• shaw

    I do hope they are able to improve this public space, and the plan looks quite lovely. However, it’s worth pointing out that Heurich House charges a thousand dollars AN HOUR to host private events (we looked there for a recent wedding), and even more if you want to serve food or even simple (non alcoholic) soft drinks.
    So, raising this shouldn’t be too hard for them. At their rates, they can pay for it in a single weekend afternoon!

    • Adam L

      All museums use event rentals to help cover the general operating costs of running the place, especially the upkeep of a historic building. A quick look at their public IRS filings shows that they’re not rolling in dough and had negative net assets until just a few years ago.

  • kenny

    Yeah, let’s celebrate the life of the villain behind the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act.

  • Rich

    Why don’t they just pass the hat at a Board meeting.?

  • heurichhouse

    We have adopted this city-owned park and have taken responsibility for its revitalization in response to years of neglect. We are excited to organize and coordinate its renewal and growth. However, as a small non-profit that uses every penny we make to conserve our historic property and create public educational programming, we just aren’t capable (yet) of funding this entirely ourselves. That’s why we are asking neighbors and community partners for their help getting this off the ground. Thanks for your support!


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