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Serious Allegations Against A Doggie Daycare in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth May 6, 2015 at 2:20 pm 148 Comments

Photo via facebook

A reader sends in this serious allegation from a facebook post by Greg Fuller:

“BEWARE of Wagtime daycare in Washington, DC. Their pit bull rescue named Blu (owned by Wagtime’s owners) attacked my 12.5 year old yellow lab, without provocation, while he was recently in daycare at Wagtime. My dog also lost a tooth & his ACL was injured. The owners did not think it needed medical attention, knowingly chose NOT to report the bite to DC Animal Control, and illegally dispensed unprescribed and unlabeled antibiotics.”

You can read the full allegations and discussion here.

Thanks to a commenter for noting Wagtime’s response:

“While we respect everyone’s right to express their opinion freely, we feel it is important to give an accurate account of this situation. Wagtime prides itself on being a cage free facility and also taking care of many rescue and client dogs in our daycare. Our daycare has been open and trusted by countless clients for over 15 years due to our experience and high standards of care and expertese. We carefully assess EVERY dogs behaviour, separate the dogs by size and temperment and the safety and wellbeing each and every dog is our number one priority. However, the nature of a cage free facility, that allows the dogs to play and have eachothers company, is that play can occassionally escalate into altercations. This is a rare, but normal canine behaviour that can occure between dogs socialising in a pack environment. All of our daycare staff are highly trained to deal with these situations as quickly and safely as possible. As with young children at school, cuts, scapes and the occasional injury can occur. We treat any dog who sustains an injury quickly and approapriately to ensure the best care and health of the dog.This particular situation was just that, a group play that escalated into an altercation. It is of course regrettable that Tucker was injured, however, the here named adoption dog Blu was involved but certainly not to blame and to harm a dog-in-need’s chances of being re-homed through inacurate information, from a source that did not witness the incident, is not within the spirit of rescue that Wagtime is so dedicated to. We thank all of our wonderful clients who support the important work of Wagtime in animal care and urge you all to keep on rescuing.”

  • anon

    Isn’t this the same place that a dog was run over by a car under their watch a few weeks ago?

    • Katie

      This was going to be my question as well. I’m pretty sure it was doggie daycare in Shaw where the puppy got loose while on a walk. :(

    • Ben

      There were allegations/guesses that it was Wagtime but nothing from the owner confirming.

      • ShawRes

        I can confirm that the puppy who died a few weeks ago was being walked by a Wagtime employee.

        • LoganGuy

          That always sounded suspicious to me. No witnesses? Just the word of the dog walker.

          • anon

            I can confirm that Wagtime lied to the police about where the incident occurred.

  • Dog lover

    I am guessing this isn’t the first time this is happening. I can’t be sure it is the same dog, but I was at City Paws a few months back and there was a dog in the lobby who had a ton of stitches. I got to talking with the owner and he told me that his dog was attacked at Wagtime and it was the owners dog who attacked their dog. They did say that Wagtime was paying for all of the vet bills. The poor dog had so many stitches and looked really lucky to still be alive.

  • uhleese13

    Dogs are animals and don’t always get along. While I feel for the dog and owners, it looks like surface wounds and nothing permanent. Both locations have always had friendly and caring employees, happy dogs who are excited to go in each day.

    They also help rescue organizations around the city.

    This is something you take up privately with the owners of the dog and not blast on public websites.

    • Mintwood

      I completely disagree, if the rescue dogs are allowed to mix with the general population then that’s on the dog daycare. Furthermore, if they can’t keep things under control, then they should be held accountable. It’s up to you as the consumer to filter the information you receive, but them presenting facts and pictures to back them up is just them being a good member of the community.

      • CMCSD

        Your insinuation that this incident happened because a rescue dog was allowed to “mix” with other dogs is utterly atrocious. I know plenty of “general population” dogs that can be just as aggressive in pack situations, if not more so, than rescue dogs.

        • Kristin


          • Susannah


      • CP

        “rescue dogs” “allowed to mix with” and “general population”…wow, Mintwood, lets you and I NEVER be friends.

    • SW DC

      Their dog also LOST A TOOTH, and was given prescription medicine without a vet seeing the animal or prescribing the medicine. That’s more than a “few scratches”.

      I wouldn’t be letting people know either, I’d be on the phone with a lawyer, animal control, and the police.

  • Logan

    Wagtime’s response on that FB page sure isn’t doing them any favors. It basically dismisses the incident and blames the yellow lab for starting the fight. I’ll be crossing them off the list for dog care.

    • Caroline

      I absolutely agree. I understand that dogs will fight sometimes, but Wagtime’s response was wholly inadequate.

  • DC-dawg

    I am not one to normally rely on Yelp reviews, but almost every recent review rates this place is awful: http://www.yelp.com/biz/wagtime-washington

    And some of the stories are absolutely horrendous (dogs dying in custody, etc.).

    • Katie

      Wow, you’re right about that-these yelp reviews are scary! Stories like this are what always made me apprehensive about using a doggy daycare service.

    • Anon Dog Lover in Shaw

      This is disgusting. My problem is not so much with the fact that the incident occurred (it is a doggy daycare – I’m sure these things happen and it is not anybody’s fault) – but the owner’s apparent response and reaction to it. Not surprising given everything that I hear about Wagtime’s owners.

  • Caroline

    I’ve only been to Wagtime Too for grooming, but it was a shitshow. If they can’t even keep their appointments straight that’s a bad sign.

  • DC

    Sorry, but it can’t just be that because you’re not present, you have no right to complain. What employee is going to risk her job because she speaks up when one of their dogs is too aggressive. It’s true that dogs get into tussles and fights, but an owner has a right to let people know.

  • anonymous

    They serve a noble cause and I give them kudos for that, but their daycare has just become too much of a chance to use. Their “behavior evaluation” is sort of a joke, so you get dogs in there with issues. As soon as I saw them accepting an infamous dog, known for attacking several others in the neighborhood (including mine), I stopped taking mine there. Hope they get their act together.

  • Eponymous

    I’ve used Wagtime several times at both locations. Never had any issues. It is really unfortunate that this happened to the poster’s dog, but like it or not, it IS a risk you take with cage-free boarding. I understand that the owner’s upset and if he wants to disbelieve WT’s description of what happened that’s fine, but I really don’t care for the “pit bull attack!” fear-mongering on social media.

    • Anon

      The problem is not that it happened – but Wagtime’s response. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with what type of dog attacked or whose fault it was, but the fact that Wagtime didn’t think it needed medical attention and illegally dispensed drugs.

      • CP


    • lm41

      Same here – we have used Wagtime on and off for several years and have always had a good experience. Our dog (a rescue) is more comfortable and happier there than at other DC doggie day cares. None of us were there to see the incident, so it’s hard to know what really happened. That said, these kinds of instances are typically quite rare — but they can happen with any dog, whether a rescue or not. The Wagtime owners do commendable work to help a number of rescue groups in DC find loving homes for adoptable dogs, so it’s sad to see some comments criticizing that aspect of this story.

      • csp


    • Susannah


  • Kelly

    I feel really bad for the OP’s dog and agree that this should never happen on a dog day care’s watch! However, I think Blu’s breed is irrelevant in this matter and naming pit bulls in dog aggression stories only makes it harder for them to find homes. Pit bulls are lovable, sweet dogs that do not deserve the bad reputation they have. Aggression is not the dog’s fault – it’s ours.


  • Don’t places like this have a “doggie cam?” I don’t know the place personally, but I do know lots of people who think they can assess a dog’s temperament and really have no clue. Couple that with the very predictably unpredictable responses from dogs in a large “pack” environment and this just looks like a bad idea.

  • mtVernSq

    This incident, along with the other incident a few weeks ago (dog getting runover) are both pretty alarming. We take our dog to Wagtime for daycare. He has very severe separation anxiety, so we unfortunately can’t leave him alone at home during the workday. We haven’t had any serious problems with Wagtime, and their staff has always been pleasant, kind and pretty flexible about drop-off and pick-up. Despite our positive track record, and while I understand things happen, I’m a uneasy about keeping our dog at Wagtime. Other than City Dogs, are there any other doggie daycare facilities near or around Shaw?

