Washington, DC

A reader tweeted us on Monday:

“Yesterday found no more access to Metro Branch Trail @ L St bc top stairs were set on fire? Anyone know what happened?”

This morning a reader sends details via email:

“I called in the fire on the MBT steps on this past Friday night at around 10:30-10:45. From experience, it looked as though an accelerant was used, as, even though the steps are wooden, they went up in flames very quickly and were flaming in a way that indicates an accelerant. The Fire Department came in less than 2-3 minutes and worked on the fire for about five minutes before putting it out completely. I didn’t see anyone check out the scene or any DCPD/EMS arrive after.

The next morning, the stairs had been roped off with yellow caution tape, but no police or otherwise presence. The fire spread very close to the metro tracks (the grass at the top of the steps), so I was surprised to see that no one was out there checking it out. I know that some of the homeless people who sleep underneath the street bridge below sometimes sleep on the MBT bridge at night, so I’m hopeful there were no injuries.”


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