From the Forum – Neighbor’s extremely huge tree dangerously hangs over my home

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Ed. Note: We had a similar discussion here, but these circumstances are a bit different.

Neighbor’s extremely huge tree dangerously hangs over my home

“Any suggestions for how to deal with the Adult Children of a deceased neighbor who inherited the home that has a huge oak tree (over 100 years old) with very heavy limbs that hang over my house. No one lives in the home since the mom died almost 2 years ago. The limbs sound like boulders when they drop on our roof during high winds and storms. We have notified the heirs via certified letter and numerous emails and phone calls of damages already caused by the tree, and the risk of it falling on our home. Over the years, the tree roots have been growing under my house causing damages to pipes that we had to replace, in addition to the cost of a new roof and gutters, and the cost of lawn care services resulting from the fallen leaves and tree limbs. Their response is that they are trying to come up with a payment plan to have work done on the house so they can rent it out. It has been nearly 2 years and still no action. We also offered to pay part of the cost for removing the tree, still no action.
We really didn’t want to take them to court because we wanted to settle it amicably but feel we have no choice. Does anyone know of case law that can be used and what kind of attorney would handle this case. Other suggestions are also welcomed.”

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