Ride DC Cycle/Spinning Studio Closes on 14th Street – Casualty of a Coming SoulCycle?

by Prince Of Petworth August 11, 2015 at 1:15 pm 12 Comments

2217 14th Street, NW

I just noticed the for lease sign at Ride DC (formerly Pelaton cycling) at 14th and Florida Ave, NW. (Phone number disconnected and website no longer active.) Anyone know when they closed? A SoulCycle is coming a few blocks south at 14th and U St, NW in the former DTLR space – opening this Fall.

  • KD

    They closed August 1st… they only announced it around July 15th. SUPER sad to see it go!!

  • July 31st was their last day in business, but the last week had a very reduced schedule. They sent out an email about two weeks before that announcing the closure, but the schedule had begun to look thin at that point, so I figured something was happening.
    It’s too bad, I LOVED the leader board, the instructors, and the charting of my progress. Plus, it was really the best located spin studio for me. I don’t know if I’ll try another one, just due to distance.

  • Lauren

    Not that I’ve been, but I’ve heard that Flywheel just a few blocks west at Florida and 20th Streets also has a leader board and the ability to chart progress.

    • LoganRes

      Flywheel has the TorqBoard which is very similar to the performanceIQ system at RideDC. the price point at RideDC though was much more reasonable than Flywheel.

      single class: $22 at RideDC, $28 at Flywheel
      Unlimited membership: $120 at RideDC, $250 at Flywheel (doesn’t include barre classes)

      I assume SoulCycle moving in a couple blocks away played a role in RideDC closing, but it’s my understanding that the 3 owners just didn’t have the time anymore to dedicate to running RideDC how they wanted to.

      • One thing I noticed about RideDC is that I always got off the wait list and even in those instances there would still be about 5 bikes empty. If the room only has 20 bikes, you let 5 people off the wait list, and there are still 5 empty, that’s a lot of cancellations. Even with the $12 penalty (after 2 late cancels for unlimited members) you’re not recouping a lot.
        Seriously, Flywheel is $250/month for unlimited?!? That’s insane.

        • LoganRes

          Yes, $250 for Flywheel… $300 if you want to combine Flywheel and Flybarre. IMHO, $180-$200 seems more appropriate.

          • Annoyn

            For those interested two of my favorite RideDC instructors are actually at Flywheel, and have been teaching there since it opened. I used to be a regular at Ride DC, and loved it, but ended up trying out other places because their class schedule didn’t quite work for me.

  • dcrider

    This is the email they sent out prior to their closing:

    Over the past two years RIDE DC introduced a performance tracking system to the DC indoor-cycling market and created a neighborhood fitness community for the U Street/14th Street corridors. RIDErs have cycled over 350,000 miles collectively, climbed to hundreds of theme RIDEs and bonded over many happy hours. Our owners, instructors and staff have enjoyed getting to know many of you personally, and watching so many of you get fitter, faster and stronger!

    As fun as this journey has been, RIDE DC has decided to close its doors effective August 1st. We welcome you to use your remaining packages with us over the next two weeks and we are also very excited to announce a partnership with neighboring studio, Elevate Fitness, where we encourage you to continue your metrics fix. From August 1st – August 31st you can redeem any outstanding RIDEs as sessions at Elevate Fitness. Email David at [email protected] to redeem this offer.

    Elevate Fitness offers 55 minute classes that incorporate high-intensity treadmill work, cycling, and resistance exercises utilizing body weight exercises, straps, weights, and a variety of other equipment to shape lean bodies and enhance strength and stamina.

    We are grateful for your business and loyalty over the last few years. We hope you continue to improve at Elevate Fitness!

    Thank you for riding with us,

    The RIDE DC Team

  • fka Shawess

    I think it’s probably too simplistic to say SoulCycle did them in, especially since they haven’t opened yet. There are a lot of new/existing spinning studios in the area and some really closeby, and others seem to have a better following for whatever reason.

    • Bullwinkle

      Isn’t there a spinning studio near 9th and U Streets (NW)?

  • A

    RideDC was a killer workout – they are already missed!! The instructors, class options (rhythm v. road), and the Leaderboard, made them standout *way* above the rest. I have never felt so engaged and challenged while spinning, as I did in every RideDC class. Flywheel and the other studios I’ve tried are just not the same…

  • ZZ

    A friend of mine bought a class package from Ride when they were running a 4th of July special…then two weeks later, they announce that they’re closing and that she only has two weeks left to use any of her classes (then had a very thin class schedule for their remaining two weeks.) I’m sure they knew things were on the way out when they offered the 4th of July special, but they refused to give her a refund on the package she bought (even though she has no interest in taking classes at Elevate.) Nice way to treat your clients!


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