I Hope I’m not Dreaming – Ivy City Smokehouse coming this Spring

by Prince Of Petworth — February 12, 2015 at 3:55 pm 9 Comments

1356 Okie Street, NE

Back in January 2014 a liquor license placard was posted here for Ivy City Tavern:

“New Tavern. Seafood base menu. Entertainment with dancing, live bands, cover charge and DJ. Occupancy load is 49. Summer Garden.”

I didn’t really know much beyond that – but now tons of info from the Washington Post:

“Ivy City Smokehouse will serve Profish’s smoked salmon, whitefish, trout and more, said Rorapaugh. “We embrace the name. Obviously, we’re going to be smoking in-house. It’s going to smell like applewood or hickory, or whatever we’re smoking with.” They’ll also give customers a view of the smoking process, and welcome them into the kitchen for educational demonstrations.”

Well I guess that settles it – I’m moving to Ivy City!

  • kbloomingdale

    Very similar to DCity Smokehouse. Not that I’ll confuse it, but pretty similar.

    • What? except for all the fish of course!

    • Loxsmith

      I agree. When I read the name I immediately thought BBQ and that DCity was getting another new location. Can’t say I’m disappointed that it’s smoked fish instead!

    • Shawess

      For smoked fish, Neopol in Union Market has set a new bar for me. Their smoked tofu is great too.

  • andy

    Try the grey stuff it’s delicious

  • CHGal

    The name is misleading.

  • Glover Guy

    Smoked fish…Ivy City just became a “destination” for me. Yummers.

  • brookland_rez

    Well looks like with this and the Hecht’s development, Ivy City is finally turning around. Pretty soon, from Capitol Hill all the way to Brookland will be nice. Can’t wait.


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