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  • Blithe

    Thad: ” Look Bill! People really ARE super excited about Target’s new line of crystal picnic accessories. ”
    Bill: “Can we just talk about tennis?”

  • Ron

    Courting the press.

  • washington20009

    Psst… You were supposed to wear a BLUE sport coat!

  • monkeydaddy

    2 guys 2 cups

    • ScienceTeacher

      (Although there are actually four cups shown.)

  • EE

    Psst… Bob, your fly is down.

  • jim_ed

    The champions wereAll smiles
    After The 2014 Novelty Sized Sundae Eating Competition ended in an unprecedented tie.

  • Anonymous

    When the Croke Brothers took down Silverman & Solly, the media went crazy!

  • Anonymous

    Should we tell them they are only wearing underwear?

  • Anonymous

    but all we really want is a selfie!

  • Monty

    Man in khakis whispers: “They must have known the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow”

  • Mike

    Typical Georgetown yard sale…

  • Anonymous

    “This is gonna a great one for the flickr pool. Try to beat this one Pablo.”

  • Belmont

    Decked out in all white, I present to you the winners of the Gentrifiers’ Cup.

  • LP

    It’s still appropriate to wear white for a few more weeks!

  • JoeW

    The Kastle’s DC’s winningest team bring home another championship. But let’s talk about the Redskins instead.

  • dcreal

    It was a really tough decision- They both have really great butts!

  • LWB

    Smile! We’re going to be on page 7 of the newspaper!

  • Tennis, where even the celebrations are boring.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hey Bob, what the heck are we going to do with these other two trophies.

  • WTW

    In professional tennis, like all youth sports today, everyone gets a trophy for participation.

  • BeverlyS

    “Jesus Bob, I don’t know….probably briefs?”
    “No, definitely boxers.”

  • ncjohn

    Photogs clamor to get shots of the Fruit of the Loom Open winners.

  • Anon

    Pst- should we tell them that the sweat makes their white outfits see-through? Naah, give the photogs something to have fun with.

  • Anonymous

    Cut to Templar Knight saying, “You’ve chosen poorly.”

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Definitely not the Kardashians.

  • Jro

    Let’s get this bottomless mimosa brunch started!

  • KSB

    “What do you mean those are the candy dishes that belong in the catering tent? We got some trophies full of M&Ms floating around here somewhere, then…”

  • CPT_Doom

    “I really don’t think this new Tupperware line is going to sell as well as they think.”

  • LP


  • hispanicandproud

    I wonder if they think we are the winners of the first insane asylum tennis match.

  • russellupton

    Psst… Jack… I was out here an hour ago… on my own… if you know what I mean… TOTALLY thought those were for… well… not for that… EMBARRASSING…

  • kolya

    “I got my Dine en Blanc invite…just don’t show my face in the pic please!”

  • Obviously, these two are hoping to score extra dessert points at Diner en Blanc – they already have the outfits at the ready!

  • CAS

    Wanted: 12 DC residents with professional-grade cameras to pretend to care about tennis for an afternoon. Fake press credentials will be provided.

  • Erin M

    Do I hear $100? One hundred dollars for this beautiful crystal bowl. Sold! To the gentleman in the blue shirt. Our next item up for bid…


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