Finally Some Progress for the “World’s Best Cream Puffs”

by Prince Of Petworth November 23, 2015 at 4:05 pm 16 Comments

1332 Wisconsin Ave, NW

We first heard about Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs back in February. Their website had a “late summer” (and Spring before that) opening which obviously passed but at least they’re now hiring! Stand by for “unique French choux dough puffs” soon.


  • NorthbyNE

    ohmygod…ohmygod…ohmygod. This is probably the DC food news I’m most excited about!

  • madmonk28

    Yeah, if you’ve had them you know. I just sent this link to my wife. There was on of these stands in the Jakarta airport that we’d hit up every chance we got.

  • anon

    never heard of htis but I love cream puffs and CANNOT WAIT to try these

  • CHGal

    These are delicious. I’m excited they’re coming to DC, but also very happy that the aren’t very convenient to me. I would get them way too often!

  • ChillyDC

    I feel like I’m being punked by this place. It’s been the better part of a year since they announced their location (which I walk by daily), and my mouth has been watering since. I’m critically dehydrated at this point.

    • NorthbyNE

      Don’t worry…we can enjoy some Wagamama while we wait for this place to open…

    • LC232

      Same! I’m in Glover Park so I pass this place all the time. I’ve been waiting for it to open since last Spring and now I’m most likely moving out of the area by January, which with my luck will be around the time that they open. Great.

  • That One Guy

    I get the feeling whomever is trying to open the store keeps failing the puff pastry test at Beards Papa HQ. Stores don’t usually take this long to open up do they?

    • jaybird

      Technically not puff pastry but pate a choux. Two completely different beasts.

  • The OP Anon

    Ugh, these were all over Southern CA malls when I was growing up. Personally, I think they smell awful and funky (not in a good way).

    • jaybird

      Pate a choux has a lot of eggs in it so you were probably smelling that.

  • cam

    Been waiting and waiting. Had a vanilla cream puff on Friday in San Francisco and wondered, again, when is this happening in DC. They are truly delicious.

  • Cheesehead

    False, if it’s not from the Wisconsin State Fair, it is not the world’s best cream puff…

    • ChillyDC

      You meant to say “Ohio State Fair,” right? Schmidt’s Sausage House rules the cream puff!

  • Rich

    These were a “thing” in NYC about 7 or 8 years ago. They came in went within a year’s time. I went once and was never tempted to return.

  • SinSA

    I used to eat them all the time in NYC (they were located next to a popular weekly Happy Hour spot). SO HAPPY!


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