More on The Airedale coming to Columbia Heights – They Will Have Old Overholt Soft Serve Ice Cream!!

by Prince Of Petworth August 5, 2015 at 9:50 am 19 Comments

3605 14th Street, NW courtesy The Airedale

Earlier we noted the new paint job at The Airedale coming to the former Mad Momos space. Signs now painted and a bit more info from the owner:

“We have a new hand-painted sign courtesy of Ross from Sure Hand signs out of Richmond.

The Old Overholt soft serve is ready to go. We have consulted with a few sources and have had success (it isn’t easy getting something with well over a pint of whiskey in it to freeze). We feel we have achieved the perfect combination of flavor and booziness.

3 new items have been added to the regular menu; a spinach quiche, a gazpacho and polenta with sauteed mushrooms. We will also offer a tartine on a regular menu that will also be available for brunch. All are vegetarian or vegan and the polenta is gluten free.

We would also like to note that the Airedale will always welcome well-behaved dogs.

Our additional beer lines (and prosecco line) are being installed this week and everything is accelerating towards our launch. We are planning on opening in August.”

Stay tuned for an exact opening date!

  • nick

    2016 will be the year of Old Overholt Soft Serve vs. Cereal Milk Soft Serve.

  • Anon

    I am very intrigued by this place…

  • SF

    This is one of those things– Old Overholt used to be $12 a bottle but now stores are charging upwards of $18. I don’t know if it’s hipsters ruining my cheap booze of choice or if I am actually part of the hipster problem I’m citing. I JUST DON’T KNOW ANYMORE.

    • jim_ed

      Just switch to drinking Virginia Gentleman. It’s delicious and will never be cool.

    • mondo

      Not sure if getting to MoCo is a pain in the ass for you, but their county liquor stores still sell Old Overholt for $12 and change. I go to the store in Friendship Hts to stock up – their prices are amazingly cheap, especially when they have sales.

      • nate

        Despite being govt run and impacting selection for restaurants, the MoCo liquor stores are a bargain, especially for bourbon and whisky. I work in Silver Spring and frequently pickup stuff here on the way home.

        • General Grant Circle

          Now if we can just get them to repeal their old prohibition/puritan era laws on when stuff can be sold! Props to then-Senator now-Attorney General Frosh for introducing legislature a few years ago that repealed some of the ridiculous Frederick County laws (including – get this – if you visited Flying Dog, you couldnt even buy beer from their gift store unless you were on a paid private tour)

    • Oderus

      Overholt is such an underrated rye. I hate that there’s a hipsterization of it. Montgomery county has awesome liquor prices. That said, Overholt’s running $12.35 right now, but doesn’t beat the $7.50 I paid when I was visiting my parents over Christmas.

    • D

      Pretty sure Evan Williams is still cheap!

  • nate

    Very cool. Will there be an Airedale there? My Welsh Terrier would love to meet him or her:)

    • Welshie

      I want a Welsh Terrier and am looking around online for them with little luck. Where did you get him or her?!

      • nate

        I had difficulty finding anyone near DC. We found one in VA SW of Roanoke – www kissingrockcamp dot com. There’s also WT Cares which is a Welsh Terrier rescue, WT Cares.

        • Izaak Jordan

          Unfortunately both of the Airedales that are the namesake of the bar have gone to the big farm up in the sky years ago. The owner grew up in a house that always had an Airedale terrier in it and its a family business, so it is meaningful to us.

          • Megan

            I have an Airedale, I would love to bring her by!

  • Gloomingdale

    If it is priced anywhere near the Jameson soft serve at Boiler Room in Chicago, count me interested.

  • nonnie

    I am just a few blocks away and getting more excited for this place to open every time I hear more news. We need some quality businesses on that section of 14th so I’ll be sure to patronize it regularly :)

    • Anon

      Agree. I think the Aerdale will help get things moving in the right direction. Also, Little Cocos. It’ll begin to fill in, but we need some help from DC on the crime in this area.

      • Guillermo Brown

        Add public intoxication, prostitution, and littering to that list. Agree that this area has some real potential

  • N

    This place looks fantastic. If only we could get something like that into the storefronts south of park rd. on 14th.


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