Riyad Market must vacate property before Nov. 13th after being caught with more than 500 packets of illegal synthetic drugs

by Prince Of Petworth August 28, 2015 at 11:45 am 31 Comments

8th and Upshur St, NW

Thanks to a reader for passing from NBC Washington:

“Riyad Market at 800 Upshur St. NW was caught in October 2014 with more than 500 packets of illegal synthetic drugs, the AG said.

The store must vacate the property before November 13, as part of a court settlement, Attorney General Karl Racine announced Thursday. If the store owner stays, the property owners can have them evicted.”

Ed. Note: A prime property that could further add to the revitalization of the 800 block of Upshur St, NW. Looking forward to hearing who the new lessee will be.

  • zartan

    i understand due process and all, but it seems pretty outrageous that this happened almost a year ago and they’re just now getting around to doing something. seems clear that the problem with crime in this city is less about MPD and more about political leadership and prosecutors. having been a juror and witnessing firsthand the ineptness of the prosecutor on the case I was on this is not a surprise. they had endless problems with basic presentation and management of evidence, for example. a witness in my case was apparently threatened on a bus from the jail to the courthouse, but they couldn’t find a log showing whether the two individuals had even been on the same bus. it was farcical, and we ended up acquitting the guy as a result of gaps in the evidence.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, prosecutors in DC are probably the best in the country – they’re AUSAs.

      • jonah

        It is my understanding that the OAG (DC) not the USAG (AUSAs) handled this case. I don’t know their backgrounds but probably all still great prosecutors.

    • Grant Circle

      If you read the story it seems to be that it was a civil matter as an eviction hearing between the landlord and the people who run the store. So not much to do with prosecutors.

      • zartan

        it was a court settlement announced by the attorney general. sounds like it has everything to do with the prosecutors.

        • parkview

          The AG office (DC government) is different than the prosecutors office (feds)

  • Petworth Diva

    I often pass by that store, never see anyone go in. Horrible that they allegedly had & were possibly distributing synthetic drugs.

    • dat

      It’s not alleged at this point.

  • If they were caught in October 2014, why were they given an entire year to vacate?

    • lrds

      why are they being given ANY time to vacate now that this judgment’s been made, for that matter?

      • textdoc

        Or if they’re being given time, why is it any more than 30 days?

    • anonymous

      “If they were caught in October 2014, why were they given an entire year to vacate?”

      Because you are innocent until proven guilty in this country. Court proceedings take time.

      “why are they being given ANY time to vacate now that this judgment’s been made, for that matter?”

      Because there is no judgment. This was a settlement. Obviously, one of the terms was to give them time to move out or potentially correct the behavior (if they don’t move out, the landlord can evict them but does not have to).

      “Or if they’re being given time, why is it any more than 30 days?”

      Because this is not an eviction based on a notice to quit, it is a settlement. The parties can negotiate whatever they want.

      • lrds

        That’s really helpful and interesting. I thought I’d seen a more detailed story on this but can’t find it. I’m curious about why they pursued settlement – likelihood of getting quicker resolution? Given recent and significant focus on synthetic drugs/sellers, it’s a notable result (the hype would make it seem like these it would have been a priority to convict/evict/shutdown (whatever the appropriate means) ASAP.

  • Garper

    Not to nitpick, but I’m pretty sure that store’s located at 9th and Varnum, not 8th and Upshur. You’re already forgetting your old neighborhood, Prince of Petworth! :)

    • It’s possible but I was tipped off by the ever so sneaky knowledge of the actual address included above 800 Upshur St. NW…

    • dat

      you’re thinking of a different store. Riyad Market is definitely at 8th and Upshur.

    • Garper

      My bad. The store at 9th and Varnum is the Riyad’s twin.

    • ZetteZelle

      No, the 9th & Varnum store is the one that’s open “7 Dasy a Week.” Riyad is definitely at 8th & Upshur (on the way to the playground).

      • Garper

        Yeah, I indeed got confused, which, if I may add a snarky eeyore comment here, is easy to do with so many of these crappy little mini marts adding nothing to the neighborhood.

        • LittleBluePenguin


  • Kim_SC2DC

    My mother-in-law lives on this block and the neighborhood was in an uproar over this.

    PS. This is 8th and Upshur, the old Dudley’s (who still own it) property.

    • It says 8th and Upshur right under the photo and 800 Uphsur St, NW in the actual quote – no confusion here except poor Garber :)

      • Kim_SC2DC


  • samanda_bynes

    huh, having another bar/restaurant there would be rad as hell

    • ynona


  • Curious George

    Oh glorious day. Am so happy to be rid of this awful place.

    Looking forward to something awesome in its place. Bakery would be grrreat!

    • John

      Unfortunately I don’t think anything good will be going in. This landlord has a history of allowing all kinds of sketchy/illegal activity take place in his building. Note that the upstairs apartment was raided in 2011 in order to shut down a “bawdy house” (i.e. whore house). In this case, though he’s settled to evict his tenants, it took a police raid after many complaints by neighbors, and the ANC were ignored.

    • Bet

      Flip it Bakery is 5 blocks away and Sweet Safeway has a bakery too so at least we have some options. I vote for Coffee and Gelato shop like Dolcezza, which is not a bakery but has some pastries.

  • parkview

    What a wonderful opportunity for the property owner to jack up the rent to a crazy level so that it can sit vacant until a new 7/11 needs space!

    • Ben

      Or a Subway!

  • Chicken

    You sell drugs at the corner you go to jail. Sell drugs inside a store you may loose your job because the store is closed down.


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