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“Over 120 arrests for craps, drinking in public and synthetic marijuana in the past 90 days in Shaw”

by Prince Of Petworth August 19, 2015 at 11:13 am 51 Comments

Third District Commander Jacob Kishter

In response to a series of email from a resident about crap games and crime outside the Kennedy Rec Center at 7th and P St, NW in Shaw:

“Thank you for your continued support.

No violence or crime in 3 days

No craps games reported or observed since August 3

Over 120 arrests for craps, drinking in public and synthetic marijuana in the past 90 days in Shaw.

Let’s stop pointing fingers at each other and get back to working together on the plethora of issues.

Contact Lt Pearce if you want to be part of the solution.

Thanks to the many citizens and government officials who have stepped up to assist.

Violent crime in PSA 308 down 11% and property crime down 16%.

Commander Jacob Kishter
Metropolitan Police Department
Third District”

  • Anonymous

    So now if Bowser and Lanier could just make this happen in ALL EIGHT WARDS then maybe voters would be more happy. Ward 4 and Ward 1 arent getting as many headlines, but they’re just as bad as Shaw. Why does it take press coverage to get action? This should be the norm.

    • Anonymous

      Except the Third District includes lots of Ward 1 and lots of Shaw?

      • Wilt

        Matt Schlonsky was shot in Ward 1.

  • topscallop

    I’m interested to know what happens after these arrests. Are people being released quickly to go right back to what they were doing (or escalate it to something worse)? Also, “let’s stop pointing fingers at each other?” Let’s get more than three days without violent crime, how about that?

    • blahblahblah

      He sounds defensive and very eager to act like people are making things up. It is not unreasonable to point out that things really aren’t going well lately and ask what the police are going to do to improve things.

    • FridayGirl

      Agree with this. Three days is pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, a little frustration is understandable here. He is actually trying to do something, and a lot of the list serve commentary is pretty ill-informed.

    • anon

      What do you suggest they should do instead for people arrested for craps, public drinking and synthetic marijuana? These are not crimes that rise to the level that one should be imprisoned for, no?

    • GBinCH

      I think the cops get a lot of undue criticism. They do a good job and work hard. The failing seems to be a lack of prosecution of criminals when they are arrested. I also think that the DC council needs to start increasing fines and other penalties for some of these crimes. The cops can arrest people all day long but when they’re not prosecuted, or given a slap on the wrist, MPD gets blamed. I can understand whey the cops feel defensive..

    • dcd

      “Let’s stop pointing fingers at each other and get back to working together on the plethora of issues.”
      That really rubbed me the wrong way. Do your effin’ job, don’t scold people for pointing out instances that the cops aren’t effective.

      • textdoc

        +1. In general I think highly of Commander Kishter, but that rubbed me the wrong way too.

      • Anonymous

        “Let’s stop pointing fingers at each other and get back to working together on the plethora of issues” = “If you think all of these problems are going to go away with just policing, you’re mistaken.”

      • Sydney

        “People who don’t want to play the blame game are usually to blame.”

    • Anonymous

      Do you really think anyone is going to sit in a jail cell for participating in a dice game? Do you really think someone should be sitting in a jail cell for participating in a dice game? Arrest them, give a desk appearance, send them on their way unless they have an outstanding warrant.

      • topscallop

        I actually don’t care about dice games or public drinking unless it is related to violence. I was thinking more about the shootings and what I’ve heard in comment threads on here about violent offenders being released and then continuing to hurt people (like the recent shootings).

      • textdoc

        I thought yesterday’s thread about the man who punched five people established that even for violent offenses, people are generally dismissed with a ticket rather than sent to jail. So, no way is someone busted for a dice game going to jail.

  • Anon

    “Let’s stop pointing fingers at each other and get back to working together on the plethora of issues.”

  • Anon

    I guess that explains why the south Shaw exit is a relative ghost town these past few days.

