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Gun Shots or Fireworks? Prepping for New Years Edition

by Prince Of Petworth November 19, 2015 at 1:05 pm 7 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user District Shots

Also lots of talk on twitter last night about loud bangs heard in NE:

“alright, NE DC — what were those two huge booms a moment ago?”

“if i had to guesstimate, i’d pin them near NOMA. ~5th or 6th & florida NE.”

“k glad I’m not crazy. Heard them too @ 7th & K”

“I was on 9&H and saw light for the 2nd boom & think fireworks. It looked like 10&H near the alley.”

“sure didn’t sound like fireworks!”

“@PoPville two more loud bangs shaking my windows at 7 and H NE”

“two more bright flashes & loud pops right by 8th & I”

Consensus: Fireworks.

“But…whyyyyyyy? It is November. And 11:30PM. And November.”

“pre-new years? No idea.”

  • Anonoline

    Diwali was last week. Maybe someone had leftover fireworks from that?

    • Survivor77

      That would be awesome!

  • anonymous

    I heard them too, it was two bangs .. not sure how it could have possibly “shook the windows”. Must have been one of those poorly flipped houses!!

  • northeazy

    Maybe the person doesn’t work, and doesn’t care about other people in the neighborhood, and feels entitled, and has a chip on their shoulder, and is poor and this is their way of fun.

    • Colhi

      Or maybe they are hipsters living in an apartment paid for by mom and dad, drank too much pbr and can roll into their internship late so they decided to set off some fireworks. Cuz it’s rad and we used to do it out in the suburban neighborhood where I grew up.

  • Cain202
  • overonhst

    I heard these as well. It is most likely has something to do with the underground power system. Pepco is actually outside my street now working and my neighbor actually lost some power to her townhouse last night.

    What most likely happened is when an underground transformer detects a ground fault, there is a massive spring under load that explodes the connection open. Since there is so much current flowing through the transformer, you need to basically need to “explode” the connection open, hence the explosions last night.


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