Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Once again I was hit by yet another package thief (a pair of them in this case).
I work from home so I don’t usually have an issue when couriers leave the packages out on my porch, the problem is that the drivers for UPS and ‘LaserShip’ just plain refuse to ring the bell once they deliver a package, so, many times packages just sit there for a bit until I notice them. I actually walked out to pick up the packages (on this video) not even 2 minutes after the thieves stole some of them.

Funny thing is that the packages they stole only contained acne cream and other ‘beauty products’… judging by the video, they’re teens, so the acne cream might suit them well.

Sometimes I think I should take matters into my own hands and set them up and confront them… any thoughts on this PoPville?”


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