    • Anon Spock

      There are places in admo, but I’ve yet to find 1 comparable in price and flexibility in time. I’m an infrequent user, and I only do so when I’m gone all day (more than a workday). The late pickup isn’t something I’ve found anywhere else.

    • Alex

      My pup goes to k-9 divine – they pick the dog up from your house and drive to a farm in MD for the day. I went to visit the location before I sent my dog there and it is huge and well-maintained. It’s a little pricier than Wagtime, but I’ve had good luck with them for the last 3 years.

    • anonymous

      What about finding a good independent dog walker and working with your vet on anti-depressant use to reduce the anxiety issues? Just a thought.

    • Anon

      When we were having separation anxiety issues with out dog, our trainer (Rewards Dog Training — she’s excellent) recommended this book: http://www.amazon.com/Leave-Step-Step-Separation-Anxiety/dp/0981722733. We ended up following a different (but related) protocol. It is intense/time consuming work at first, but well worth it to be able to leave home without worrying about your pup (or the furniture…).

    • AnotherBdaleResident

      Unfortunately not really near Shaw – but we took our dogs to Planet Pet and have never had a problem and always really like the people there. We have a Shiba Inu who could care less about people and other dogs – and sometimes is actually off-put by them – but he was always tail wagging and excited to go to daycare there. One time he got into a small scuffle and got a very tiny tiny cut and they called us immediately to report exactly what happened and even offered to take him to the vet if we were concerned (we weren’t it was so so minor, and as others have mentioned, sometimes dogs just get into it and then get over it). I was glad to know what their actual response is in the instance that your dog is injured in any way while in their care.

      They just moved to 14th street, and are (hopefully!!) finishing up with their daycare space. In the meantime they have been taking dogs to a sister site in Arlington I believe. We’ve just been going with our dog walker in the meantime.

    • I have a friend who boards dogs in her home through Rover.com – it looks like there are a LOT of people all over DC doing this. Generally $25-30 per day and you meet the person & dogs etc. Plus your dog is likely to be boarded with only 1-2 others.

    • Brooklanddogmomma

      I take my dog to Planet Pet at 14th and S. They’re fantastic and the entire staff is very sweet and conscientious.

      • Anon

        + 1 for Planet Pet. My dog has been going to them for 10 years — from their original 14th St location to Florida Ave and now back to 14th St. Their staff is fantastic; my dog is usually standoffish but he wiggles with joy whenever he sees the handlers. Their recent move has been a bit chaotic, but it’s clear that they really take care of the dogs.

        • AnotherBdaleResident

          How has the move been? I’ve been hesitant to take ours till they get their own space figured out. But, might give it a shot if it’s actually fairly easy.

      • Joe

        Agreed. We use Planet Pet, not for at least 5 years, and zero problems.

    • D

      DogVacay just started doing daytime boarding in addition to overnight. That could be an option, and the price will vary by boarder. http://dogvacay.com/lp3/daycare

  • Greg

    Wagtime admits publicly in their response that Blu was the dog who attacked Tucker, which was reinforced by accounts from 2 staff who working that day and their response to Animal Control’s investigation, however, Wagtime recently denied the attacking dog’s involvement when speaking to the owner of the rescue organization.

    Further, Wagtime did not voluntarily report the incident or the bite to DC Animal Control or the rescue organization. In fact, the owner said that he was not required to report the bite.

    Yet, Wagtime’s owner is on record re: pit bulls, saying “There is a law established already that requires everyone by law to report a dog bite. If they are bitten by a dog, they are required to report it.”

    Read more: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2012/08/md-lawmakers-urged-to-reconsider-pit-bull-ruling–78865.html#ixzz3ZDtCd6AO

    • DogMama23

      I don’t want to take any sides here, because as a dog owner, I completely understand the owner’s reaction and anger, and as someone who knows many employees of Wagtime who are caring, conscientious and wonderful, I know they never want dogs in their care to be harmed.

      I would like to clarify for your understanding that the Maryland law is about requiring the reporting of dogs biting humans, not other dogs, and that’s the law that Wagtime was referring to. I also believe that the same principle applies in DC – if a dog went after a person, that would be a required report, but I don’t believe that it’s a requirement to report a fight between two dogs. I couldn’t find anything on DC’s website that was clear on that topic, though.

  • Eric

    I’ve been very skeptical of this place for a long time. About five or six years ago I gave them keys to my apartment to feed my cat while I was away on business. When I got my and went to retrieve my keys, I was told they were still in the possession of the walker/sitter and I could pick them up the next day. The next day I was told the same story. I actually ran into the sitter that same day and was told by him he didn’t have my keys and turned them in after the job. I changed my locks, but was very skeeved out by their losing or stealing my keys.

    • Keys Copied Without Permission

      Wagtime made copies of my house key without asking my permission.

      We used them for dog walking 1-2 times a week for a couple of years, but after a horrendous grooming experience prior to a major event (golden retriever-type hair shaved to 1/4 inch), and no apology (despite our clear instructions in writing for a light trim), we decided to seek alternate dog care services.

      When asking for our keys back we were initially told “the dog walker has them” to which we replied “we haven’t scheduled a dog walk for a month.” They rummaged through a back room and came up with TWO sets of keys, NEITHER of which were the original we’d given them – they were made on home depot blanks, when we’d only used Ace. When confronted they begrudgingly admitted making copies…which clearly troubled us a good deal. $100 of new locks later, we’re one of the one-star ratings on yelp and can strongly recommend against trusting Wagtime with your pet, keys, or anything else.

      • SW DC

        I would be suing them for this….this is sketchy as HELL.

  • anonymous-est

    First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about the dog’s injuries, and I wish him the best in his recovery. As a dog lover and owner, I’m sorry to the owners, what a horrible thing to go through.

    1. There are too few details here re: what happened.
    2. Did the owner of the attacked dog sign an emergency contact/medical treament release when enlisting the dog in daycare? This is standard procedure for enlistinng a dog at every daycare I’ve ever encountered.
    3. What warrants an altercation between dogs to be reported to Animal Control? Does this situation apply?
    3. Is the attacking dog a foster dog or a dog owned by Wagtime staff?
    4. What exactly happened? Who was there? Are the wounds consistent with the story?
    5. Has Wagtime been upfront about the events leading up to the incident, the incident itself, and what happened afterward?

    Way too many questions to begin blaming anyone from two comments posted from a reader from a FB post.

    • anonymous

      You have a pattern developing with Wagtime. Between the Yelp reviews (see unfiltered ones, especially), the recent dog-walking incident, this story, and my dogwalker neighbor’s professional insight, I’m seeing a pattern. At some point you gotta take the blinders off and just see it for what it is.

  • Former Wagtime Client

    We had a very similar incident at Wagtime several years ago when our blind senior dog was injured by a rescue dog. On the one hand, I think it’s wonderful that the owner opens her heart and her space to dogs who so desperately need it. People like Lisa are invaluable to rescue efforts. On the other, my dog was badly injured and required substantial veterinary treatment. I’m sorry to see this happened to another dog. They really need to keep rescue dogs separate from the “general population,” especially vulnerable dogs, until they have a better sense of the rescue dog’s temperament.

    • Former Wagtime Client

      I hesitated to add this, but I was also discouraged from seeking veterinary treatment and was offered antibiotics without prescription from Wagtime.

      • I’m not defending Wagtime – in fact after reading all this I find they have lots of issues – but it is in fact normal and safe practice for rescue groups to give out antibiotics, worm medicines, vaccines, even sub-q fluids. These meds are provided by vets, who work with the rescues. The rescue groups actually see so many more of the common maladies that they are as adept as any vet in treating them.

