Jimmy Valentine’s 8 Year Anniversary Party is Sunday


From an email:

“OUR 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY is one of our 3 biggest parties of the year with some of our favorite local DJ’s:
Joe L., Team Zapata, BEATrix, Tim Jackson, Jeff Hancock, Teknacolor Ninja, & Jan Dro spinning the gamut of EDM styles.
9 PM on Sunday, 5/24 w/ legal service til 4 AM. 1103 Bladensburg Rd NE
Everyone’s welcome, it’s FREE, please join us and all our closest friends

Folks tell us “I know Jimmy” all the time. Oh yeah? Well test your knowledge with this here scintillating
(answers below)

1. After Jimmy Valentine’s pardon by the governor, prisoner 9762 was given a suit, shoes, $5, a cheap cigar, and a train ticket outta town

2. The quote, “I was born standing up and talking back”, is attributed to Jimmy Valentine (best known from the song “Trouble”, sung by Elvis Presley)

3. Jimmy Valentine claims his first job after parole was “representing the New York Amalgamated Short Snap Biscuit Cracker and Frazzled Wheat Company”

4. Jimmy Valentine’s first real job after prison was cracking a safe in Richmond, Indiana, that netted him bout $800 cash

5. “Somnus Us Nos Et Mortuus” (Latin for “We’ll sleep when we’re dead”) was a phrase first coined by Jimmy Valentine (hint: he don’t sleep much)

7. Jimmy Valentine swore off safecracking the minute he saw Annabel Adams. Then he ran a shoestore

8. The Harlem Globetrotters had an early “character” named Jimmy Valentine, so named for his superior ball-stealing ability

9. The original idea to name the bar was “Jimmy Valentine’s Thief of Hearts” until co-owner Dawn “D Thrett” Daly misheard it and accidentally re-named it “Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club”

10. Annabel Adams’ sister was accidentally locked in a brand new bank vault for which a combination had not yet been set. Jimmy cracked the safe to save her from suffocating in front of detective Ned Price, but Price didn’t bust Jimmy cause Jimmy was way. too. cool

11. We’re lying if we say all the answers are true

1. T 2. T 3. T
4. T 5. T 6. T
7. T 8. T 9. T
10. T 11. T”

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