  • Anony

    Great to hear, good work guys! Please send some of that law quality of life law enforcement up the Georgia Avenue corridor threw Pleasant Plains and Park View!!

    • Anony


  • Ronald

    * The number of crime reports that my district actually filed for violent crime in PSA 308 down 11%…

    • jonah

      I struggle with this too. I want to know the real picture but its an apples and oranges comparison if in years past reported figures were adjusted and now all figures are reported. Crime would drastically be on the rise all of a sudden when the reality is it likely isn’t significantly changed. I don’t envy Chief Lanier or her district Commanders but without real data I don’t think residents are ever going to be confident about crime statistics.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    I actually forwarded this over to Dan. The issue will be keeping that progress moving up 7th from Shaw. Our ANC, Brian Footer is committed to keeping this moving forward and is working with Nadeau and MPD on it- and Im confident that the recent events in and around Shaw have opened a few eyes with the Mayor’s office and with Cheif Lanier. This crap has to stop, people are tired of it all up and down 7th.

  • fka Shawess

    Commander Kishter is great. I hope he’s first in line to replace Lanier.

    • 7thStTechGuy

      He really is great- he responds when citizens reach out…personally, unlike Nadeau’s office which sends you form letters.

      • fka Shawess

        Yup! Personally and quickly!

    • Anony

      I second that!

    • Charlie Bengel (ANC 2F06)

      We are very fortunate to have him. Lt Pearce and many other 3D officials and officers are excellent. I really do urge citizens to visit with Lt Pearce, who is generally at the MPD tent in the 600 block of O Street NW from 6pm-8pm.

    • Ronald

      Based on some MPD feedback I’ve seen in these comments re: pressure from brass, I’d like to see if any officers feel the same way?

      • fka Shawess


  • nctodc

    This guy looks like Rawls from the Wire. Come to think of it, he kind of talks like him too.

    • sproc

      LOL. McNulty must have said something to the judge.

  • DrewinSW

    Wait, didnt they say the shooting that killed the AU student was the result of a craps game?!? That was on saturday, surely after the August 3rd date stated above?

    • JohnH

      He’s responding to emails about 7th between O and P. That is where there were shootings this summer, but the shooting this past weekend was at 7th and S (north of RI Ave.). Sounds close enough I guess, but not.

  • Mayor Bowser is scheduled to hold a presser at Kennedy Rec, 1401 7th St NW, 2:30pm today.

    MPDs stats don’t mean a darn to Tamara Gliss, Matt Shlonsky, Patrick Shaw et al — or their families and loved ones.

    Re: synthetic marijuana:
    I don’t want the bumbling overpriced, overly bureaucratic gun toting arm of the criminal justice vortex — or heavy handed police — managing the non-violent voluntary habits of adults, which only makes addicts worse; only psychologists — like my pops, and other health professionals — effectively guide people away from substance abuse. (Though pops never helped me kick my ice-cream addiction.) I also don’t know any parents who want the police to take over their responsibilities for educating, reprimanding or chastening their children. If violence (caused by synthetic marijuana use) is a litmus test, then the Mayor’s next steps should be shutting down all establishments and biergartens which sell the original date rape, campus rape, military rape, spouse abuse, child abuse drug: Alcohol.

    Re: crap games
    If the crap games are the dangerous gun violence magnets that the Chief says they are, why was the on-site staff at the Kennedy Rec permitting them to go on on the grounds and just outside the gates since June on an almost weekly basis? My snapshots and 911 calls only gave a glimpse of the whole picture. It’s hard to imagine MPD patrols didn’t see and understand that crap games were going on when you can see what’s happening 50yards away with 10-20 black males bent over, underwear on display, in a circle with their arms waving all around.

    I want to see MPD stop enabling an environment where gunmen come in and out of our community — without ever being identified successfully to lead to arrests and prosecutions — and POINT and fire guns at people.