    • anonymous-est

      your dog was injured by a dog. a dog that happened to be a rescue dog. ‘rescue dogs’ are not the issue, the temperament tests and behavioral assessments for *every* dog – regardless of their history, age, sex, breed, etc. – are the issue.

      • CapitalDame

        +1 my dog is a rescue, and he is much better behaved than my family’s dog from a breeder. Dogs will be dogs, you will never know.

        • Former Wagtime Client

          Both of my current dogs are rescues. I have been involved in dog rescue for several years. I completely agree that ALL dogs need to be appropriately assessed. However, I think most in the rescue community would agree that rescue dogs need a little extra vigilance *for their sake* as much or more than a dog who has been in a stable home environment.

          Rescue dogs have almost always recently experienced trauma from separation or, in the saddest cases, abuse or neglect. It’s not unusual or unreasonable for that to cause anxiety which can, in some cases, manifest in fear aggression. It doesn’t mean a dog *is aggressive*. I’m really sorry if it came across that I am badmouthing rescue dogs. I encourage everyone I know who is looking for a pet to rescue rather than buy.

          I should also note that my dog was in an area of Wagtime’s facility I had been told was specifically designated for “special needs” dogs like him. And even if I was anti-rescue dog (which I am most emphatically not – ADOPT DON’T SHOP!), it doesn’t change the circumstances.

      • CP

        +1- thank you! Let’s leave the rescue bashing until another time folks…that isn’t what is relevant in this case…The fight, Tucker’s injury and Wagtime’s piss poor response are relevant and should be addressed.

  • CapitalDame

    I feel terrible for these owners, and for this dog. Its not clear to me if Wagtime called the owner immediately, but I for one would have wanted them to call me the instant that it occurred so that I could get my dog medical attention. That is the part that bothers me the most about this. I take my dog to Wagtime Too and have actually been really happy, and never had a problem, but frankly given the cage free concept I’m surprised they don’t have more conflicts come up.

    • SW DC

      You should be aware wagtime 2 allowed a customers dog to get loose and nearly be run over recently.

      • CapitalDame

        Holy hell, THANKS! I had heard of another incident where a dog got loose, but it was on a walk, and ours is there infrequently and doesn’t get walks. That’s a shame too, because he LOVES going there, we switched to WT after trying Dogma. Our issue with Dogma was that we picked him up in the summer once and he was SO obviously overheated that I didn’t even let my husband stop to run an errand on the way home in an air conditioned car. I’ve heard freak accidents occur with DogVacay and Rover, so I guess you just never know.

  • SEDogMom

    There is little staff training at Wagtime. Several dogs have gotten loose in their care. Their SE location is a mess and the staff is very unprofessional. Also I am not surprised to hear about the medication issue. It’s great they help rescue dogs and offer rescues a place to board dogs, but that doesn’t mean that attacks should just be written off. Wagtime messed up in a few keys ways: the owner should have been notified of the incident, Wagtime should have offered to pay for vet services, Wagtime should not have offered medication, and they SHOULD take ownership of the incident and not place blame back on the owner. They are defensive and rude and quite frankly think their Sh*t doesn’t stink. We will no longer be a customer there, which is a shame because our dog has fun there.

  • Ward One Resident

    As someone who owns a rescue dog, I don’t get the impression that the OP and others are attempting to malign rescues. I do think it’s a cautionary tale to put rescues who may not have received the same level of behavior evaluation as paying clients in with the paying clients.

    Obviously it’s not possible to find fosters for all rescue dogs, especially with so many being brought up from other states and Wagtime steps up to help fill the gap and that’s great. That being said, there is no way that they can assess the behavior of one of the dogs they are fostering the same they can with a paying customer and their pet (no doubt many who are rescues as well).

    A dog that is just coming up from a shelter in the south (where most of them come from) may seem quiet/fine in a shelter atmosphere and may do fine on a one-time initial assessment of a daycare facility, but ultimately that environment may not be right for them. Not all dogs are good dog park/day care dogs and while some may exhibit that immediately, not all do.

    That may not be this particular situation at all, but I don’t think it’s wrong for paying customers to be concerned/cautious about their dogs being in the off-leash area with rescues who may not have been vetted as completely as others.

    I hope this makes sense. In my head it makes complete sense.

  • anon

    A Wagtime vehicle is frequently parked illegally near my house in Eckington (where it’s not hard to find a legal spot). If they are too dumb to park legally, I’m not trusting them with my dog. (hint to Wagtime employees: don’t park a vehicle illegally when it has your company’s name painted on it)

    • SW DC

      Download the 311 app and have it ticketed and towed. it really is quite easy.

  • SEDogMom

    Wagtime Too location in SE is a mess. The staff almost let a dog escape the front area onto M st while bringing another dog to the “big dog” side.

    Wagtime should never have given medication without consent of the owner or a vet. Wagtime should have apologized to the owner and not placed blame back on him in a crappy Facebook response. Wagtime definitely did not offer to pay for vet services because they never do. Know that from personal experience. Wagtime needs better staff and I know from speaking to other dog parents in the neighborhood that they do not have a training protocol and many dogs get loose. Wagtime thinks their sh*t doesn’t stink which is evident by the Owner’s comments to the owner about a staff member being on Animal Control staff. It’s time they realized that people cherish their pets and this behavior will not be tolerated.

  • James

    Aside from being poorly written and riddled with typos, Wagtime’s response doesn’t address the heart of the issue. The problem isn’t only that the dogs got into a fight, which happens occasionally – it’s that the way the staff handled the situation (allegedly) was completely inappropriate and, in my opinion, more than warrants the customer’s response. I’ve had similar experiences with Wagtime staff acting overly defensive and dismissive of my concerns about other animals’ behavior, which is why I ultimately stopped going there.

  • Samish

    My gut is to certainly think Wagtime has handled this situation very poorly and had they handled it better, the owner of Tucker may not have taken to Facebook. I know him and I know his friends and have seen this posting show up on my Facebook feed quite often the last few days.

    And while I understand the owner was hoping to alert potential Wagtime customers that this particular dog was still there, I was a little turned off by the posting of a photo of the other dog. This is Wagtime’s issue. Not the dog’s issue. He could have simply said, the dog is still there so beware and if you want to know which dog it is, contact me privately. Rescue dogs have a hard enough time. And frankly Tucker’s owner wasn’t there and didn’t witness it. It was just a step too far for me. But again, this is all Wagtime’s fault/issue. I just know my gut reaction was: 1. poor Tucker and 2. poor other dog that will probably get put down now as unadoptable.

    • Former Wagtime Client

      I agree.

    • Anonymous

      That is unfortunate but 2 rests solely in Wagtime’s hands. They were irresponsible enough to mix this pit with a lab, and apparently not watch closely enough. They shouldn’t be doing rescue if they’re covering this and other malfeasance up.

      • Samish

        I said that really. I said the incident was Wagtime’s fault. I just noted that I did not care for Tucker’s father’s response of posting the rescue dog’s photo, even if his intention was to warn other Wagtime customers. As I said, it’s Wagtime’s fault, not the dog’s fault.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, agree. The whole thing is upsetting. The dog would have been better off with another rescue.

  • SW DC

    So they ignored DC law, which requires reporting animal bites, to “prevent an adoptable animal from getting a bad record”? Does the dog have current rabies vaccinations?

    I call 100% BS. They know they screwed up, and are now trying to cover their asses.

    They are 100% responsible for injuries to animals in their care, plus future vet bills. Lawyer up. Sue.

  • Egad

    This is why I use an independent dog walker (who is also a mobile groomer – Sniffs and Wiggles). I am so scared that my pooch will be involved in an incident like this if I took him to a doggy daycare. Some rescue dogs need extra attention and care because they get anxious and lash out easily. Seems like this dog was one of them.

    • NEDogMom

      Egad – unrelated to the main topic but have you used Sniffs and Wiggles grooming services? I hate leaving my dog at the groomer all day knowing he spends a lot of time in a crate – this service seems like a great option but couldn’t find any Yelp or other reviews. Thanks!

