Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

Last year, you wrote about Justice Park Apartments, affordable housing units in Columbia Heights that were slated to open in May 2014. I’m writing to let you know that they have been dragging their feet and displacing dozens of young professionals and families in the process. I was approved for a one bedroom apartment and excited that I finally had a chance to live in a great neighborhood without the hefty price tag. However, two weeks before my scheduled move in date (August 1st), I called and found out that the move in date would be pushed back until September. As a young professional living in Maryland, this became a huge inconvenience, as my landlord in MD was unwilling to switch me over to a month-to-month lease. I find myself displaced and living with a relative for what I thought would be a month. Because my relative does not live close to a Metro, I’ve had to rent a car for one month in order to get to work and storage for my items, because the house is not big enough to hold my things. All-in-all, I will be paying close to $1000 for these items alone (movers, storage space, car rental).

I called the front office this week and just found out that they are pushing the move-in date back once again, this time until September 11th!

Because these units are MEANT for people that are making below the AMI, I find it disgusting that the builders are seemingly taking their time and pushing back the move in date. At this point, I may not even be able to wait that long to move in and might have to find somewhere else to live outside of the District, as I cannot comfortably afford a market rate one bedroom in Columbia Heights.

I’m hoping that by writing in to you will give Equity Management the push they need in order to deliver these units by the September 1st deadline- no exceptions. A one or two month delay is understandable, but at this point, these units have been pushed back nearly five months.

I’d also like to note that the ladies in the front office have been nothing but pleasant and as helpful as they can be in this situation, so this is not their fault nor does this speak to their professionalism. However, the issue NEEDS to be rectified ASAP.

-Miserable in Maryland”


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