Washington, DC

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Thanks Mom and Dad! Here are a list of neighborhoods captured from this section of a Rand McNally 1898 map:

1. Petworth
2. Columbia Heights
3. Mount Pleasant
4. Ingelside
5. Meridian Hill
6. Washington Heights
7. Belair Heights
8. Woodley Park
9. Burleith
10. Georgetown
11. LeDroit Park
12. Dobbins Add.
13. Bloomingdale
14. Metropolis View
15. Brookland
16. Edgewood
17. Montello
18. Eckington
19. Ivy City
20. Trinidad
21. Rosedale
22. Isherwood
23. Uniontown
*24. Rosslynn

Ed. Note: Metropolis View is just east of the soldiers home and west of Brookland and must be brought back into usage immediately. I also think it’s time to bring back the Ivy City Race Track – are you listening Douglas Development – bring back the Ivy City Race Track please!!


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