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Register for your Visitor Parking Pass Tomorrow Dec. 1st

by Prince Of Petworth November 30, 2015 at 3:10 pm 16 Comments


From DDOT:

“The District’s Visitor Parking Pass (VPP) Program allows guests of eligible District residents to park for more than two hours on residential parking permit zone blocks. Passes for 2015 expire December 31, 2015. Registration for 2016 Passes begins Tuesday, December 1, 2015. Passes are free, and one per household is available for residents on eligible Residential Permit Parking (RPP) zone blocks

in Wards 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, as well as ANC 2F. Residents may register for the 2016 VPP at vpp.ddot.dc.gov/vpp/ or by calling (202) 671-2700. Temporary Visitor Parking Permits (15-day) can also be obtained at a Metropolitan Police Department station in the ward in which the resident resides.

A VPP does not waive the requirement to register a vehicle in the District after 30 days of establishing residency or seeking Resident Out-of-State Auto exemption. Each pass is tracked and assigned a unique address identifier with a Quick Reference (QR) code to help minimize fraud and misuse. Residents who live on a commercial zone block are not eligible and neither are thosewith non-residential address types.

For more information, go to ddot.dc.gov/page/visitor-parking-passes or call (202) 671-2700.”

  • HIll Easter

    Hooray! One of the worst programs for actual residents and one of the best for the 9th ward.

    • Ampersand

      Well, it’s good for the residents who illegally sell their permits for a lot of money…

      During weekdays, roughly 50% of the parking in my neighborhood is out-of-state vehicles with VPPs. Mysteriously, they arrive around 8am and leave around 5pm. A pretty significant portion are actually DC government employees as best as I can tell. So don’t get your hopes up that any enforcement will be coming to those who cheat the system.

      • AnonV2

        I’m surprised they haven’t been tagged for ROSA yet. My aunt who lives a short drive out-of-state got a ROSA violation ticket after she visited for several days at a time over the course of consecutive weeks WHILE displaying our valid VPP the entire time parked on our block. They rejected our appeal (supposedly she should have received a ROSA warning prior to the ticket and could have submitted an explanation, but we never saw that). So basically now that she has one ROSA ticket she is at risk of getting more whenever she visits even when displaying a valid VPP. And yet MD and VA commuters seem to be immune. Yay DC!

  • Adam

    This program is terrible. Basically its a free parking pass for the whole city. My block in ward 2 isn’t eligible for a VPP pass yet anyone with a VPP can park on my block because DDOT refuses to enforce anc limit of the pass.

    • eb

      Actually, it’s not a pass for the whole city. It’s just within the certain ward. And it’s been a lifesaver if you live on Capitol Hill.

      • Adam

        Its actually for ANC district not ward. But it isn’t enforced so it has become a free pass for the city. My block is filled every afternoon with cars with passes yet but by rule the VPP shouldn’t be allowed on my block.

  • say what

    If you already have one from last year do they automatically mail you a new one?

    • HIll Easter

      No. You “apply” (LOL – enter your address) for it and they mail it to you.

  • Anonymous

    I really wish someone would take a giant eraser to parking regulations in this city and start over. Nearly everything about the regulations are just trying to paper over the foundational deficiencies (RPP too cheap, zones too large, demand not being managed in commercial areas, etc.)

    • Timebomb

      While we’re erasing the regulations, could we just eliminate street parking altogether and give buses right-of-way over the newly created lanes? Plus some bounded bike lanes. People are way too entitled and irresponsible about street parking, and should prob just lose the privilege altogether.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        While we’re at it, let’s just install streetcar tracks in that space as well, on both sides of the street.

  • mtp-er

    wtf? It annoys me to no end to see MD vehicles parked with these all over the city when I can’t even park in most of my neighborhood because our block is unzoned.

  • Anon

    From my experience they definitely enforce it. At least in Glover Park and Adams Morgan they do. My bf’s car got a ROSA violation warning after a few days in GP and same situation for a friend in AdMo. And when he parked the next time he got a $100 ticket. So not sure why these neighborhoods are being enforced and others aren’t.

    • The OP Anon

      They enforce where people have money to pay the fines. And then they don’t enforce during daytime hours in areas where DC municipal employees frequently park. Nice racket, if you can get it.

  • anon

    could someone explain the difference between the “Temporary Visitor Parking Permits” and the “Visitor Parking Pass”? I’ve always gotten a TVPP for guests when they visit for a few days but I don’t understand the VPP. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the reminder, we never did receive ours this past year.


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