“Good Samaritan was hit by robber after he tried to stop him stealing this grill”

by Prince Of Petworth August 25, 2015 at 6:24 pm 27 Comments


[email protected] tweets us around 5:30pm:

“Good Samaritan was hit by robber after he tried to stop him stealing this grill”

  • Anonymous

    “When violence and drug activity were at their worst, what made the biggest difference was residents partnering with MPD, taking back their blocks and being part of the solution.”


    • LOL


  • JohnH

    1. WTF
    2. Nice of the guy, but it’s a Charbroil grill – not worth being hurt for and it’s not even yours.
    3. If you own large things that sit outside, lock your shizzzz up

    • Anonymous

      Nadeau says we must help the police police the streets and take em back!

      • Anon

        We need a Charles Bronson

        • Los

          No, we need more Barcelona bartenders.

      • Thought

        Nadeau says:
        “Silly grill owners. When you live in a condo building such as myself you don’t have a grill. Only the home-owning bourgeoisie people own grills. I have no interest in you! Be gone!”

  • neighbor


  • Jack Stevens

    We will let Nadeau Police her area streets with her neighbors. I’ll take a vice unit for my area…maybe since she is so against Shaw/NoMa/PQ can have her Vice Unit too! Sweet! #NoPoliticsYesVice

  • Rick

    A close friend of mine was the “Good Samaritan”. His wife described the story to us in an email (I did some redaction):
    He is walking home from work 5 pm and sees a guy steal the grill from our neighbors back patio (around 13th and Riggs). He calls out and the guy says: “It’s mine.” Our friend follows him and is trying repeatedly to call 911 when the guy turns on him, pushes him to the ground, smashes his phone, swears, and proceeds to hit him with the briefcase he had been carrying.

    Middle of 13th St, the guy abandons the grill and runs. Our friend tries to get up and can’t. Pedestrians call 911 and police arrive in 5 minutes, an ambulance arrives in 10 minutes and takes him to GW. He is in pain but only when he tries to move the leg. Three hours pass. Doctors do x-rays, evaluate, and the results are: Fractured hip – I kid you not – orthopedist says surgery Wed
    Meanwhile, as our friend was en route to the hospital, the police report that two Hispanics see what had happened and chase the guy. They get him, corner him, and the police catch up with them. Not knowing what transpired, they detain the two Hispanics and the burglar goes free. Then they find out what really took place, and claim that they have his cellphone so they can track him down. Such is justice. The grill is back safely in the neighbors patio and they aren’t home yet to know what drama had occurred.

    • Huma


    • 8th Street

      What a story and kudos to everyone involved…. but “two Hispanics’??? Seriously, Rick?

      • heyraffaello

        Please, do tell me what words we should use to describe the ethnicity of these men instead of “Hispanic.”

        • 8th Street

          Well, heyraffaello, since you asked, he didn’t say “Hispanic men”, he said Hispanics. Would you have said “the police report that two Blacks see what had happened and chase the guy” or maybe you would prefer “the police report that two Whites see what had happened and chase the guy.”?? No. You and Rick wouldn’t. Never mind the fact that the ethnicity of the two chasers is absolutely irrelevant to the story.

          • textdoc

            I thought the implication was in part that the police detained the two Hispanic men precisely _because_ they were Hispanic.

          • 8th Street

            textdoc- I see how that may be the case… If it is, then making note of their ethnicity is important to the story, but saying “two Hispanics” still sounds to my ears a bit like something someone’s great uncle with a loose grasp on the finer points of race and society in today’s world would say.

          • Anon

            The fact that they are identified as Hispanics makes it perfectly relevant to the story. At least it does for those who are capable of putting two and two together without being blinded by political correctness.

          • heyraffaello

            I’d say that since the police detained the wrong people, that race might be relevant to the story. Maybe I’m wrong. I bet the police don’t racially profile, so it’s completely irrelevant. I’m glad your agree.

            I get it. Plurals are racist. Even the ACLU agrees:


          • Zora

            “At least it does for those who are capable of putting two and two together without being blinded by political correctness.” Exactly. Why is it so important to some people to always find something to be offended by?

    • heyraffaello

      By the by, good look to everyone involved. Maybe except the cops on this one, but nobody’s perfect.

      On the bright side, winter’s a much better time than summer for a broken hip, I guess…

    • phl2dc


    • JohnH

      I mean, just pretend you’re a spy and call the cops and follow the guy. No need to confront someone, especially if you’re by yourself. Not like the guy could have disappeared with the grill. He is either walking somewhere with it rather slowly or walking to a vehicle – then get the plate numbers.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Countdown to cries of “Victim blaming!”

    • Thanks for the update! I took the photos. I was biking home down 13th St at about 5:15 just as the ambulance rolled up. I thought the guy had been hit by a car. There were people all over the place at that hour – a nanny told me what happened.

      Also, as I was taking a picture of the grill, a couple rolled up and asked if they could take it. That’s DC for you. People will take anything not locked up. And even stuff that is locked up.

      Sucks for the Good Samaritan. Hope he recovers quickly.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I’m very curious as to how the suspect was going to steal the grill – was he trying to load it into a vehicle (no small feat to do single-handedly), sell it at the corner (good luck finding a buyer of a random grill on the street anywhere near here), roll it to his home (did he live nearby – I’d hate to think this guy was a neighbor)?

    • Duponter

      This assumes the person had a plan. I have a feeling most of these idiot thieves don’t think. They see. They steal. Figure the rest out later.

  • I find it interesting that the star of the show has no race but the supporting actors did. I really think we could have gotten the point with Hispanic(s) removed from the story. In anycase, a fractured hip over a grill? Thanks for the effort but it’s gonna be a little embarrassing telling that story to your grandchildren.


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