Armed Robbery Near 9th and I St, NE at 8:15pm Sunday Night – Suspect in Custody

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2015 at 9:10 am 4 Comments

A reader shares from his neighborhood listserv:

“My sister and I were robbed at gunpoint at 8:15 Sunday night. We were on I street NE between 8th and 9th NE.

We were walking on I street, about 30 yds west of 9th street toward 8th. A black male in his 20s ran up from behind us and cut us off from the front, shoved a gun in front of us, and demanded cash and phones. We gave them, he took them and ran west on I street.

We were able to call 911 quickly afterward. They took a suspect into custody near 4th & I Street NE. My sister and I both positively identified the suspect as the man who robbed us. They did not find our phones, and I am not sure whether they found a gun. It’s possible the gun was a toy, but it looked real enough to me. I’m not sure whether or for how long they will detain the guy. Without physical evidence, he may walk even if prosecuted.

Just wanted to make folks aware, and apologize for the police havoc in the neighborhood last night.”


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