Washington, DC


We at Zipcar are sad that our decade-long partnership with WMATA (otherwise known as Metro) has come to an end. Our Zipcars based in Kiss and Ride lots will be leaving effective May 31, 2015. We don’t want this change to impact you, so we’re taking this opportunity to bring you lots of new locations right next door to our old homes – or even in your own neighborhood!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see dozens of new locations sprouting up to ensure you can continue to zip when and where you need to go. You can always find our stations that are conveniently located next to or close to Metro stations by searching for either the station name or the line it’s on.

Thanks for your membership, and happy Zipping!

“Dear PoPville,

Wondering how DC residents feel? I’m pretty upset at the change although its good we do have neighborhood spots but zipcar @ metro really helps esp as you go out the city (MD/VA).
I had saw a sign at Brookland metro saying the new vendor for ‘car sharing’ will be enterprise…anyone used their services before? How does it compare to zip car in terms of perks (gas etc)”


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