  • Anon

    Pitbulls are banned in many countries and some U.S. states for good reason. For any daycare center to mix them with the general population of the center, is wholly irrespomsible. Yes, pitbulls are legal here in DC, so if a daycare center wants to board them then fine. But let’s use some common sense and not put the other dogs are risk. This breed is banned in so many places because there is hard factual evidence that the rates at which they attack and kill other dogs and humans is higher than all other breeds combined. Let’s stop trying to be PC with this issue and be factual instead.

    • Duponter

      Aren’t you really just cherry picking some facts though? Pit bull attacks result in higher fatalities because of the physical build of a pit bull as much as any inherent propensity for violence. There are plenty of statistics that show you’re as likely to be bitten by a golden retriever than a pit bull. But goldens tend not to take your hand off when they do. And how a dog is raised has far more to do with a propensity for violence than the breed. That is a fact. I’m no pro pit bull advocate or any kind, but your comment is stupid and has been debunked time and time again.

  • Anonymous

    How does the OP know that this dog Blu attacked his Lab “without provocation”? I get being angry about the injuries and the associated medical expenses. But the owner of the Lab wasn’t there and clearly has no idea what actually happened, other than that his dog was injured.

  • SW DC

    Wow. Based on this place’s yelp reviews, if even half these stories are true, its enough to keep a lawyer busy full time suing them.

    • MC

      Everyone that goes to this place signs a waiver/release. Most of these are people whining about their dog’s hair or billing practices – hardly litigious causes

      • Anonymous Coward

        Can’t sign away negligence claims.

  • Anonymous

    Was going to add that based on their response to this and other problems at their business, Wagtime seems to think it is unimpeachable due to its rescue work. Rescue work is great, but bad characters should not use it to shut down complaints against them or justify their unethical/negligent actions.

  • Sally

    My dogs go to Wagtime. I know people who work there, specifically the handlers in the room that my dogs stay on.I have toured the facilities and I even know the owners. I am not at all concerned concerned about my dogs’ safety there. What I AM concerned about it the declining level of customer service – not even necessarily from paid staff, but from Lisa especially. While I applaud her entrepreneurial spirit in filling an unmet need for city dog owners and taking Wagtime from a “mom and pop operation” to a fully commercialized mini franchise – she needs to realize she is not a know it all and really understand customer needs. The bulk of Wagtime’s money comes from paying customers, not rescues. She should focus her time and efforts into bending over backwards to service paying customers. I very much appreciate her devotion to rescue, but if it comes at the expense of your money-generating business, maybe you need to scale back? Wagtime is not a shelter, but on more than one occassion, especially at WagTime Too, I have heard of there being 20-30 adoption dogs at any given time. In my opinion, this is a huge liability. Lisa’s responses to issues at Wagtime are often defensive and aloof. I get the opinion that because she has been “watching dogs” for years that she thinks she knows everything there is to know about dogs, which is simply not true. The dispensation of medicines to dogs is also a practice that needs to stop. Its one thing to have a VET supply you with a few pills of one thing or the other so you dont have to zip across town every time a RESCUE dog gets a cough, but Lisa acts like she is a vet and drugs dogs up at the slightest inkling of pretty much anything, without even calling or emailing a vet to ask his/her opinion.

    I read somewhere on the thread that this incident occurred in March. Why is it being taken to social media only now? Seems kind of petty. A better person would take the high road, report the incident to the proper authorities and avoid the business. Instead you chose to spend what appears to be hours of your life trolling through reviews that are months old, copying and pasting your statement I am also slightly annoyed that it appears that friends of the OP are going online to give 1 star reviews of this establishment, probably our of solidarity with the OP and his dog. It’s beyond annoying when people who have never even used a service do this – as it dilutes the power of online reviews because someone’s panties are in a twist. We’d have a better idea of the quality of services like this if people reviewed actual services rendered. Regarding the dog fight – dogs are dogs – I have seen dogs attack each other and become severely injured at the dog park while under the watchful(or sometimes not so watchful) eye of their owner. Scuffles happen and frequently, to you and me and pretty much every dog owner. Wagtime should have called the owner the second something happened, explained the injury and offered transport to the vet. Period. All of us sign a waiver saying we understand that our dogs may get sick or injured in an open concept daycare. It would be nice for Wagtime to help with vet costs, but the second you sign that release, you are forfeiting your right to that coverage by demand.

    Also – while they may be promoting Blue on their page – it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is actively boarding or doing daycare there. Lots of dogs available/promoted through Wagtime’s page are actually being fostered by people in the neighborhood. Way to breed shame.

    • Anonymous

      How about the fact that the OP is doing us a public service by exposing unethical/shady practices? That’s why it is in social media! How else would people be aware of this? Guessing you are another customer who doesn’t want to face the facts: this place sucks and you need to find another doggy daycare.

      • Brooklander

        there are a lot of claims being made against this business. You get the impression many of these individuals are alongside the businesses owner as she goes about her allegedly bad business. Opening and sustaining a small business in DC for 15 years takes tremendous amounts work. what is going on here is not at all fair, and social media is not the place.

    • wagtime client

      Echoing Sally’s points about the owners. While I know Lisa really cares for the dogs, the customer service is lacking. Our rowdy pup cut himself at wagtime and was taken care of (cleaning, antibiotics) but we didn’t find out until we picked him up after work. Whether the cut needed stitches or further attention was a judgment call, and we’d like to have been notified. It’s unfortunate that Lisa isn’t able to give the careful attention that many small business owners envision, but it’s time to invest in more robust management systems. Dogs will always be dogs, but we have switched to a smaller scale daycare service who can give more attention. Wishing a quick & full recovery to the injured dog.

    • Brooklander

      You begin by saying you feel completely comfortable with your pet attending Wagtime, but you go on to give numerous reasons why any caring pet owner shouldn’t be.

  • Brooklanddogmomma

    I did a lot of research before I took my very insecure new dog (who is small, about 15 lbs) to daycare. Wagtime had some terrible reviews online long before this incident and the incident a few weeks ago when the dog got hit. There were several stories about animals coming back after boarding very injured and not having been given medical care. I decided on Planet Pet at 14th and S based upon the online reviews and have been really impressed with how well they treat her and how closely they monitor the dogs. Plus they have a LOT of staff at all times, and they are all super sweet with her. And they have very flexible hours and you can buy treats for them to get midday! I hope both of the dogs involved end up ok.

  • MC

    My dogs go to Wagtime. I know people who work there, specifically the handlers in the room that my dogs stay on.I have toured the facilities and I even know the owners. I am not at all concerned concerned about my dogs’ safety there. What I AM concerned about it the declining level of customer service – not even necessarily from paid staff, but from Lisa especially. While I applaud her entrepreneurial spirit in filling an unmet need for city dog owners and taking Wagtime from a “mom and pop operation” to a fully commercialized mini franchise – she needs to realize she is not a know it all and really understand customer needs. The bulk of Wagtime’s money comes from paying customers, not rescues. She should focus her time and efforts into bending over backwards to service paying customers. I very much appreciate her devotion to rescue, but if it comes at the expense of your money-generating business, maybe you need to scale back? Wagtime is not a shelter, but on more than one occassion, especially at WagtTime Too, I have heard of there being 20-30 adoption dogs at any given time. In my opinion, this is a huge liability. Lisa’s responses to issues at Wagtime are often defensive and aloof. I get the opinion that because she has been “watching dogs” for years that she thinks she knows everything there is to know about dogs, which is simply not true.

