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Reason No. 121 BloomBars is the Best – Must Watch Video of their Recent Break-in and “art instillation from the rock he threw through the window”

by Prince Of Petworth August 25, 2015 at 10:15 am 13 Comments

From an email:

“There was a break in at BloomBars. It took a while to process why anyone would rob a non-profit arts organization serving the community…and make out with our donation boxes and contents of our curse jar no less…which is kind of comical…(“$1 for naughty, $2 for nasty” it says…maybe he preferred soap mouthwash). So how did I respond? I told our own redemption song with the surveillance video and made an art instillation from the rock he threw through the window and the broken glass. It was cathartic and healing. The lesson: beauty can come from broken glass and a little forgiveness. Have a look..”

Ed. Note: You can support BloomBars here.

3222 11th Street, NW

  • ParkViewRes

    Awww, I love their video and art! I hope they catch the guy. Colony Club was also apparently broken into this past weekend.

  • ParkViewExPat

    We arrived for Harambe as they were cleaning up the glass. Kudos to John and Baba for carrying on with the show despite the obvious downer of losing precious donations (and the $$$ to repair the glass).
    Please consider giving a little extra when you go!
    That guy didn’t just rob Bloombars but he robbed the community.

  • MakeArtNotWar

    With all of the crime this summer, this is one of the best responses to property crime that I have seen! I am definitely donating money to help *re*fill the donation box. And I may drop some f-bombs to get the curse jar started again too.

  • JL

    That is freaking pathetic. Smashing this arts center’s window to steal donation boxes??! I’m sure the window will cost more to replace than whatever amount he made off with from the donation box. This is why we need more vice squads and undercover cops in this town.

  • thebigclub

    Shoutout to Crown City Rockers

  • I’m always more surprised by people who think any organization or type of person would be exempt from crimes like these. The people who commit these types of crimes aren’t on the same morality train you are, otherwise they wouldn’t be stooping so low in the first place.

    • Linc Park SE

      I think you’re missing the point. No one is *surprised* they were broken in to OR *exempt.*
      We are revelling in the way they handled it – with ART and an entertaining video. It would behoove you to occasionally seek the POSITIVE aspect of a post rather than immediately denegrate it, Justin.

      • Really? Because this phrase “It took a while to process why anyone would rob a non-profit arts organization” seems to indicate a level of disconnect between criminals and their motives that should be rather obvious.

        • Linc Park SE

          Because NON-profits are not known for having $$$ or fancy things. Not because it’s above the pale by being a do-gooder organization.

          Sending you positive vibes

          • Col Hts Resident

            Would somebody willing to throw a rock through a window really take the time to consider that? And if they did, would they maybe take the time to consider that because they have such little money, they probably dont have a security system?

          • Gary

            You and I might think great thoughts about Bloombars as a do-gooder NGO. Then again, I don’t read their financials and don’t know jack about their management. But the point is that the thieves apparentky DGAF about Bloombars and possibly might hate it (yes, some people hate the gentrification thing ). Some thieves just want to sell whatever they find to eat, buy things, etc. I have no idea why they committed that crime and dont condone it, but to others, fancy things include small loose change, a.laptop, projector, whatever they can fence. Positive vibes back at you, but reality vibes too!

  • That stinks! But in perfect BloomBars (and John) spirit they stayed positive, created art and stayed on schedule. Another great reason to contribute again to BB to keep their amazing programs going and in a safe space.

  • Rooney



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