Woman Killed yesterday afternoon after falling and getting hit by Bus at 18th and K St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth June 25, 2014 at 4:16 pm 17 Comments

From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Major Crash Unit are investigating a traffic fatality which occurred in the 1800 Block of K Street, NW.

On Tuesday, June 24, 2014, at approximately 5:36 pm, an adult female pedestrian was running to catch a commuter bus when she fell on the roadway and was struck by the bus. She was transported to a local hospital where she succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead.

The decedent has been identified as 58 year-old Beverly Williams of La Plata, MD.

This crash is currently under investigation.

The Metropolitan Police Department is asking anyone with information about this case to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

Comments (17)

  1. This is so sad. This was a commuter bus however, I often see people running after WMATA buses once they have pulled away from the curb. They aren’t supposed to stop for you. It’s an annoying policy but serves a purpose.

  2. The Metro has ads posted near bus stops showing that you shouldn’t be running. It’s sad that people still do, because sometimes these unfortunate accidents happen.

  3. If people could be reasonably confident that another bus was 5 minutes away or less, this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s a problem manufactured by WMATA’s refusal to run better service.

  4. Again, this was not a WMATA bus.

  5. This is terrible. Please be careful people — this sounds exactly like the story I heard when I was temping at WaPo back in 2006 – this happened to one of the office’s former employees (on K St, running for a bus). No bus is worth endangering your own physical safety.

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if the driver deliberately sped up to avoid her being able to catch the bus. DC metro drivers are FRIGHTENINGLY rude and sometimes borderline abusive in their disdain for either 1) humans; 2) their jobs; or 3) their jobs having to serve humans.

    I’m NOT excusing the deceased lady’s own imprudent actions. We shouldn’t be trying to chase down buses. But some of these drivers take sadistic pleasure in making things harder for commuters than they already are. I’ve witnessed the abuse, horrible attitude, rude speech, and have been on the receiving end of it numerous times (and I’m a really polite, easy-going commuter) — including a driver who slammed his doors shut on my whole body just as I was halfway on entering his bus because he wasn’t ready to take on passengers (yet he was parked at a bus stop, had his doors open, and engine running on a bitterly cold day). Some of their behavior is outright brazen.

  7. As mentioned before, this was a commuter bus, not WMATA. Probably one of those Dillon buses you see that take MD residents into the District and back. There aren’t many of those that run so if you miss it, you are kinda screwed. Probably why the victim was running after the bus as it was leaving.

  8. I’ve seen far more passengers being rude and disrespectful to drivers than the other way around. Once, I witnessed a passenger spit in the driver’s face.

  9. Shame on you. This had nothing to do with Metro or Metro drivers. I don’t believe for a second you are “polite” or “easy-going”. Save your non-sequitor rants for your buddies, who presumably find you interesting.

  10. Woah now! Don’t you think that’s maybe a bit much here? No need to go the whole personal attacks route.

  11. I have encountered some less than polite drivers. However something tells me your are much more rude than any of them. and agree, shame on you for even suggesting a driver would purposely endanger someone’s life.

  12. I’ve encountered my own fair share of drivers who were less than nice – but the drivers actually aren’t supposed to stop once they’ve pulled away from the stop, even if someone is running to catch it.

  13. Jennafer Williams

    Please show some respect. The victim was my stepmom. I loved her dearly and this is such a horrible tragedy that has struck my family. My sister, her daughter, just graduated from high school. My father is trying his best to keep things together for her and all of us. I do not point the blame on one person or another. She has been taking that commuter bus (the 905) for years. I’m not sure what time the last commuter bus runs through her area, but I don’t believe it to be very late. If she misses that bus then that’s it, there are no other buses that come through and then she is stuck waiting in DC for someone to give her a ride. So please on behalf of myself and the rest of her family, show a little more respect. Thank you

  14. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  15. Jennafer – no matter the circumstances, I’m truly sorry for your loss.

  16. I’m very sorry for you loss. I’ll keep you family in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. I’m very sorry for you loss and wish you and your family peace as you go through this very difficult time.


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