    I read somewhere on the thread that this incident occured in March. Why is it being taken to social media only now? Seems kind of petty. A better person would take the high road, report the incident to the proper authorities and avoid the business. Instead you chose to spend what appears to be hours of your life trolling through reviews that are months old, copying and pasting your statement I am also slightly annoyed that it appears that friends of the OP are going online to give 1 start reviews of this establishment, probably our of solidarity with the OP and his dog. It’s beyond annoying when people who have never even used a service do this – as it dilutes the power of online reviews because someone;s panties are in a twist. We’d have a better idea of the quality of services like this if people reviewed actual services rendered. Regarding the dog fight – dogs are dogs – I have seen dogs attack each other and become severely injured at the dog park while under the watchful(or sometimes not so watchful) eye of their owner. Scuffles happen and frequently, to you and me and pretty much every dog owner. Wagtime should have called the owner the second something happened, explained the injury and offered transport to the vet. Period. All of us sign a waiver saying we understand that our dogs may get sick or injured in an open concept daycare. It would be nice for Wagtime to help with vet cocts, but the second you sign that release, you are forfeiting your right to that coverage by demand.

    Also – while they may be promoting Blue on their page – it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is actively boarding or doing daycare there. Lots of dogs available/promoted through Wagtime’s page are actually being fostered by people in the neighborhood. Way to breed shame.

    • Julia

      My vet had warned me that should wouldn’t recommend using wagtime for daycare, but they’re located close to my home, so I wavered. However, I met Lisa a few months ago at an event where she was representing her business and I was stunned by how disorganized and confrontational she was about her set up. Her behavior made me concerned for anyone who ever needed to use wagtime for daycare or boarding.

  • Melissa

    I have 2 dogs that go to Wagtime. Both were actually rescues that I adopted BECAUSE I saw the dogs at Wagtime. I have the utmost confidence in Wagtime’s ability to care for my dogs when I am at work or out of town. Both of my boys come home tired and happy. Do fights happen in a cageless doggie daycare? You betcha. That’s a risk we take when we sign our dogs up for places like this. I am actually impressed that given Wagtime’s volume – there are not MORE incidents. I am sorry that the OP had an issue with his dog, but people really need to evaluate facilities like this on their own. Online reviews and hate-posting is pretty commonplace. I can;t remember the last time I logged online to give rave reviews to an establishment, but I can certainly tell you the last time I went online to RANT about an establishment. We often forget to appluad and thank those that do us right while easily bash and libel those that do us wrong. Regardless of what happened in this incident, I encourage everyone to evaluate Wagtime on their own conscience and not discredit it because of teh ranting of one.

    • Anonymous

      Melissa, it is not the ranting of one. There is a pattern here with different dogs and different people, not just this guy and his dog. I understand why you and others feel the need to defend this place- I wouldn’t want to feel guilty taking my dogs to a place that had a known pattern of negligence either. However, please know there are other options out there. You’re not trapped into taking your dogs here alone.

      • anon

        most of the Wagtime rants revolve around billing and grooming – hardly issues that warrent public shaming

    • Anonymous

      Also, it is not the biting itself that is the most troubling- it is what they did after the fact: not reporting it as required by law, administering drugs they have no right to administer, lying about the incident, not taking the dog to the vet. So, yeah, you betcha that dogs bite other dogs in doggy daycares, but Wagtime’s behavior is beyond irresponsible. You have other options!

      • anon

        dog on dog bites are not required by law

      • anon

        given thatbyou agreed with the idea that dogs bite dogs … what response would you expect just curouus what response would make someone not be irate

        • anonymous

          So yeah, the appropriate response would be not illegally giving antibiotics that you have no right to administer (especially without the owner’s knowledge or permission!!), not lying about said incident, not refusing to pay for medical treatment, and taking the dog to the vet when it happened. None of that happened. The OP’s own vet said this was incorrect behavior. The poor dog was missing a tooth and had a torn ACL- what else do you need to know these people are messed up? They shouldn’t be cloaking themselves in their rescue work as some excuse for running an unethical and bad business. Period.

  • lbw-dc

    I’m confused. Why are these two recent, lengthy posts identical and being made under different screen names? Makes me suspicious…

    • madmonk28

      Wagtime seems to have a history of creating posts under sock puppet accounts.

    • anon

      i responded under my own name and then when it did not appear my husband reposted from his account as I thought my employer has blocked it.

      Sincerely, Sally and Marcus Caufield

      • lbw-dc

        Thanks for clarifying.

  • jeff

    Where there is smoke there is fire. If you do research on Wagtime you will see numerous complaints about their pet care at their current and previous location. I have personally been taking photographs in the alley behind the store and looked in the back of the store when I heard yelling. A security officer, NOT A TRAINED ANIMAL CARETAKER, was yelling at barking dogs to shut up. Our neighbor also had to care for a dog with an infection that was picked up from Wagtime. Bottomline – not worth the risk.

  • Susannah

    I hope Blu isn’t euthanized as a result of this. A serious possibility, and one that should lie on the conscience of all of you dog owners who seem to not understand the nature of dogs. Schoolyard fights happen, not everyone (or every dog) gets along. To emphasize the breeds is a weak stab. All that being said, I’m glad Tucker is going to be ok.

  • In public response to Wagtime’s response to the original FB post, included by PoP above:
    1) Wagtime admits responsibility for assessing the attacking dog’s behavior before admitting to Daycare
    2) Wagtime’s website now indicates that they decide whether or not to separate senior dogs from others, and actively did not separate Tucker from the general population
    3) Wagtime’s employee told me that Tucker was in the corner minding his business at the time of the attack from a single dog named Blu
    4) The attack and puncture wound injuries inflicted upon Tucker were (as is evident by the picture above, taken 24 hours following the attack), not comparable to “cuts and scrapes” children receive at schools; if a child was bitten by a dog passing by on the street it would certainly require immediate medical attention and reporting to the appropriate authorities.
    5) Wagtime’s day manager on duty called me on the day of incident and called it a “scuffle” where Tucker had some blood on his head but did not indicate that there were puncture wounds from the attacking dog’s bite. Wagtime said that they wiped the blood and that Tucker did not need medical attention. Upon picking Tucker up there were several readily visible and open wounds. I immediately called my vet of 12.5 years to describe the wounds and ask what to do. He asked me to take Tucker in first thing the following morning for evaluation, cleaning, and professional treatment. He said that the severe bruising around the puncture bites were indicative of an aggressive incident. He evaluated the trauma to his leg and diagnosed with an acute ACL tear.
    6) “Appropriate” treatment to an injury does not include dispensing of unlabeled antibiotics from a non-licensed daycare manager who is not trained in veterinary sciences and is unaware of Tucker’s medical history and possible complications. My vet suggested said it was unprofessional and should be reported. The Washington Humane Society told me to report to the American Veterinary Association of America.
    7) Wagtime admits here in their response that Blu was the dog who attacked Tucker, which was reinforced by accounts from 2 staff who were working that day and in their response to Animal Control’s investigation, however, Wagtime did not disclose the attacking dog’s involvement to the LDAR rescue organization when asking following the attack to re-home Blu. Learning this and that LDAR was only involved after the attack, I apologize for any attention that may have inadvertently been directed towards LDAR, thank their Director for their honest and forthright support with these matters, and have decided to remove Wagtime’s picture that references LDAR. Without that post, LDAR may have never been made aware and we may never have received information as to the chain of custody of the animal. Thanks to a friend and owner of another happy LDAR rescue animal for seeing the original FB post and putting us in touch so swiftly. Free speech and social media can do good.
    8) Wagtime did not voluntarily report the incident or the bite to DC Animal Control or the rescue organization. In fact, the owner said that he was not required to report the bite. Yet, Wagtime’s owner is on record re: pit bulls, saying “There is a law established already that requires everyone by law to report a dog bite. If they are bitten by a dog, they are required to report it.”
    9) Wagtime continues to deny any responsibility for the attack and never offered any assistance with medical bills.
    10) Other similar incidents [with Wagtime] are being reported [by others here] on Prince of Petworth

    Had I been personally aware of the many reviews and other experiences cited here, on Facebook, and Yelp, in the years since I first took Tucker to Wagtime, I would have NEVER continued to take Tucker there. Today with this information I hope that you, as a reader, are able to make a more informed decision on the care of your loved ones.