    I realize I embarrassed the Chief in the mainscream media with the truth on Monday, but the retaliation from MPD and “anonymous” govt moles against those of us doing “community policing” and alternately praising MPD is uncalled for. I’ve already offered to write the community impact statements against the crapshooters which also demonstrates my willingness to work with the US Attorney’s Office and MPD as I have numerous times over the past several years. I’ve also been a staunch advocate for privately owned and DPR Kennedy Rec and #NStPark cameras — just like ANC Commissioner Nigro.

    My full email from this morning is on the MarionSt listserv. Pity popville chose to be more of a mouthpiece for the evil bumbling government bureaucracy and excuse makers than citizens. Granted, Commander Kishter is usually my hero.

    • BK2H

      People like you are the reason people like me are going to leave DC.

    • Anonymous

      “I also don’t know any parents who want the police to take over their responsibilities for educating, reprimanding or chastening their children.”
      Unfortunately, there are too many “parents” who don’t take responsibility for reprimanding their children, or teaching their children the difference between right and wrong. When that happens, it’s up to the police and the criminal justice to teach those lessons.

    • say what

      your post is wrong on so many levels. You think synthetic marijauana is the same as drinking beer? Its more similar to PCP in its violent effects on people. Get your head out of your house. DC needs to automatically revoke the liquor license of any corner store caught selling this “air freshener”. No hearing. Just shut down. You might not stop the demand but you will certainly lesson the supply.

  • andie302

    Dumb question: Am I supposed to report craps games? Unfortunately the officer on the corner at the metro only needed to take a walk down the alley between R and S between 7th and 8th to observe a craps game yesterday. I didn’t even bother to walk over and tell her because I’m pretty sure she was engaged in actively making sure two young guys weren’t stealing someone’s bike.

    • textdoc

      IIRC, public gambling is illegal (and craps games are often associated with other illegal behavior), so yes, report them.

  • GBinCH

    This sounds like wishful thinking.

  • Anon15

    Wait, I thought it was a waste of time and money to stop public drinking and arrest people? Oh, that was white people on the mall. I get it now.

    • Anonymous

      People who preach zero tolerance or broken windows policing don’t really want those techniques applied to their own behavior. They just want it applied to the “bad” people.

    • meh

      +1 +1 +1

    • anon

      When the ball players on the Mall finish their games by wandering down the sidewalks shooting up the place and killing an innocent bystander I’ll grant you your point. Until that happens, you most certainly do not “get it.”

      • Anon

        1. I get drunk
        2. I don’t hit or shoot people
        3. Therefore, I am…human

      • SomePeopleOnThisSiteSheesh

        You’re absolutely right, the people who committed the murder on 7th last Saturday literally came from a dice game during which they were drinking from open containers. After the murder they went right back to doing the same. You should contact the police and tell them where that dice game was so they can work some leads.

  • FormerDelRay

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a cop in this schizo city. The no-go divide used to run down 14th street. That hard border is now gone (to some extent) but the differing views of things strongly remain. So a cop must be damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

  • TruxtonCirc

    I’m pretty sure a few months ago in Truxton a dude was shot over a craps game on Hanover or O Street near North Capitol. Apparently people get pretty angry about craps. I notice games going on in Truxton all the time, some right out in front of Dunbar high school. I don’t think I realized they were illegal.

    As to the comment from shawington about synthetic marijuana and not arresting people for doing something non violent…I think the issue is that synthetic marijuana is, in fact, nothing like marijuana and the chemical makeup varies wildly across the product and people react very differently when on it, many becoming quite violent and dangerous.

    That said, I don’t think synthetic marijuana has much to do with the rash of gun violence the city has experienced and is a cop out, no pun intended, to even mention it in the conversation.

  • Kris

    Please stop calling it Synthethic marijuana. It gives the user’s an impression far remove from the reality.

    Think more of Walter White in his lab playing with diffent compositions of drugs…that is closer to its realism than calling it a naturally grown stable plant.

    Call it weed brands it off that naturalness and is incorrect for the chemical reality that can cause hallucinations, paralysis or death upon first use.


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