Bo Dogs Closes in Penn Quarter

by Prince Of Petworth August 5, 2014 at 4:25 pm 11 Comments

614 E Street, NW

That was fast. Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“I think it was only open less than a year. I visited last week and noticed prices increased and they had adjusted for shorter hours. As someone who lives in the area, I was a fan but never thought the business model was sustainable. It will be interesting to see what fills the space.”

Bo-Dogs opened in the former Hot Potato Cafe space back in Oct. 2013.


  • Derek

    I work in the area but never stopped by; probably hard to compete with Taylor next door and Shake Shack nearby.

  • Anonymous

    Was so excited about this place when it opened. Went twice, had one of the worst burgers and then a couple of the worst dogs I’ve ever had. Took the stoned guy working the grill 15 minutes to make the burgers, too. Glad it’s gone.

  • Dr. Goonsmith

    Actually this place was pretty cool. Super cheep beers on Tuesdays. 2 dollar craft beers. Not bad for DC.

    • AG

      Yeah, but who would think to go there for beer? I wish I’d known, b/c one of my best friends lives two blocks away.

  • Anon

    I wish DC-3 would open in its place.

  • Anonymous

    The burgers looked like frozen patties and the hot dogs didn’t look much better, but the steak sandwich (when they actually had steak was quite good). It was actual steak tips cooked medium rare. I think they used a hot dog bun, which was its downfall, but the meat was better quality than most around town.

  • bruno

    Sometimes, I read of a closing here and think it’s an opening becuase I have never seen the store before, as in this case. Hope it was a good place :^)

  • Sasha

    Fingers crossed for a Pink’s over here…

  • That’s too bad.

  • Anonymous

    damn, went there once and got them to create a cheese-steak dog. Shoulda told them to put that tasty heart-attack on the menu

  • Alan

    I loved this place. Really tasty dogs and burgers. It’s a loss for sure, it was definitely one of my go-to places when I didn’t bring my lunch in with me.


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