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Atlas Brew Works offering pints at the brewery Friday for first ever happy hour

by Prince Of Petworth — July 24, 2014 at 12:20 pm 23 Comments

Photo via Atlas Brew Works Facebook page

From a press release:

“Atlas Brew Works, the District’s newest production craft brewery, today announced an additional offering in its Tasting Room: Pints!

“We are excited to now offer our guests a pint of Atlas beer which they can enjoy in the brewery!” said Atlas CEO Justin Cox, “We’re glad the DC Council took notice of a need in our brewing community and worked with us to find a solution.”

Previously, production breweries in the District of Columbia could only offer tasting flights totaling no more than twelve ounces per visit. The new law allows patrons who stop in for a tasting and tour to also enjoy Atlas beers on premise at the brewery. “It’s great to allow our visitors to enjoy the beer in an appropriate serving quantity,” said Head Brewer Will Durgin. Growler fills and bottles will remain available at the brewery for consumption off-premises.

Atlas Brew Works will extend its tasting room hours to open Friday 5-8pm, Saturday 1-8pm, and Sunday 1-5pm opening for its first Friday Happy Hour this Friday, July 25th. 2052 West Virginia Avenue NE Suite 102

Founded by Justin Cox and award winning professional brewer Will Durgin, Atlas Brew Works is located in the Ivy City neighborhood of Northeast DC. Atlas offers its signature fresh, local beers Rowdy and District Common as well as rotating seasonals to thirsty Washingtonians in taverns and restaurants across the District.”

  • SF

    Best brewery in DC right there.

    • Ryan


    • Anonymous

      I like them all, but totally agree that these guys are nicest and IMO make the best beer.

    • They’re #4 for me, very solid product though.

    • Anonymous

      Second behind 3 Stars, in my opinion, but a close second.

  • Anonymous

    Excited about this…

  • No mention of what the happy hour actually is, or what pints will be priced at…?

  • Wings-of-Pastrami

    Any of you fine folks know where to buy their beer around town (aside for the brewery of course)?

    Went to Atlas the first weekend they opened (tour de breweries last year -hope they do it again in 2014) and I didn’t wanna leave… as stated above, the brew was great as was the staff!

    • I could be wrong, but I don’t think they are bottling yet outside of 750ml available at the brewery.

  • Pints will be $6. Flights will be $7 and include a half pour of your favorite.

    • Anonymous

      This seems like the going non-HH rate for most Atlas beers in DC bars. Why would someone go out of their way to Ivy City for a pint if you can get the same in your own hood for the same price?

      • We certainly don’t intend to directly compete with our retail partners. We simply want to offer our visitors a chance to hang out with us in the brewery and have a few beers. We get lots of thirsty cyclists…

        • Anonymous

          Makes sense – good luck!

          • Does it really make sense? If they’re not paying a distributor’s and restaurant’s mark ups, why on Earth should it be priced the same? If anything it should be priced wholesale, if not less, to get people to actually come try the beer at the facility. This is how it’s done all over San Diego, arguably the most successful craft beer city in the country. If you’re paying market rate at the place any product is made (whether it’s beer or berries) you’re just getting screwed by the producer.

          • Nonna

            Cool it

          • Anonymous

            They are free to charge whatever they feel the market will bear, not what you think is a good bargain. We only wish it worked that way! I don’t think anybody will mistake their tasting room as a bar. This is an opportunity to enjoy more than a tasting portion of their product while you’re at the brewery, likely getting a growler filled.

          • Anonymous

            They have to make profit, operate their facility and pay their staff as well. If bars just upped their prices to 8-9 bucks a pint would that make it fine and fair then? I’m sure cities, states, and the laws for each play a large role in the beer scene.

          • Anonymous

            It’s a reasonable assumption that Atlas was already profitable and able to pay employees. This just feels like an obvious money grab and a missed opportunity to gain some goodwill with the neighborhood.

  • Trinidaddy

    WTG guys!! See you Friday!

  • Anonymous

    Good to know I can get a growler filled outside the usual Saturday afternoon growler hours that I’ve become accustomed to.

  • Johnson

    if you think it’s too expensive, feel free not to go there. Free market FTW!

    • Anonymous

      Based on those prices it seems lots of people will be taking that advice.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to explore Atlas some more to see how it stacks up. I’ve only had their common, and I wasn’t a fan.

    For me, “best brewery” is a combo of innovation and execution/general deliciousness. Execution is most important in my book. You could make “boring” beers very, very well and rank highly on my list – e.g. some of the German and Czech greats. Bonus points for doing something new and interesting, but you’ve gotta pull it off. High marks go to those who innovate and end up with super-drinkable awesomeness.

    By that standard Right Proper is out front for me among the area’s breweries. Actually exciting beers that are at the same time capable of being drunk in large quantities and exhibit very few flaws. Bluejacket is #2 for me, because they do manage to execute several beers extremely well while being pretty innovative. The same can be said of 3 stars, I think.

    Gotta get on the bike and sample the wares at Atlas.


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