Props to the Cops and Alert Citizens – MPD Seizes Drugs and Firearm in the 600 block of Harvard St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2014 at 2:45 pm 15 Comments

From MPD:

“On today’s date [Thursday], at approximately 16:00 hours, members of the 3rd District VICE Unit executed a District of Columbia Superior Court Search Warrant at a residence located within the 600 block of Harvard Street NW.

This enforcement stemmed from intelligence gathered and concerns from local citizens about suspected drug dealing.

As a result of the aforementioned Search Warrant, members of 3-D VICE recovered a loaded semi-automatic pistol, approximately 1.5 pounds of high grade marijuana, proceeds of illicit drug sales and a substantial amount of drug packaging materials meant for resale and street level distribution.

Two adults were arrested and charged with “Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute while Armed.”

Once again, I take this opportunity to thank our community and its great citizens for your pro-active approach to helping us keep your neighborhoods safe. And as always “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING…SAY SOMETHING”.

3-D VICE Tip-Line: (202) 673-6925″

UPDATE: And another:

“On today’s date [Friday], at approximately 15:30 hours, members of 3-D VICE observed an adult male subject within the 1400 block of U Street, NW displaying characteristics consistent with someone illegally concealing a firearm.

Members contacted the subject and after a brief foot pursuit apprehended him in the 1400 block of V Street without further incident. Members subsequently recovered a loaded semi-automatic pistol.

Anyone with information regarding this case or who would like to report suspicious VICE related activities please feel free to call the 3-D VICE Unit Tip-Line at (202) 673-6925.”

  • Anonymous

    Legalize it and they’d be out of business.

    • MaybeAPerson


  • anon

    this is the first I have heard of 3D VICE. Can residents call them when they see drug dealing on 14th and Irving?

    • Anonymous

      Talk to the LT for your area – ask to be put in touch with the VICE unit. The VICE units tend to be AWESOME. Did I mention that I love the VICE guys in my area? I have the phone numbers of a couple of the programmed.

      • Anon

        We’ve emailed and spoken for months now to the District commanders about the constant crack dealing (and disturbances that go with it) at 14th and Meridian. They’ve done absolutely nothing, except send by an officer inside a cruiser every now and then.

        • Sometimes, it’s called an investigation. Often VICE and other LE agencies have a bigger picture in mind (and agents working in a dynamic manner) than what a resident may see.

          • JS

            I would agree with you, except that house has been a know problem spot since at least 2008. I really don’t think it takes six years to build a case.

          • JS

            *known* I mean. Ugh, need to type more slowly,

  • PRO1982

    is this going to effect pricing?

  • PRO1982

    The gun seems unnecessary.

  • Georgia Ave

    That house had a helluva good fireworks show this year.

  • Anonymous

    “displaying characteristics consistent with someone illegally concealing a firearm”

    What does this even mean? He had his left pant leg rolled up? He had a bulge in his pants?

    • ontarioroader

      Police are trained to spot things like bulges in someone’s waistband, a weight on one side of a belt that causes an asymmetrical gait, decreased arm swing on the side of the weapon, etc. Since most of these fools don’t use holsters they’re also usually checking/adjusting the gun to make sure it hasn’t fallen down their pant-leg.

      • french streeter

        I took a course in this when I worked as an admin for a law enforcement agency — certainly eye opening to walk around on Georgia Avenue after that…

  • heffieb

    Hey Georgia Ave,

    I live on that block but was at work at the time and was trying to figure out which of two houses was more likely to have been the one busted. Do you know that it was the fireworks house? Did they just take some of the guys or did they get the female who I assume owns the house as well?


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