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Person First Project Vol. 5 – Garcia

Person First Project is a photo blog that seeks to give those currently or formerly experiencing homelessness in D.C. the chance to share their stories. In doing this, we hope to reduce the barriers that separate people in D.C. and spark a dialogue. The Person First Project aims to connect us – and to make us all feel a bit more human.

Ed. Note: per MPD “Please keep the hypothermia hotline phone numbers readily available – (202) 399-7093 or 1(800) 535-7252″


“Good morning, how ya’ll doin’? God bless you have a nice day!

I’ve been doing this for about two years and I’m here every day. People always say, ‘You greet us, but you never ask for anything.’ But that’s not what God wants me to do. This is the job God assigned me to. And I enjoy it, I love greeting these people in the morning. If God sees that I need something he’ll send it to me. When I greet someone coming out here it makes them happy.

People ask me if I ever get mad. Mad about what? If I get mad today because I’m homeless and I’ve got nowhere to go, tomorrow I’ll still be in the same situation. They say that I’m always happy. Yeah, I gotta be happy. Because me getting mad is not going to solve the problem.”

– Garcia outside the Postal Museum

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