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Thanks to a reader for passing on: “So this is a thing that’s happening on the Glover Park listserv…”

Folks: I do not believe the massage parlor in Glover Park is a brothel, nor do I believe it is involved with child sex trafficking or anything of the kind. Let’s back down from these unsubstantiated charges, please. To the best of my knowledge, it is a legitimate massage business, which has had one unfortunate incident that was immediately reported by the manager to MPD.


All due respect, there is no way only one client gets a hand-job at a massage parlor. For you to chalk this up to “one unfortunate incident” is deeply concerning.

Furthermore, when I simply stop on the street and chat with random men standing out front at midnight on a Friday night and ask them what they know about the massage parlor and they VERY FIRST thing they said was they heard “they give good head,” there is a problem.

I find it difficult to understand why Glover Park residents would make a fuss over JPs [Stripclub] and turn a blind eye to reports of men getting “hand jobs” and “head” right next door a place, where during the day time, there are toddlers and young children running around all over the nail salon.

How does that make any sense?

Ed. Note: MPD also responded “Metropolitan Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit conducted an investigation into this location and it looks like they are conducting a legitimate business. We will continue to monitor and if you see anything that is out of the ordinary feel free to contact me directly.”


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