Final Public Meeting Thursday for the Four Proposed North-South Streetcar Routes

by Prince Of Petworth June 11, 2014 at 3:55 pm 37 Comments


From DDOT:
“If you can’t make our meetings but have opinions on the North-South options, email us at [email protected]

“The North-South study phase is wrapping up! Please join us for our third series of public meetings to see what analysis has been done and to provide feedback. We’ll be analyzing four remaining alternatives in detail.

DC Streetcar June2014-Four Alternatives (PDF)

Thursday, June12, 2014; 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Presentations at 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Emery Recreation Center
5701 Georgia Ave NW

And thank you to everyone who came to our previous series of public meetings! We appreciate your time and feedback. Summaries from Public Meeting Series 1 and 2 are posted online.

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is continuing to conduct a planning study to examine opportunities for public transportation improvements in the North-South corridor from the Takoma/Silver Spring area to the Buzzard Point/Southwest area.

The study area is focused on a 9-mile corridor that includes most of the inner Southwest, crosses the National Mall, and in generally bound by 14th Street and 5th Street NW. For evaluation purposes, the study area will be divided into three different areas:

North: Takoma/Silver Spring generally to Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro station area;
Central: Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro Station area to the Downtown; and
South: Downtown to the SW Waterfront/Buzzard Point area.

Study Process

Over the next year, DDOT will be conducting a Phase 1: Planning study, in collaboration with the community, area businesses, government agencies, and other stakeholders to identify and analyze alternatives to improve transit service and capacity in the corridor.

At the end of the study, DDOT will identify alternatives for further evaluation in the Phase 2: Environmental review process.

Check out our Project Library for more information and materials!”

Of course if the proposed 2015 budget moves forward…

  • Anonymous

    Great, let’s get together and talk about even more streetcars that probably will never serve a single passenger.

  • jcm

    I don’t understand why they’re even considering Sherman. It’s almost exclusively zoned r-4 with SF rowhouses. A block to the east is a Great Streets corridor, with half a dozen or more higher density apartment buildings planned and under construction. It’s all zoned commercial, and almost all of the commercial properties are under-used and under-developed. The lower Georgia routing is a no-brainer.
    I’d like it to head down U St and 14th (Alternative 2), because it would be a very convenient way to get to and from good restaurants for me, but I could live with the 7th st routing (Alternative 1) too.

    • textdoc

      Yeah, I don’t understand either why they’re even considering Sherman rather than Georgia.
      I need to go to this meeting and lobby for a Georgia routing — Georgia Avenue has so many vacant storefronts (and ones that are occupied but shoddy-looking); it could really profit from the revitalization that a streetcar route would bring.

    • Anonymous

      7th Street, Just like the Yellow/Green line for most of the Sound and North End, Seems like crazy duplication.

  • anonymous

    This streetcar will be awesome! For my grandchildren…

    • Anonymous

      Ha! Your grandchildren will talk about how long ago, DC tried to bring the streetcars back, going so far as to buy a handful of surplus cars and even lay down some tracks. But sadly, like so many other things, they just couldn’t get their shit together, and somewhere under the asphalt on H Street lies a reminder of that time.

  • Anonymous

    It seems pretty pointless to just follow along the Green/Yellow metro line (giving lots of *sideeye* to #1 and #4). IMHO, the point of this should be expanding coverage to area not directly within a block or two of a Metro train.
    I prefer #2, but extend it further north to the District border or connect it to the Takoma Metro. My second choice would be #3. Both of these would opens up areas where people are already doing a lot of walking. For instance, getting from U Street Metro to Dupont Circle (a common route for many people) is easily a 25 minute walk. People could majorly cut down on that by grabbing the tram.

    • Anonymous


    • Eponymous

      1,000x yes to the first part of this.
      Crosstown transit options in D.C. SUCK as a general matter. Even the crosstown bike lanes are really lacking. And when it comes to North-South transit routes there are many areas that could use rapid transit way more. For example, wtf is going to happen to North Cap once Capitol Crossing and McMillan start to fill up? It’s not that it wouldn’t be nice to have it in this corridor, but we’re really at the triage point with transit here…

    • textdoc

      A couple of years ago, I went to a meeting about future Circulator routes and (at least at that time) they were planning to extend the Georgetown-Dupont Circulator route (which I think now goes to Rosslyn too?) to U Street.
      U Street to Dupont is a route that’s just begging for a direct transit option.

  • Anonymous

    They JU$T fixed up $herman Ave, gonna tear it down again?

    • Anonymous

      Leave Sherman alone!!!! After years of being a freeway to Maryland it’s finally turning back into the tree lined residential street that it once was. Sherman has done its time. Let it be.

      • Anonymous

        +1 don’t tear up Sherman yet again!

      • Anonymous

        plus it’s one of the best chill north/south bike routes. trolley tracks would destroy that.

  • Shaw Lover

    1 and 4!!!

