Washington, DC

tiny red bike

“Dear PoPville,

My absolutely adorable and beloved bike – which is worth almost no money and is useless to anyone over about 4’10” – was stolen right out of my apartment in Columbia Heights recently. It is a tiny red antique Raleigh one-speed with a bright white seat. It dates from around the early 60s and is very distinctive-looking.

I am heartbroken to lose it – it was truly my most beloved possession, and it’s completely irreplaceable! And it is so frustrating, because the thief almost certainly can’t use it and won’t make significant money from it. It’s also super creepy that someone came into my apartment to grab it.

If you see it anywhere, pretty please contact me at rkukla(at)gmail.com, and ideally slap a lock on it.”

Ed. Note: Be sure to check to see what MPD has recovered as well if you’ve had a bike (or phone/tablet) stolen.


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