    Since I last spoke with the Wagtime owner following the attack, the only communication I have received was an email sent to me from LS on 5/6/2015:
    “Please cease and desist from further hearsay slander and libel about Wagtime, myself and Ofer or we will be forced to take legal action. [signed] Lisa Schreiber, Wagtime, LLC”

    I aspire to convey nothing but the facts of the situation as they have been conveyed to me by Wagtime, its staff, DC Animal Control, and LDAR. My postings are an accurate reporting of the information received from Wagtime’s employees and owners and my involvement in the situation.

    I believe in the power of social media, and like all whistle blowers I will stand strong by the truth. With the open support of friends, family and the community will not allow these threats to get in the way of transparency, public dialogue, and informing others. Thank you to all that have and will continue to post on this topic. I appreciate your opinions, even if they may differ from my own.

    Veritas vos liberabit. The truth shall set you free.

  • Erin

    To address Victoria, it is absolutely normal for rescue groups to handle many aspects of veterinary care for their rescue animals. It is absolutely ILLEGAL, however, for anyone other than a veterinarian to offer prescription medications to an animal not involved with said rescue group.

    And I can personally attest to Wagtime giving a prescription eye medication to a rescue dog of theirs without properly testing the dog’s eye to make sure that medication wasn’t going to make the eye WORSE. What Wagtime is doing is not only irresponsible for their rescue dogs, it’s illegal for pets they are being paid to watch.

    So not only do they apparently have a poorly run and poorly monitored day care facility, they are committing crimes by dispensing any prescription medication to client’s dog. And they are potentially putting their adoptable dogs in danger. How this has gone on for so long I simply cannot fathom.

  • Donald

    Ugh. First I have to say that I wish well-meaning people would stop adopting pit bulls from shelters and rescue leagues. They are simply NOT appropriate pet material. Anyone in search of a companion animal does not need a dog that is 60+ pounds of solid muscle and bone with a gaping maw and a scissor bite capable of exerting 269 pounds of pressure.

    Pit bulls make suitable guard dogs and police dogs and that’s about it. I’m going to be pilloried by so many people countering that pit bulls aren’t bad, their breeders are and to an extent that’s true. But it’s also true that the only pit bulls you are going to find in this area are descendants of all the most aggressive specimens that were intentionally bred for fighting. Every dog can lose their cool, but when pit bulls do the damage is more extreme and happens much faster. Leave them in the shelters and let them go gently into that good night.

    On to Wag Time. One time when I picked my puppy up from day care he ran all the way back upstairs before the door closed. I volunteered to retrieve him myself and found him at the top of the third flight of stairs in front of a closed door. From behind the door I heard a woman yelling loudly, “SHUT UP! SHUT THE F!@* UP!” at some barking dogs. I suppose I said something to my dog and she heard me because she opened the door a crack, stated at me a moment, and then closed it again without saying anything more. It just made me wonder about the caliber of care our dogs receive from the staff at Wag Time. And the proprietor’s response to this incident, which is a mix or ‘dogs will be dogs’ and ‘these things happen’ is irresponsible, tone deaf, and enraging.

    Wag Time insists that every dog be pre-screened for temperament before being accepted into day care. Seems that the owner waived that requirement for himself and his new rescue pit bull project.

    • Brooklander

      Sorry Donald, but what you are saying is absolutely not true and just ignorant. Your suggesting that dogs should be euthanized in shelters based on their size and other ridiculousness. Frankly, your post is irresponsible.

      • anon

        He lost me at “pit bills make suitable police dogs.” How many police k-9 units have you ever seen with a pit bull. Guy has no clue what he’s talking about.

      • Eponymous

        +1,000,000. Donald has no idea what he’s talking about.
        Are pits more prone to dog agression? Yes. Should places like WT therefore take extra care in placing them in a careless boarding situation? Heck yes, especially considering that the pit WILL be blamed if any incident takes place regardless of the facts. But that does not mean that all or even most pits are dog-aggressive. I’ve fostered several and they’ve all been extremely good w other dogs.
        More importantly, though, there’s no relationship between dog-aggression and human-aggression, and in fact pits as a whole are less human-aggressive than many popular breeds that people don’t think twice about owning. So to suggest that pits are a danger to society is pure BS.

    • MLM

      Have to completely agree with Brooklander. Clearly anyone that makes the comment, pibulls are “simply NOT appropriate pet material” is speaking from complete ignorance. It is such a shame that people fail to educate themselves on different breeds and submit themselves to adopting wholly inaccurate beliefs.

    • Anon Dog Lover in Shaw

      I cannot believe you actually just wrote those words about pitbulls. I know SO many amazing pit bulls that were adopted from rescues and shelters that are the most gentle, loving dogs. You are sprouting hate.

  • Anon

    It seems as though many people have experienced things with this or other companies that should be reported. I am writing this hoping that either the OP or (hopefully) POPVille will write a new post detailing what to do/where to report the incident if (1) your pet is given prescription drugs by someone other than a vet (or other professional, e.g. associated w/a rescue agency), (2) you witness or reasonably suspect animal abuse (e.g. kicking a dog as mentioned above). As I understand it, these things are illegal and seem rather egregious. It would be great if one outcome of this story was a greater sense of accountability. POPville and OP, please help us do that. To everyone who shared stories here that involved illegal and dangerous conduct, please for the sake of the broader community report what you saw.

  • John Coplen

    Wagtime, it appears you’re missing the point. There is no issue with your operation setup or your amazing rescue efforts. The issue is you didn’t take Tucker to the vet, downplayed the injuries, dispensed antibiotics illegally and didn’t offer to pay for medical care. The dog had multiple teeth missing, was bleeding from the head and had a torn ACL. Tucker is a senior dog, almost 13! If my dog attacked another dog, I’d offer to pay for the vet bills. Most dog owners would. You’d think Wagtime being the foster of the dog that attacked Tucker would lead by example, not make excuses. Your post, actions and defensive stance bring to question the ethical standards of how you operate your business. Your priority is clearly with your reputation and not with the welfare of your customers, neither the two or four leg kind.

  • Rescue Mom

    As the owner of several rescue dogs, and a volunteer and foster for a rescue that Wagtime fosters for I can say that Wagtime has cared for hundreds of our rescues dogs and there are also dogs there for WHS Too. We have never had a problem here and use both locations and are there several times a week and have no issues. This dog that was in the altercation is not owned by Wagtimes owners – it’s a foste dog for a rescue. While I feel so sorry that this poor dog was on the receiving end of an altercation – I can assure you these things occasionally happen. I do think this should be handled in private and Shame on you popville for posting “allegations”. We will continue to use Wagtime as our dogs have always been treated with kindness and compassion.

    • Anon Dog Lover in Shaw

      Again, I don’t think the problem is that the altercation happened – it is Wagtime’s response to it – which is what is disgusting about this whole thing. From everything I know about Wagtime, this is not unusual behavior – and while they may help Rescue Dogs (which I think is amazing) – that doesn’t mean they don’t have obligations to tell the truth about incidents that happen with dogs in THEIR care.

  • anon

    My dog’s been bit at wagtime. wagtime didn’t notify me and when i called both the manager and dog handlers that day had no idea, nor offered any sort of help. similar response to what they gave in this case. totally understand though that dogs will be dogs. why isn’t there an indoor / outdoor dog daycare in DC?

    • anon

      There is…it’s called Wagtime.

  • sarahlaiwah

    Did anyone else at school have a Mean Girl spread rumors about them and say awful things that simply weren’t true? Only to go home in tears and be told to ‘be the bigger person’, ‘truth prevails’, ‘your real friends wont believe the gossip’. Remember that sick feeling in your stomach of injustice and anger that being ‘the bigger person’ doesn’t stop the sheep from following the Mean Girl?

