Little Ricky’s Closes for the Summer in Brookland

by Prince Of Petworth July 1, 2014 at 10:20 am 16 Comments

Photo via Little Ricky’s Dishes of the South facebook page

“Dear PoPville,

While more restaurants open every week in Brookland, Little Ricky’s has decided to close for the summer:

Happy Summer everybody. Mommer, Aunt Mimi, and Big Daddy are off to the river for the summer. We’ll see yall back in September!

Ed. Note: In April Little Ricky’s switched from Cuban to southern cuisine.

  • Is this place a front?

  • KSB

    Very odd…

  • Truxton Thomas

    I wish they would have kept their Cuban menu—the congri and Havana salad was a great meal. I’m sure they serve a lot of American students, so closing for the summer makes sense.

    • John M

      You mean Catholic students, right?

  • Anonymous

    How can they claim to be Southern, but misspell y’all? Blasphemy.

    • KSB

      I had the same thought!

      • +1

        Me too!

  • bruno

    Is that a good business model?

    • Anonymous

      DC is pretty dead in the summer, especially, August. I don’t think non-retail store owners/restaurant folks really understand how dead it gets. It may not be the best business model to close but I could also see how they might not make much money (if any) in the those months and just decided it would be less stressful to not be open.

  • anon

    Is season 3 of House of Cards supposed to be released this summer?

  • anon

    Not sure how they’re going survive with all the new restaurants in the neighborhood. Seemed like they always got mixed reviews and the whole Cuban to Southern menu change seemed like an odd decision (though I’ve read on here why they did it). This seems like another step towards closure…

    • Eponymous

      Yes. It seems like they have had an identity crisis pretty much the entire time they’ve been open. They’ve had some very very good dishes, but there are many others that are mediocre. And since two of the other new establishments have a Southern focus, I wish they had switched to, say, Mexican if they felt the need to make a change.

      • Anonymous

        Well, Mexican wouldn’t have worked either as San Antonio Grill is down the street a few blocks and knocks out pretty good Tex Mex grill (and a better cuban sandwich than Cuban Little Ricky’s ever did). I’m afraid this whole thing bodes for a closing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a food snob by any means, but I went to Little Ricky’s for their brunch buffet, and the waffles were definitely Eggos. Don’t get me wrong—Eggos are great, and I ate a bunch of them. It just seemed a little weird to see them at a restaurant.

  • brookland_rez

    I don’t want to hate on a local restaurant, but I stopped in once and they had no draft beers. So, not for me. Can’t comment on the food, but judging from other commenters and reviews online, I think they’re going to have a hard time competing with the new, better competition.

  • Anonymous

    Look. It’s fine if the owners want to take a break. BUT, if they’re not paying their whole cook and waitstaff a paid vacation for two months, this means in September they’re basically starting from scratch and having to REHIRE a cook, cooks, waiters, bartenders.
    This makes NO SENSE. At all. And then there’s $$$ for the lease on the place.
    How much money do they have to burn?? Astounding decision given how INCREDIBLY busy all the other restaurants have been of late — they’re packed people! Brookland’s Finest had a 2 hour wait the other Friday night. It’s nuts.


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