Washington, DC


First things first – please continue to keep your eyes peeled for Ollie missing since March 30th.

A reader sends in a NBC report saying the owners could face a $750,000 fine unless the removed the missing Ollie posters:

“The couple said they got a call from a D.C. officer, saying the signs had to come down or they’d face a hefty fine.”

Anyway, this morning I got word that a new facebook page was launched if anyone has any sightings.


4/11 Van Ness/Forest Hills: 2800 block of Davenport St NW
4/10 Petworth: 1300 block of Gallatin St NW
4/3 Howard U: Douglass Hall (NW)
4/2 Howard U: Jackson Building (NW)
3/30 Bloomingdale: 200 block of Bryant St NW”

The important thing is, please continue to keep your eyes peeled for Ollie.


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