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  • ChrisChase

    If you’ve ever wondered what going to a gogo looked like, it’s pretty much this.

  • Unter

    Worst Uber Ever.

  • ANG

    Bing Street View filming

    • andy2

      Was thinking the same thing…nice job!

    • ratticusfinch


  • arf

    to everyone’s delight, Dan’s Disco Delivery Service was an immediate and smashing success.

  • cb

    Really, dude? Rollerblades?

  • andy

    The New York Times is looking into whether Jeff Bezos forced Washington Post newsroom staff to make midnight deliveries when the weed drone was down. The Times cannot confirm, but it did receive this photo from an anonymous Post source who called himself, “Deep O’Throat.”

  • Blithe

    Gilbert’s frustration was palpable as he wondered why, yet again, he failed to be featured in PoPville’s Sweet City Ride.

  • fuzzyP

    The reverse mullet – party up front, business in the back.

  • karna

    In her latest and best effort to fight crime, Mayor Bowser equips the police with mobile disco balls.

  • Alex Dodd

    Doc brown kind of lost it once the delorean got discontinued.


    License plate on the cart: “Celebrate and DISCOver.”

  • anonymouse

    Event: PopUp Party.
    Theme: Synthetic Drugs- Another one Bites the Dust!
    Location: announced 30 mins before start time

  • JB

    Who ya goin’ to call?

  • jaybird

    With the last phase of Roderick’s babe-finder-plus complete, he knew he would find success.

  • JDub

    “It’ll get you home quicker than the streetcar.”

  • ***

    and they said Disco was dead…

  • These found objects aren’t going to curate themselves.

  • KenyonDweller

    Jim was perhaps overly concerned with protecting himself from the Ashley Madison hack.

  • Mug of Glop

    Having missed out on craft pickles and then limited release doughnuts, Old Reggie would by crook or by hook beat the hipsters to the front end of the artisanal contraption craze.

  • alexw

    Saturday Night Synthetic Marijuana Fever.

  • anon

    Low budget Back to the Future

  • JB

    Solarbabies Carriage – Sequels are never as good as the original

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Hearing about Wiccan Dog Sitter’s recent attempt to rid Logan of bad juju, Carl decided to pick up where he left off and drive the evil out of every corner of D.C., as speedily as he could manage.

  • Ashley

    In her latest move to reduce violent crime, Muriel Bowser proposed deploying “bait cops” — trained MPD officer disguised as easy targets for muggers.

  • LP

    Bower’s Crime Watch Plan

    • LP


    • andy2


  • As a side note, I really hope the photographer sees this and can explain exactly wtf is going on here.

    • Anon

      I’ve seen him at Bike Party several times over the past year. I can’t tell you what the deal is with the disco/sound cart, but he seems normal enough.

  • Brendan

    WMATA’s shuttle bus service during the recent rail problems don’t quite live up to expectations

  • zandunga

    I PAID how much for security to have state of the art 360 view and transportation!

  • NorthbyNE

    Not to be deterred by DC’s potholes…Google unveiled its newest StreetView vehicle.

  • CAS

    “Washington, D.C. unveils its own version of Street View.”

  • ***

    Washington. Disco of Columbia.

  • andy2

    Ddot launches the first mobile disco speed camera.

  • You can run but you can’t glide.

  • iHawkeye

    Doc Brown’s early prototypes weren’t as practical but they were always stylish.

  • ” I have dozens of friends and the fun never ends “

  • Ninja

    James decided to make the entire world into his roller disco.

  • BBNE

    Having been rejected by the geniuses on Shark Tank, Disco Dave remain undeterred in his pursuit of a louder, hybrid alternative to the DC Segway tour.

  • A

    They see me rollin’, they hatin’

    • Anon

      Every time someone makes a Ridin Dirty reference in a caption contest, they should have to reimburse PoP for the cost of a tshirt.

  • R

    Don’t hate just cuz you can’t relate

  • Mike

    Disco StUber does not surge price.

  • saf

    Doc Brown’s early experiments.

    • PMoMP

      Marty, where we’re going, we don’t need Rhoads.

  • Anon

    Bill is a good skater and very interesting fellow.

  • TDigs

    People often question the Caps training exercise regimen in the off-season.

  • Ron

    How Zamboni got his start.

  • j
  • Fellowpetworthian

    Phil’s attempt at putting on a one-man revival of Xanadu was sadly rejected even by the DC Fringe festival.

  • Cidny Fox

    Humanoid alien falls to earth


  • CaptionStar

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