Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user District Shots

Also lots of talk on twitter last night about loud bangs heard in NE:

“alright, NE DC — what were those two huge booms a moment ago?”

“if i had to guesstimate, i’d pin them near NOMA. ~5th or 6th & florida NE.”

“k glad I’m not crazy. Heard them too @ 7th & K”

“I was on 9&H and saw light for the 2nd boom & think fireworks. It looked like 10&H near the alley.”

“sure didn’t sound like fireworks!”

“@PoPville two more loud bangs shaking my windows at 7 and H NE”

“two more bright flashes & loud pops right by 8th & I”

Consensus: Fireworks.

“But…whyyyyyyy? It is November. And 11:30PM. And November.”

“pre-new years? No idea.”


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