    Yes, internet forum is a place for discussion and expression of opinion, but PEOPLE have the luxury of freedom of speech, businesses don’t. When faced with challenges to their reputation, gossip, hearsay, speculation and sometimes outright lies, businesses are forced to bring the proverbial knife to the gunfight and obliged to stay professional and respond with measure so as not to appear emotional, defensive or petty. Is this ‘discussion’? No; Exploiting vulnerability for personal social gain, is called bullying.

    This is not Petco, this is not a corporation or a franchise, this is not a faceless company where the owners sit in a corporate office never touching a dog a day in their lives. What is being said here is a direct attack on real people. People just like you, trying their best and working their hardest. I urge every single person who has written a negative comment here to look at themselves and think very hard about their own lives and how they would feel to be attacked out of other peoples’ boredom, insecurities, and pathetic need to be part of the drama. What has been said here is mean, cruel, inaccurate and damaging. Wagtime has been open for 15 years, is anyone here actually ignorant enough to think that the care of live animal for 15 years would be without incident? Are you really so arrogant as to think you have worked PERFECTLY in your jobs for 15 years? Now, I anticipate all the indignant self righteous posters here will say “When the lives of our pets are at stake, you can’t afford to make mistakes.”, To you I say: go and ask your doctor how perfect they are, go and ask your childrens’ teachers how many injuries have happened on their watch, go and ask your local police officers how many innocent people are hurt in the pursuit of public protection. Wagtime have not only looked after DCs pets for years, but they have saved the lives of literally thousands of rescue animals. To save even one dog from the conditions of kill shelters, fighting rings and neglect is incredible, but THOUSANDS is a blessing! The likes of Fuller, using his own dog as sympathetic bate to start a smear campaign against Wagtime, Wagtime’s owners, Blu, Rescue dogs and Pitbulls, is a disgusting display of animal and human cruelty and malice. His compassion-impotence is appalling and I just hope that one day he stops to realize the weight of his words and the dogs he could potentially kill.

    My post is about my utter disappointment in human behavior and not about the ‘facts’ of the story, as here, there really are none. I know first hand that Fuller’s account is hyperbolic and untrue, even down to his filter adjusted picture. The injury sustained was a superficial scratch to the head, no involvement of the ACL and no tooth injury (conjecture: A 10 year old dog goes to the vet for a scratch and they co-incidentally find a cavity and pull the tooth, out of the question?), no un-prescribed medication was given to the dog, DC Animal Control was notified, and Wagtime did not conduct any illegal activity. But the only salient fact here is that Fuller was not there, and nor were any of the authors of these damaging posts.

    To everyone who posted in Wagtime’s defense, I applaud you for daring to contribute positive and inspiring content to the increasingly macabre, morose and depressing internet and for showing loyalty to good people.
    To everyone else…
    Gossip is a disease that spreads and kills. Think before you post. Wagtime is busy saving dogs right now; what did your tweets achieve today?

    Sarah Lai-Wah – Proud Wagtime employee

    • Anon

      That’s some good irony right there. Complaining about someone’s conjecture regarding what happened in the dog fight while rebutting it with some of your own.

      • sarahlaiwah

        I flagged my own opinion as ‘conjecture’ to illustrate that other explanations to what people post as ‘fact’ are entirely possible. That’s why I wrote ‘conjecture’, see?

    • Commentator

      Well, this really goes a long way to contradict the repeated claims that the staff is rude, condescending, defensive, and dismissive of their customers’ concerns.

    • anonymous

      As I said above this, Wagtime shouldn’t be cloaking itself in its rescue work as some excuse for running an unethical and bad business. Period.
      I’m hoping the owners didn’t give you authority to post this long, unsubstantiated diatribe. You’re just putting more powder in the keg. Seriously, if you’re unwilling or unable to answer why this dog received no vet care for a torn ACL, missing teeth and deep puncture wounds, and why Wagtime decided to illegally administer antibiotics without the owner’s permission, you need to remain silent. It’s actually in your best interest.

      • sarahlaiwah

        Nice conviction in your post, I didn’t realize coward was spelled ‘anonymous’. I did address those things… THEY WERENT TRUE, addressed. Just like Fuller didn’t, I don’t need permission to express my opinion.

        • anonymous

          Careful, kid. If I was representing myself as an employee of a company and unleashing the vitriol and unproven claims you are here, I would expect to be fired- if only because you’re not doing this place any favors. If your boss supports you going on PoPville like this, that’s a whole other story and just more confirmation that your bosses are not good people with whom to do business. Be very careful how you approach this. DC is a small town, and the animal welfare and dog walking business communities talk.

    • Anon

      Hi proud Wagtime employee – were you so proud recently when a dog died under the care of another Wagtime employee and it was made clear on POP recently that Wagtime lied about the accident? Did you stick up for Wagtime then?

      • sarahlaiwah

        Yes I did, I was proud of my co-workers and proud of the owners. I was there, you weren’t. Once again, my post was not a debate of ‘facts’, it was a commentary on the appalling and ruthless human condition I see here. It’s very easy to pass judgement from an ivory tower, especially your convenient anonymous online tower. What do you do? Do you volunteer with animals? Children? Conservation? HIV research perhaps? Or do you try your best, make what little difference anyone in this world can, collect your paycheck and go home to your flat screen? Cause I guess that would make you human. Yes, I am proud of Wagtime, through ups and downs, and I hope you have someone in your life that is proud of you even through your downs.

        • Caroline

          I am laughing my ass off at this. Well done.

        • White

          LIsa, as the owner, should really shut down this employee’s comments and responses — because if she is supposedly representing WagTIme then she is not raising the confidence of people to use WagTime’s services at all.

          • Brooklander

            Come on White! This business is under attack, and she has every right to counter with any facts.

          • Anon

            The right, meaning that this employee has the same rights as every citizen? Sure. Is it wise? Nope. And can an employee be disciplined for it? Yep. There’s a reason why larger businesses have media policies prohibiting anyone but designated spokespeople from speaking in public as employees of the company, and Sarah’s posts above illustrate why perfectly. To me — someone with no familiarity with anyone associated with this incident — she’s added to the initial damage and has just confirmed the point made by Commentator above. Even if the incident itself was wholly fabricated, it’s the ownership’s job to defend itself, not some self-righteous kid’s.

        • Brooklander

          Do you really think anybody needs you to warn them of the pitfalls of making comments on this or any other blog? Calling this woman a self-righteous kid speaks to your own level of maturity.

    • Shawess

      Sarah, as I said in a different post today, I’m totally heartbroken about this incident and about what happened recently with Pip. I share with you the frustration about unproven statements being taken as fact and understand how negative experiences can be magnified when they’re shared over social media. I also am a Wagtime regular and truly care for the people I’ve met there. To repeat what I’ve said elsewhere, the staff treat my beloved dog with obvious care and affection, and he’s happy there. I would love to stay with Wagtime though this, but have some serious concerns right now.
      Specifically, I think the community has reasons to wonder about the safety of their own pets when we hear stories like these, and I think that it would be pretty easy for Wagtime to make the community feel better by doing some basic things they haven’t done:
      1) Showing serious remorse that the incident took place. This isn’t the same thing as accepting fault. It could be as simple as “during the time he was in our care beloved pet XX had a terrible and regrettable accident.”
      2) Showing compassion for the owner’s loss, i.e. “we share XX’s sadness with the loss of XX/that this terrible accident occurred.”
      3) Offering to commit to an open investigation of the incident and following through with it, giving customers updates.
      4) Offering some kind of monetary compensation to the families, especially for the vet fees. Even if this isn’t required under the contract, it would be a sign of goodwill and evidence that they want future business. My guess is that the cost would be nominal when compared to lost business.
      I don’t think these things are too much to ask. If something happened to my own pet while in Wagtime’s care, this is what I would want.

