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“The second victim was in the same block and observed the shooting the first victim, he too was shot.”

by Prince Of Petworth August 3, 2015 at 1:20 pm 8 Comments

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More on that other shooting in Park View that fell under the radar Thursday night. It is equally as disturbing if not more so than the others – from MPD:

“The victim was in the 600 block of Newton when he was approached by three suspects, two of which brandished handguns and demanded his money. The victim fled from the suspects and was shot. The second victim was in the same block and observed the shooting the first victim, he too was shot. Both victims were treated at local hospitals for non-life threatening injuries. The suspects are described as:

Suspect (1): B/M, 6’1”, 180 lbs, 23 years of age, medium complexion, long dreadlocks, wearing a black shirt with black jeans, armed with a gun

Suspect (2): B/M, 23 years of age, medium complexion, long dreadlocks, wearing a burgundy hooded shirt armed with a handgun

Suspect (3): B/M, 6’0”, slim build, dark complexion, long dreadlocks, armed with a handgun”

  • tom

    Ugh…hearing stories like this is a reminder of how we ended up with mass incarceration and tough on crime politicians like Rudy Giuliani (and Bill Clinton) in the 80s and 90s.

  • Dognonymous

    When the police list specific ages for suspects, does that mean they actually know who they are? “23” instead of “early 20s” or “20-30” surprised me. Also, yeah, pretty messed up.

  • anonymous

    Not to quibble over the details, but the police report lists all three suspects as being armed with a gun, but the police account of the crime says that only two produced handguns and demanded the money. Hmmm.

    • Can you explain the quibble? What’s the “Hmmm”? Is there a conspiracy I’m missing?

      • anonymous

        Maybe I’m misunderstanding. All three suspects are listed as having a gun, but the report says only two suspects used a gun to demand the money/goods. Does this mean the third guy had a gun, but did not take it out? It’s a minor detail, regardless, but it caught my eye!

  • Keefer

    Wow this is scarier than the one at Georgia and Lamont, that one seems to be in direct relation to the drug addled mess that is the corner of Georgia and Lamont. This sounds like a pure hold-up and at least somewhat unrelated to the fighting and stupidity around the neighborhood drug trade. I had stopped walking my dog north up Warder at night a while back and always avoided this block anyway because it has a weird kink in it between Warder and Georgia that somehow made it feel unsafe. Glad I always walking west. But really just a random mugging with gun that resulted in two people being shot when there was a massive police presence only a few blocks away is crazy, granted, as has been discussed in the comments on this blog endlessly, it is two different police districts

    • allison

      Has there been more information released about the shooting at Georgia and Lamont regarding motive, etc.? I just assumed it was drug-related given the location but hadn’t actually seen anything from the police saying so or with details – did I miss it?

      • Guzel

        I’m also wait to hear more about the motive of the Georgia and Lamont shooting as well as whether there are any leads on a suspect. I may have missed it as well.


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