Washington, DC

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  1. so good to hear! was concerned.

  2. Sounds like he went on a bender of some sort. Kinda crappy to disappear like that on your moms.

  3. Judgemental.com. Didn’t realize you knew more than the rest of us! Glad he’s safe.

  4. Great news! Thanks for the update.

  5. According to WTOP, he turned up in New Orleans.

  6. Wow!! This guy needs to get a camera crew to follow him around. His benders are on the same level as the hangover movies.

  7. greater brookland resident

    I was very relieved to find out this guy was OK, and I’ve never met him. I feared the worst had happened to him. His face appeared on my Facebook – I’m a friend of a friend of his mother’s. His face appeared on this blog, arround my metro station and when I arrived at work this morning (7th and D SW) his face and information was posted by the elevators.

    I feel he owes us all an explanation. We have many real emergencies to focus energy on and we need to take seriously all reports of missing people, but this man has made so many cry wolf. That’s why our police don’t get too involved in these cases.

    To the people who put the signs up everywhere, take them down please.

  8. whatever the haters think his personal problems are, i’m glad he turned up safe. far too often these stories of missing people don’t end that way.


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