Washington, DC

“It’s So DC”


hahaha thanks to a reader for sending from Craigslist:

“I am looking to hire an actor to play the role of President Taft at my party this Saturday night.

The backstory is that my apartment of 7 years is named the Taft Suite and known by friends as such. We are moving out and it’s the end of an era.

Party date: Saturday, 10/17.
Hours: 11 pm- 2 am. But flexible.

Desired look:
Basically just look like Taft.
Wear a suit and tie.

Alternate outfit- a bath robe to wear on top of the suit with maybe a rubber ducky for bath time! A shower cap is silly too.
(He was famous for getting stuck in a bath tub)

I hope you’ll enjoy the creative freedom this role allows. You can do anything Presidential and especially fitting if it’s of early 1900 style.

Please learn a few lines of Taft’s more notable speeches from Office.

I’m open to any other embellishments or suggestions of this general idea.”


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