My Parents Got Me a Street Map of DC from 1898 and it is Awesome

by Prince Of Petworth August 14, 2015 at 1:15 pm 32 Comments

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Thanks Mom and Dad! Here are a list of neighborhoods captured from this section of a Rand McNally 1898 map:

1. Petworth
2. Columbia Heights
3. Mount Pleasant
4. Ingelside
5. Meridian Hill
6. Washington Heights
7. Belair Heights
8. Woodley Park
9. Burleith
10. Georgetown
11. LeDroit Park
12. Dobbins Add.
13. Bloomingdale
14. Metropolis View
15. Brookland
16. Edgewood
17. Montello
18. Eckington
19. Ivy City
20. Trinidad
21. Rosedale
22. Isherwood
23. Uniontown
*24. Rosslynn

Ed. Note: Metropolis View is just east of the soldiers home and west of Brookland and must be brought back into usage immediately. I also think it’s time to bring back the Ivy City Race Track – are you listening Douglas Development – bring back the Ivy City Race Track please!!

  • nick

    Ah, yes. the school for the deaf and dumb. People were so politically incorrect back then.

    • Not really. Our meanings and usages for words has evolved over time.

      • nick


        • Anonymouse

          Yeah I believe what justinbc is saying is that the term “dumb” did not mean “stupid”, it just meant “mute”.

          • nick

            Ah, gotcha. Thanks for explaining. I always just assume the worst based on his track record on the site and how he comes across.

  • Check out the map collection at the MLK library. There are tons of maps there from old to new that are a fascinating to go through.

    Here’s a photo of Historian and H-St listserv editor Matthew Gilmore discussing the Boschke map of DC from 1858 at the 2014 House History Day:

    The House History Day they offer periodically is a great way to learn about what’s available. Mr. Gilmore really knows his stuff!

  • Brookland mom

    what an awesome gift!

  • hiphop anonymous

    TIL: The Home Depot is sitting on an old graveyard.

    • MMMkay

      That explains the ghosts in the lighting section.

  • zartan

    interesting that Rhode Island Avenue is interrupted for two blocks at Ledroit Park, and there was a traffic circle at New Hampshire and U Street NW intersection.

  • ledroittiger

    Interesting tidbit about The Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf And Dumb and Blind (Gallaudet University) – it was where the modern day “huddle” was started in 1892.

    • Also note the male and female work houses

      • ledroittiger

        Ah… Free labor?

  • Blithe

    Very Very cool! Awesome map! Awesome parents! Thanks for posting this!

  • anon

    It’s time to start a movement to bring back Ivy City racetrack and send all ATVs/dirtbikes there.

  • MPinDC

    What a great gift! So interesting to see what is there (Ivy City racetrack) and what’s not there (lots of empty space north of Mt P and Columbia Heights).
    I got into tomorrow’s House History class – thanks PoPville for posting!

    • textdoc

      Enjoy the class! I did it a few years ago and recommend it.

  • anonymous

    I think Metropolis View IS a thing. I’ve seen it come up as a location in Facebook posts…

    • MetropolisView

      I’d ONLY heard of Metropolis View because it shows up on Facebook posts from Chancellor’s Row which is south of CUA, west of official Brookland, and kind of part of/north of Edgewood. There’s no source noted, but there’s a description on the Wikipedia page for Stronghold that describes Metropolis view like this:

      “Another boundary set[by whom?] is bounded by the Michigan Avenue to the north, Franklin Street to the south, 4th Street NE to the west, and the tracks for the Red Line of the Washington Metro to the east.”

      • d

        I live in SE Petworth a half block from the Soldier’s Home and facebook almost always sites me in Metropolis View!

    • I live in the south end of Brookland (12th & Evarts) and FB always puts Metropolis View as my location

  • Yes Jamal, please contact me if you need extra room for that race track :)

  • MMMkay

    I love how they put the x and y axes on there!

  • Z

    Any chance you could share a PNG copy of this map? The JPEG is too blocky to read the street names. Thanks.

  • Mike M.

    So Dobbins Additions was basically North Bloomingdale? Interesting.

    • siz

      yeah, so interesting! I’ve lived north of RI for years, never heard “dobbins addition” before.

  • LMSmith

    We have this map, too. Purchased at Su Casa in Baltimore.


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