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by Prince Of Petworth August 27, 2015 at 10:00 pm 41 Comments


Nope, nope, I’m sorry I tried. I looked at it from many different angles – with the building at the corner in the frame – I’m sorry I still don’t like it. I really did try though.  And to be honest the photos look better here than it did in person – you can’t really see the cinder block mass on the sides…  Awesome location though!



  • anon

    It’d look fine if two those little houses between it and the building were popped up as well.

    • Boomer

      yup, at least this picture shows how the popup is only inappropriately sized compared to the building immediately next to it, not the neighborhood.

      • Rich

        It looks ridiculous, regardless.

  • anon

    It is offensive to the eye.

  • AG

    It doesn’t look aaaaaaaaas offensive in the last picture, but oh man that facade is horrendous.

  • textdoc

    PoP, no need to apologize to the PoPville community! You gave this building much more of a chance than it deserved.

  • Ryan

    Those short building are hideous and wastes of space. Someone should add a couple floors to them.

    • DCReggae


    • anon


    • anon

      once the district upzones, there will be 10-12 story apartment houses replacing these squatty things, and the current monstrosity will look quaint and underdeveloped.

      • Anon

        … What reality do you live in?

  • Anonymous

    20 foot buildings in a c-2 zone are more offensive than any 50 foot condo building.

  • caballero

    I feel bad for the people in the tall building to the left. In a couple of years, their windows will be blocked by the additional floors that go atop the current buildings to their right. At least the developers of this blue menace had the foresight to understand that change is coming, and windows to the north and south in their building would be a pointless endeavor.

    • anon

      What’s the legality of that? Covering those windows could seriously affect that building (what if some of those are egress windows of bedrooms? The only window in some units?). It seems unacceptable that they were able to put windows there at all.

      • It;s Just Me

        That building is on an alley, so they’ll only be blocking the windows visually, not actually covering them.

      • Matt S

        There’s an alley separating the two buildings, so it won’t be directly covered in this instance. Just won’t have as good of a view.

    • ET

      There was not foresight at least not with regards to windows – I don’t think the building code allows it.

      I will say that when/if the two houses between this building and the other tall building (and any neighbors on the other) pop up to whatever height – it won’t stick out quite so much. How many years that will take is a different conversation.

    • textdoc

      I think there’s a space — maybe a little less than one house wide — between the tall building on the left and the tan formstone rowhouse next to it. So the developers of the tall building didn’t build all the way up to the property line, and therefore they’re allowed to have windows on that side.

  • Linc Park SE

    This house is an insult to all the other “House of the Day”s.

  • uglybetty

    Office of Tax and Revenue Real Property as of 8.24.15 still lists this monstrosity as owned by the Landsdowne Ventures — the flipper. Owes $10K taxes — haha!

    • charlie

      I know at least one unit has been sold.

      Buy the tax lien and foreclose?

  • jd

    The third house on the right, with the umbrellas on the roof deck – I really what they did there.

    • SafroniaB

      I’d like to hang out there on a summer night and project movies on the Blue Monster.

      • Anon


  • anon

    I like the pop-up wayyyyyy more than the large generic mess of a building to the left.

  • dupont

    This place is ridiculous and looks horrible.

  • gonzo

    Can we retire talking about this building. It’s giving me PTSD.

  • hooville

    Why aren’t there windows on the sides?

    • Truxton Thomas

      Because its neighbors could pop up just the same.

  • It looks like a middle finger…

    • anon

      Agreed, but if the two squat houses to either side would just also pop-up, then it would look like a high-five!

  • anon

    Sure, I understand the debate of preservation vs economics/practicality. What I don’t understand is how anyone can look at that building and think it looks good, regardless of where it stands. I don’t the color (which I can only describe as puke blue), the cheap facade material, or the strange circular window at the top. I would assume that whoever skimped on the design probably also skimped on the construction.

    • textdoc


  • Garper

    No doubt it’s ugly, but I’d rather live next to it than a vacant. Any word if all the units sold? Given how hot that neighborhood’s real estate market is, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. What I couldn’t understand is that less than a block east of that property is a huge lot with an abandoned/vacant church that no one did anything with in the four years I lived in that neighborhood. That lot alone’s worth millions.

    • Looking up the real property sales database, it looks like units #1 and #3 sold and the middle unit is still owned by the LLC that I assume developed the place. Unit #3 (the top floors) sold for $750K.

  • I promise I’m not just being contrarian here, but I actually appreciate this building. The execution could have been a bit better (understatement) but it’s nice to see different buildings among DC’s architectural landscape. There are countless streets and neighborhoods where you can see rows of the same style homes, and I love that too, but it does take a bit of courage to build something completely out of character, even if you fail to some degree. Props to them for taking a chance at least, and this is a neighborhood where you can at least get away with it. (But I would I buy one of those condos? Hell no.)

    • Emilie

      I agree. And I really don’t think this one will look quite so bad in years to come. it will still look ugly, but not so out of place when the others pop up. I think this town is big enough for historic districts and places where you can popup and popout. Change and variety are not bad things!

    • textdoc

      Justin, contrarian? Nevvvverrrr. ;)

  • Anon5

    I wonder how much the top sways in the wind. Gotta be at least an inch or two. That thing is basically a giant sail.

  • Josh

    Is it just the angle or the vantage point or are the units above like a max of eight or nine feet wide? Like, could you fit a bed in there? It seems like you’d be living in a hallway.

  • Zurga

    Absolutely hideous!


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