New Restaurant, Hazel, Coming Across the Street from the 9:30 Club

by Prince Of Petworth August 18, 2015 at 10:22 pm 21 Comments

808 V Street, NW

The liquor license placard for Hazel, located directly across the street from the 9:30 Club in one of those new buildings, says:

“Restaurant serving modern American cuisine. Seating inside for 65, Total Occupancy Load of 99. Summer Garden with seating for 80.”

Hazel’s facebook page says:

“A restaurant from Chef Rob Rubba. Coming in 2015 to the DC area.”

An old eventbrite description says:

“Chef Rubba, who has worked in renowned kitchens such as Le Bec Fin, L20, and most recently at Azur & Tallula here in the DC area, will be opening a restaurant with the Neighborhood Restaurant Group later this year.

Chef Rubba’s food can best be classified as progressive American, harmoniously combining flavor palettes from around the world with traditional and contemporary techniques to create dishes that are refined, distinctive and satisfying – all while using ingredients that are grown, harvested, and foraged from the land that surrounds us in DC.”

looking east to Georgia Ave


  • JohnH

    Le Bec Fin….permanently closed
    L20…permanently closed.
    Azur…permanently closed.
    Tallula…permanently closed.

    • monkeyrotica

      Ooooh, such a b!tch! Liked.

    • GBinCH

      And none of them were particularly good either…

      • Brendan

        Le Bec Fin was for a long time one of Philadelphia’s premiere restaurants, though the time that Rubba was there it was not the five-star rated Le Bec Fin but rather a weird year-long homage in a different location. Kind of disingenuous, but isn’t that par for the course with chef’s resumes?

  • brookland_rez

    Hmmm. Now there will be another option for going out after a show at the 9:30 Club besides Ben’s Chili Bowl.

    • Those chili cheese fries / tots at Satellite Room are legit.

      • palisades

        Satellite Room in general is legit

        • anon

          I once got served fried chicken that was totally raw inside. We sent it back, and when it returned it looked like they just stuck the raw pieces in the oven for a while. And it didn’t come off the bill.

  • nate

    I tried some of their food at NRG’s ABV event earlier in the summer and it was excellent.

  • ***

    foraged? Really? What exactly is one foraging for in the “land that surrounds DC?”

    • jim_ed

      The last drops of backwash out of a Velicoff pint for penne ala vodka? Rat burgoo? Discarded chicken bones for soup stock? There’s plenty to be foraged from DC’s bounty!

      • textdoc

        Hahaha! I’d never even heard of Velicoff until I moved to Park View and started picking up litter on my block.

        • jim_ed

          9 out of 10 derelicts pissing in your treebox agree: Velicoff gets you where you need to go!
          It’s actually kinda interesting, but the manufacturers of rotgut like this try to obfuscate who they are, so as to not taint their higher end brands by being associated with this garbage. Finding out who makes Velicoff and where is a bit of a challenge. If I recall, I think it comes from Heaven Hill, a purveyor of some decent whiskeys out of Kentucy.

          • textdoc

            I did some searching and found a webpage that says this:
            “Velicoff Vodka, on the other hand, is relatively obscure, registering just 24 mentions on the web according to Google. It seems to be a big seller in the nation’s capital: a 2006 Washington Post story called it ‘the alcoholics’ choice,’ and three of the four photos mentioning the brand on Flickr were taken in D.C. [. . .] The bottle’s label provides little information — there’s almost nothing on the web about the bottler, Grosscurth Distillers Company located in the tiny town of Bardstown, Kentucky.”
            Several of the Google Image search results for Velicoff show discarded bottles on sidewalks or in treeboxes. ;)

          • jim_ed

            Yeah Grosscurth is a subsidiary of Heaven Hill, who makes a wide array of products from the $300 a bottle Elijah Craig 23 year old bourbon to the plastic handles of Burnett’s that led to many a dorm room hangover. I guess Velicoff is so vile they’re embarrassed to acknowledge it next to even their worst products like Old Fitz and the hilarious Captain Morgan knockoff, Admiral Nelson.

    • jcm

      Not that I believe this place is going to be Faviken on the Potomac, but there’s plenty of food to forage in and around DC.

  • Eponymous

    Bummer. I love this building, and was hoping to see something good here. NRG has to be the best example of what’s wrong with D.C.’s food scene. One after another, their places are overpriced, mediocre attempts to hop on the latest food fad.

    • ledroittiger

      Agreed, minus Iron Gate and Red Apron.

    • DC’s beer scene wouldn’t be where it is today without them.

  • meh

    meh. What you need across from the 930 club is an all-night greasy spoon. I don’t figure the economics would work out so well in that nice new building with all that pricey square footage, but hey. Dreams of rolling out of a 930 show and right into a diner booth.

    • Mike M.

      Florida Ave Grill is right there. I do wish they were open later though. They close at 9 though, so not good for those coming off a show at 9:30.


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