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  • Zack

    What’s going on here? Where is the house in the bottom picture located in the top picture?
    Love that there is a Frank Lloyd Wright “Sprite” sculpture out front…it works.

  • Xochipilli the Anonymous

    Absolutely one of my favorite strips of row houses anywhere in the known universe. I would SOOOOO love to live in a house that has a balcony on the 2nd floor that overlooks part of Rock Creek Park.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Ditto. I am sad to see that a year or so before I started house shopping, a couple of unrenovated houses on this strip sold in the mid $300K range. I don’t think such opportunities are likely to come along again anytime soon.

  • anon

    Aww, man, I wish you would have picked my house a few doors down!

  • croftonstudio

    Thanks for the nice comments about the block. We all have fun living there! BTW, we’re having a block sale on Saturday 8/29 at 10am, so we’re hoping that people stop by!


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