  • SEDogMom

    sarahlaiwah- While I commend you for sticking up for your place of employment, I whole heartedly disagree with EVERYTHING you just said. I hope you dont work at Wagtoo, where I brought my dog. I know for a FACT, F-A-C-T that they give out prescriptions and do not contact owners when their pets are injured. Hell, they didnt even tell LDAR that Blu was in a fight. Also those are not scrapes on Tucker’s head, they are puncture wounds, maybe you should go back to vet school. You’re the mean girl here. Everyone else was bringing awareness to Wagtime’s completely piss poor handling of this situation.

  • Anonymous in NW

    I have taken my dog to Wagtime for almost a year and have never had any sort of issue with the staff at the facility. My dog LOVES daycare so much she practically drags me down the street galloping to the front door and always comes home exhausted. That being said, I am appalled by this post and the response from Wagtime. It terrifies me to think that if my dog was injured at Wagtime I would not get an immediate call from the facility to notify me and allow me to decide whether I wanted my dog to get treatment by her vet. Dogs are dogs and things can happen. I think all dog parents understand that. But when we are paying a facility to watch over our fur babies for the day, there is a certain standard of care we should be able to expect from the facility. None of us expects perfection but we should always be able to expect to be notified immediately if our animals are injured.

  • White

    I have read all the posts and I am a dog owner. I know people that are big fans of WagTime, primarily because of the rescue efforts. I want to thank Fuller for bringing this incident to everyone’s attention. It is clear that it is not an isolated incident and so the FACTS can not just be dismissed. There are too many FACTS and too many experiences and too much reporting of the same response by Wagtime’s owners. As a dog owner, like many others, I know the risk of dog daycare and dog parks. But a business, big or small, local or national, who responds in this way to an incident of a dog in their care, has no right to maintain the level of trust and reputation afforded in the past.
    The post by the employee worsens the situation for WagTime as it takes the same defensive, negative, lack of responsibility, shifting of blame tone as the owners, and reinforces that this must be part of the management and culture of WagTime.
    Thank you again Fuller, thank you PopVille.

    • AnotherBdaleResident

      100% – All they had to say was: “We are incredibly sorry that this happened. We’re taking steps to make sure that things like this don’t happen in the future, and are reinforcing training for staff at all levels on what to do in the event that there is an incident involving a client’s dog.” That’s it. That’s literally all they have to say. It’s not that hard.

      • Anon Dog Lover in Shaw

        I could not agree more.

      • Shawess

        I didn’t read this until after writing something similar above, but totally agree.

    • Brooklander

      Sorry White, but the FACTS you speak of are missing. I feel very bad for Tucker, and I hope he gets well soon. If Wagtime is so bad and disliked, why are they still doing business.? If they are half as unethical as they are being made out to be, why have they not been shut down? It’s been stated here that Tucker’s owner has also taken this to Facebook. Maybe it’s me, but i would want to put this behind me and my pet. If I felt re business was in violation, I would take the steps to report them. The statement the owner makes above references that Blu is a pit bull & rescue. Why is this information being shared? What exactly is he trying to say? He says his dog was attacked without provocation. How can he know this for fact?

  • Anon

    Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t the bigger issue here Wagtime admitting that they don’t report bites because they don’t want to hurt a dog’s adopt-ability? While that sounds noble, if I’m adopting a dog I want to know if the dog is prone to attacks, especially if I have a family with younger kids. What happens if a family adopts Blu thinking everything is fine and Blu takes a hunk of flesh out of their 7 year old son?

    It sucks for Blu, but you have to be up front with a dog’s record when being adopted. That’s no different than lying about shot history.

    • anonymous

      +1. Good point. If they’re willing to brush dog attacks under the rug like this, what does that say about the dogs they are putting up for adoption. It certainly doesn’t help those poor dogs if people begin to suspect that Wagtime is not forthcoming or truthful about the dogs’ behavior/past. What a mess!

    • Brooklander

      Where did you read that they do not report bites? this is exactly what should not be going on here. The business made reference to painting Blu as being vicious harming his chances for adoption. Careless

  • JBMinDC

    I highly recommend the http://www.k-9divine.com. Great staff. Super friendly and affordable AND they pick up and drop your dog off!

  • Olivier Roumy

    wow.. Wow….wow…
    My dog max, now 7 years old has been going to Wagtime twice or more per week for the past 6 years! I know live in CA and miss Wagtime very much. ( max and I)
    I love my dog.. But like any other dog max had his days, and do not like everyone. He has a personality and max can be an ass 1% of the time. Like your dog can probably be! I have nothing bad to say abt Wagtime, but have much to say about bad dog owners at the park. ( like
    On 11 and Rhode Island). If you don’t want your child to be picked on. Put him in a catholic school or highly expansive boarding school!
    If you have a real life. Shit happen!
    Merci ET bon courage, going back surfing… With my dog!

  • Molly

    Like in all aspects of life, people are not perfect and accidents happen. I believe Wagtime did the proper thing here: they stopped the fight, separated the dogs, notified animal control, and notified the pet’s owner. As any animal owner and lover knows, a pet could be perfect their entire lives, but it only takes one trigger or incident for them to do something out of character. This can happen with any dog, whether it is a rescue or not. It is ridiculous to assume that Lisa or the employees of Wagtime should somehow forsee this or be able to stop every, single bad incident from happening. They have a wonderful track record and I will continue to bring my dog there. I have never had any issues at Wagtime Too. My dog does daycare there and boards there and I will continue bringing my business to Lisa and her team Sincerely, A Happy and Satisfied Wagtime Customer

    • Anon

      Wagtime did not do the proper thing here. They didn’t even come close to doing the proper thing here. The issue is NOT that the incident occurred, it is what they did afterwards. I hope that nothing happens to your dog while under the care of Wagtime — I really truly hope that. Unfortunately, I can almost guarantee that if anything does happen to your dog while under THEIR care – the owners will lie about every aspect of the incident.

  • Mike

    And the kicker of this whole story is… Greg still had to pay for daycare the day Tucker was attacked!!! You’d think Wagtime would refund his money!

  • Anon

    Molly, read above – Wagtime didn’t voluntarily notify Animal Control or LuckyDogs either when they sent the dog there after the bite.

  • Bonnie Prober

    As a long-time Wagtime client, a member of this community, and, most importantly, a human being just like the rest of you, I am shocked and saddened by this smear campaign against Wagtime and it’s owners, Lisa and Ofer. Wagtime cares for our pets when we cannot. They shower them with love. They pour their hearts into their business. But, as with any business, accidents happen. Especially when dealing with animals. And we knew this going into it — each and every one of us signed a release acknowledging that, due to the nature of the business, injuries may occur. I understand that Greg is upset about his dog’s bites, but the way he has vilified Lisa and Ofer is nowhere near commensurate with the nip his dog received. I don’t know if you get some perverse enjoyment out of your vengefulness, if it makes you feel good to attack others or threaten their livelihood, or if you just have nothing better to do. But, if you truly are just upset about your dog’s experience, then find him another daycare. Period. (And good luck finding one where dogs don’t scuffle and accidents don’t happen.) You’ve voiced your opinion, we’ve all heard it, and many dozens of us are choosing to stick by Wagtime. Your continued attacks all over social media serve no purpose other than pure malice. I have been incredibly satisfied with my 8+ years at Wagtime. My dog loves it there, I know he is loved and cared for, and the employees have been nothing but committed and professional. The handful of incidents that are reported (and, in fact mis-reported and exaggerated) in these comments in no way affect my commitment to this local business. Greg and others, maybe you should think about using all of your spare time and energy for good, rather than simply being mean and vengeful and threatening to undermine the success of a business and group of people in our community who work hard every day to care for our little guys when we cannot.

  • Andrea

    I’ve seen this dog at the Bundy dog park at 5th and P. The Wagtime employee takes Blu there along with a few other dogs. Blu seems like a really dangerous dog – the guy always ties it up to the fence while the other dogs play, and Blu growls and jumps at all the dogs in the dog park, baring its teeth the whole time. It’s sad and irresponsible. We avoid the park when those dogs are there!


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