Washington, DC

brau crabs

From DC Brau Brewing Company:

“YOU HEARD RIGHT FOLKS!!!!! We just released 50 more tickets to the crabfest! Get ’em here NOW before they sell out!”

August 10, 2015 – For the FOURTH year DC BRAU and the Quarterdeck are teaming up for their epic flagship crab-crackin’ get down. This is going to be the event of DC BEER WEEK. Please help DC BRAU celebrate indigenous beer and these indigenous Mid-Atlantic delicacies at the Quarterdeck Restaurant in Arlington, VA. ALL YOU CAN EAT CRABS and DC BRAU $1 DRAFTS//$5 PITCHERS!!! What!?!?!? $1 Drafts? $5 Pitchers? We must be insane!!! Yes, we are! Insane with our craving for these colorful crustaceans!!! Eat til your full…#nobull [TICKETS]


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