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The Airedale Gastropub Tones Down Paint Job at former Mad Momos Space

by Prince Of Petworth August 3, 2015 at 3:50 pm 17 Comments

3605 14th Street, NW

A few weeks ago we learned about plans for The Airedale Gastropub and Beer Garden coming to Columbia Heights:

“Our bar program includes prosecco based cocktails, European classics like the Aperol spritz, French 75 and the Pimm’s Royal Cup as well as our own creations. The selection of spirits will be quite whiskey-forward with ryes and bourbons being well represented at all price points. We also plan on serving an Old Overholt soft serve, each serving containing a full shot of rye. We will offer an entire range of classic, handmade cocktails as well. There will be 15 beers on tap and we will make our own Radler (don’t worry we’ll have Stiegl too).

The menu is classic European bar and cafe food served a la carte. The focus is on authentic, accessible pub and bar food from across Europe with one or two local favorites added as well. I have attached a preliminary menu for your consideration.”

Like the toned down paint job?




airedale paint

  • wdc

    Like it? No.
    Think it will be effective at communicating “Hipster Hangout?” Absolutely.

    • INDC

      +1. :)

      While I don’t mind the paint job it pains me that they make no effort to highlight those nice reliefs above the windows. Even a different shade of charcoal grey would help.

  • ET

    I have no problem with crazy paint jobs but they have to look on purpose not and not just choosing from the returned cans at the Home Depot.

    • +1, that scheme from before did not work.

  • Emily


  • nevermindtheend

    I like it – and I’m glad they took down the ricketey-looking awning.

  • Momo_Lover

    Still miss Mad Momos.
    Such a nice place to shoot the breeze with my pal over a beer.
    The owners were very nice. They had good tacos for a while. And I did like the Momos.

  • Ugly, boring and tragically dull. Who wants to live in a gray gray city?

    • anonymous

      Or the boring beige one that exists?

  • JMR

    I like it! As an upgrade, I’d add some really brightly colores flowers or chairs to contrast the dark paint.

    • JMR

      *colored. I really need to slow down and proofread a little more.

  • Anon

    Mad Momo’s focus on whimsy and inability to put together the makings of a restaurant is why it imploded. How many who lament the color change actually went patronized Momos? This is a spectacular improvement. I no longer have to look at a mass murderer who killed good friends with Honey Boo Boo on his shoulders when I walk by. Three cheers for these guys. I hope they succeed.

  • Anonymous

    So. Much. Better. Classy looking as opposed to before… I’m a fan and looking forward to this concept.
    Now if the city can get a hold of crime and vagrancy in this area…. Sigh.

  • textdoc

    Much improved. The periwinkle from before was fine, but the bright teal and the orange were just too much.

  • wobber

    If it keeps away the hookers, pimps and junkies who have been hanging out on the front patio and stairs since Momos left then I like it!

  • Anon

    I normally love brightly colored buildings, but this is suuuch a huge improvement. The color scheme really highlights the beautiful architecture I never paid much attention to before

  • Rockandroar

    They’ve painted their name on the front now too, and it looks really nice. I’ll try to send a photo next time I walk up to the Derby, unless someone beats me to it.


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