your kids. Better blame it on the restaurant!!!

    • IDontGetIt

      You beat me to it!

    • wdc

      I’ve had my own income since I was 12. I ate 2 or 3 Nestle Alpine Crunch bars a day for a whole summer (without my parents knowing about it.) I can’t even look at white chocolate now. But the point is, kids with responsible parents can easily get fast food or junk food or weed or whatever we’re freaking out over this week.

      • palisades

        I’m assuming that job was approved by your parents, which means they knew you had money. You were 12 years old, which means they were your guardian and it was their responsibility to ensure you made smart choices with that money. This means my point still stands – it’s on the parents. And sometimes, it’s just how the world works. People can’t control everything.

  • alirod

    Meanwhile, there’s a Starbucks next door where I see middle-school age kids lined up every afternoon to buy 600-‘calorie java chip frappuccinos…

    • K

      But the people who live in Tenlytown like Starbucks. So it’s obviously different.

  • Chris

    Dominoes, Crisp and Juicy, Chipotle, Panera, Nandos, Subway, McDonalds, Burger Taps and Shakes, Guapos, Angelicos, and Mayflower are all unhealthy food chains located within a few blocks of those schools. If you have a moral objection to chik-fil-a that’s fine, but call it that. The unhealthy food argument seems silly. There’s plenty of other terrible options for kids there.

    • FridayGirl

      You forgot Popeyes!

  • NHAve

    Yeah, an argument about the corporate morality makes way more sense to me than this. Loved going to the local bagel/bakery for Italian sodas with friends in high school. Loved my high school ice cream vending machine. Guess what? I’m a pretty healthy adult, and that comes form the values that I had at home. And here’s a hint that anyone who’s been a kid or parent knows: “forbidding” something only makes it more enticing.

  • Anonamom

    LOL – you know, people do have the ability to choose what they feed their kids. Also, CFA offers grilled nuggets and fruit on it’s kids menu, and the kids toy is usually either a book or an activity of some sort. The complainant needs another line – this one really isn’t going to fly. Especially considering CFA’s main clientele in the ‘burbs are upper middle class soccer mom types who go to have lunch with their mommy friends while their kids play in the play area.

  • Papabear

    Please come here Chick fil a! I’ll walk there with my husband and little boys for lunch. It will be so nice to have a new kid-friendly place in the neighborhood. Only in upper NW would such an absurd argument be made. Chicken nuggets never made an obese kid and childhood is not all quinoa and rice crisps. And to the whole “they don’t represent my values crowd” signing the petition: as a gay father of two, I absolve you. We won, we’re married. Get over it and enjoy the tasty chicken.

    • Whitney

      For the win!

    • Anonamom

      Ha! You are awesome!

  • Makhnovisti

    I hope not, but only partially for the aforementioned reasons. I mostly don’t want another nexus for mobs of littering hoodlums getting in everybody’s way. No, that doesn’t describe all the Tenley teens.

  • ST21

    LOL to that quote about the kids. Hilarious when parents play that card.

    Chick Fil A opening on Wisconsin in Tenleytown would be a gamechanger. I need it. Crave it. Gotta have it.

  • Dux

    Pollo Campero in Col Heights it’s the best.

  • js

    so the chick fil a is unhealthy but they’re cool with the Starbucks where the kids buy 1000 calorie frappucinos and cupcakes masquerading as muffins? and it’s not like guapo’s is any champion of healthy eating either.

    • WilliamB

      So true.

  • jenster8dc

    I just walked through this corridor (noon-ish), and Chipotle, Popeye’s, Z Burger, and 7-Eleven were all mobbed with kids. If anything, those guys should be mad at Chik-Fil-A coming in to take part of their business!

  • chasscott

    Why can’t we get a outlet of Los Pollos Hermanos.
    I’d crawl there from Adams-Morgan if Walter and Jesse came to the grand opening.

  • Reality

    Some quick notes: First, let me state that I hate chick-fil-a and yes, they still donate to extreme right-wing causes. Second, I am fully in support of healthy meals, recess, and physical education in schools to keep children healthy… However, blaming chick-fil-a for students being unhealthy is lame. I was told I could only have chocolate milk on Fridays by my parents and I faithfully followed the rules – surely parents can play some sort of responsible role in educating their kids where they are allowed to eat.

  • General Grant Circle

    The argument that Chick fil a is fast food and not welcome there is BS. There is a McDonalds, PopEyes, 7-11, pizza place, Z-burger, Subway, and COUNTLESS OTHER places all right around it


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