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D.C. Police Union Endorses David Catania for Mayor

by Prince Of Petworth August 21, 2014 at 3:15 pm 18 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user J Sonder

From a press release:

“Today, the District of Columbia Police Union endorsed David Catania for Mayor of the District of Columbia. The union represents approximately 3,600 police officers, detectives, and sergeants in the Metropolitan Police Department. It was founded in 1982 and is one of the city’s largest collective bargaining units. Catania welcomed the endorsement and spoke about the need to field the best trained and best equipped police department in the country.

“Last week, 21 people were shot in the District, including 6 people steps from where we are standing today,” said Catania. “I want our officers and our residents to know that, as Mayor, I will never neglect their safety. We can’t pretend that policing the District is the same as the suburbs.”

Residents of the Nation’s Capital live with elevated public safety and security risks, and they deserve the best police force in the country and Mayor who is capable of leading them, especially in a time of crisis. Catania noted the excellent work of the police department in recent years but said we must do a better job ensuring that our best officers do not leave the department. As Mayor, Catania will make it a priority to understand why great officers leave our police department and how we can stop it.

“If we lose an excellent officer to the suburbs because we don’t recognize the increased complexities of working in the District, then we have failed our residents,” said Catania. “I believe that recruiting, training, and maintaining an excellent police force decreases the possibility of mistrust between the police and the public.”

  • Anonymous

    Pretty nice boost for Catania. But I doubt it will win him any votes in the wards where he’s running far behind The Machine.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure how you can even say that considering the last poll was performed in MARCH, and her lead in campaign fundraising is a lot slimmer than anyone in her campaign expected. Bowser’s camp thought they were ahead 2:1; turns out, the lead is now only about $150,000–and shrinking. I’m sure this will be the first of multiple endorsements for Catania, too. Anyone who thinks she’s just going to win because she’s a Democrat clearly has a short memory, or else they’d recall campaigns like when Bob Ehrlich beat a Kennedy to become governor Maryland.

      • jcm

        What are you talking about? In the fundraising reports released last week Bowser raised $511K in the last two months, and had $1M in the bank. During the same period Catania raised $221K, and had $465K. If Bowsers camp thought they were ahead 2:1 then they were right.

  • Noonan!

    Good for Catania, but I wonder if getting the DC police endorsement will hurt him with a segment of the population that is changing their views on the police force given everything that is going on in Missouri? Pretty cynical on my part.

    • Anonymous

      The truth is not cynical. I think that this is a political reality for Catania. I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Machine try to use it against him.
      All my interactions with DC police have been good, but I’m a white dude living in NW. Lots of people in the wards EOTR have very difficult relationships with the MPD.

  • biggest issue here IMO is that how many DC police officers actually live and vote in DC? of course this will help sway the rest of the electorate maybe a bit but typically these unions are all about swaying their own members.

    • Anonymous

      Barely any. It’s the lowest in the country of any major city.
      “Just 12 percent of Washington police live in the District” – FiveThirtyEight analysis

      • jcm

        Their numbers weren’t right, though. They had the police force at 9,000, but it’s actually about 4,000. They’re counting feds or other jurisdictions or something.

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Granted, the rate for MPD isn’t high — about 18% — but the 538 article (and the Washington Post one to which it links) was based on data that isn’t limited to MPD. If you noticed, it said the analysis was based on about 9,300 officers. That is because the Post piece was based on US Census data on respondents reporting that they work in the law enforcement field in the District. That means it included all the federal agencies from Park Police and Secret Service to employees for police agencies (which are mostly just security officers) such as the US Mint, GPO, and the Smithsonian. Not surprisingly, a lower proportion of these federal employees live in DC.

  • mona

    Well seeing how I have a home in Ward 4 and had massive open air drug dealing going on on our block and Bowsers response was “what can I do, call the police” I think this is an appropriate endorsement for Catania. Bowsers ward is still infested with drug dealing and other crimes of which she has little or no concern about, that is of course unless she can have a photo op then she runs to the scene of the crime and poses with a look of concern. People in Ward 4 you know what it has been like with her as the CM. Don’t make her the mayor or we are all in trouble.

    • brightwood

      She learned that from her boy Fenty. The ONLY time I ever saw him in my neighborhood when he was in office was when a rowhouse burned down killing the woman inside. The place was still smoldering as he strolled up the street with his fedora and trench coat, shook some hands, hugged one woman, spoke with a camera crew and then strolled back down the street. Took about 15 minutes in total.

  • Anonymous

    I think Cantania is all talk, although I am not impressed by Bowser either. This city needs a mayor who truly cares about the needs of it’s citizens the way pre-crack scandal Barry did.

    • Anonymous

      All talk? He’s sponsored a lot more bills and pushed for a lot more reform than Bowser. Compared to her, Cantania defines a man of action.

      Pre-crack scandal Barry? Ha, he lost interest in the people at least 5 years before the scandal. That was just icing on the cake.

  • whovous

    OK, Catania is now officially the Law and Order candidate. In DC, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  • Anonymous

    I’m writing in Tommy Wells for Mayor. I hope someone will launch a formal write-in campaign.

    I live in ward 4, where Bowser’s inaction led to 4 businesses on the 4700 block of Georgia avenue to close their doors. Despite repeated emails and phone calls, these locally owned small businesses received very little support from Bowser when all 4 businesses were repeatedly broken into. Now we have 3 abandoned storefronts that used to be restaurants, and the yoga studio is now a funeral home (again). Not exactly a boon to the neighborhood. And this morning, there was a shooting and a gas station robbery. The crime situation in Bowser’s Ward 4 is regressing.

    • Anonymous

      Go the write in route, and you are guaranteeing Bowser’s win! Don’t waste your vote.

  • Brett

    How the heck does a union vote for a Republican who recently disguised as an independent? I mean Catania has a long anti-union record.


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