  • 9th Street Neighbor

    I am very disheartened that the streetcar programs’ solid/permanent and full funding source has been cut off by the Council — though I believe there is one more chance/vote pending by the Council to make a substantial change. Did the Mayor’s office and DDOT mismanage the H Street Streetcar Line implementation? YES. Is this a reason to completely de-fund a progressive transportation solution WITHOUT making changes? NO. I blame sitting members of the Council for destroying a progressive vision for DC’s needed transportation infrastructure by not also amending/proposing positive changes to ensure the program’s success. OPEN LETTER TO DC MAYORAL AND COUNCIL CANDIDATES, INCLUDING, Muriel Bowser, David Catania & Brianne Nadeau: “Dare to take a stand during this election cycle — ending in the November 2014 election — and propose a positive solution to move forward with our transportation/street car program’s 22-mile priority line”.

    • MiddleOfNowhere


    • ClevelandDave

      Yes, send a letter to the candidates to tell them to cut off all the funding for this crazy expensive project that serves no real purpose other than to clog streets, duplicate metro/bus lines and be a money pit for years to come. So many other better ways to spend what will be billions of dollars in the district from parklands (McMillian, for example), road infrastructure, schools, metro maintenance, pay down bonds, rainy day fund, regional projects, sewer and water, etc. or as council has wisely decided to do, give refunds back to the people that pay taxes. Yea I know some of these come out of different pots of money, but it isn’t like we’re looking for places to waste money even though we have a surplus.

  • Anonymous

    U street between Georgia and 14th would be my vote (#2), but only because I live close to here and would take it to downtown and to get crabs at the wharf. I agreed generally with previous posters that adding a streetcar essentially along side Metro doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    But Petworth, Columbia Heights, and U St/Logan/Shaw are going to be uber-densely populated in 10-15 years. The more public transportation, the better imo.

  • petworthdog

    I vote for alternative # 2.

    • Shawn


  • Anonymous

    Not Sherman! I’m still trying to fix all the cracks in my house caused by the street being torn up the last time. I don’t think my old house could survive anymore major road construction.
    Plus, I thought the point of the Sherman reconstruction was to make it safer and more resident-friendly.

    Georgia Ave, on the other hand, has tons of potential to be a thriving commercial cooridor once again and a street car could only hasten that progress.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I just don’t understand 7th or 9th Street at all, either is so close to the Green/Yellow line what would be the point. I thought I was a big fan of streetcars, they are captivating in the cities that have them, ie SFO, PDX. I’m perplexed that medium size cities in Europe like Nice, Seville have had these in place for several years and yet we talk and talk and talk. Boil the Ocean !!

  • Anon

    A couple of times, I did a analysis of who attended city planning meetings, especially long ones during the day, and it was compared to the demographics of the city that I lived in. In every case that I did this — it was wealthy, well educated, white males that highly dominated the direction of the conversation.

    I want to see documentation of the demographics of the individuals that they are collecting comments from. I hope the planners take a moment to analysis who is able to attend the meetings and who is NOT represented at the meetings. There are many people who are passionate about this, but do not have the luxury to participate.

    There should have be a public discourse online that allowed for individuals to submit routes based on the availability of road space to have more democratic process. All these options look like they came from the same people.

    Silver Spring is strong and well connected, so we do not need to run that far north.
    Takoma is strong and well connected.

    Kennedy Street is not. I would have loved to have seen any proposal for running this down Kennedy street and revitalizing the neighborhood. I am sad at the proposals that exist and wish there was more accessible public discourse.

    I begrudgingly choose #3 to keep the route more local at the northside of the root.

    • tacolicious

      { citation needed }

    • textdoc

      “In every case that I did this — it was wealthy, well educated, white males that highly dominated the direction of the conversation.” You gauged their income just by looking at them?

  • Sherman Circle

    How does DC plan on getting the streetcar up and down Georgia during rush hour without a dedicated lane (especially below Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro Station)? If they are not taking this in account, they are doing us a disservice.

    • Administrator

      Without a dedicated lane–the 14th street proposal (turns at F and U ) would also be a traffic nightmare. This is why I would go with option 1, the pure 7th street/Georgia Ave route. It is nice and straight and the best hope for a dedicated lane that would actually move people. Ideally, 14th street would get its own street car with a dedicated lane taking people from the mall up to Columbia Heights. Crosstown traffic–from dupont and down U–would be nice for small plates and cocktails, but without commuters I am not sure the expense could ever be justified.

  • Anonymous

    I was originally for option 1, because it looked like the fastest option to get to downtown, but I’ve changed my mind and I’m “voting” for #2 now. If I want to go to the Convention Center, I can just take metro. Having a streetcar that goes straight to the White House would be fantastic for Park View and Petworth. Also, the idea of getting to Trader Joe’s door-to-door on a streetcar is pretty amazeballs.

    • Anonymous

      street car is not about fast transit options. thats not their point.

      • Anonymous

        Please educate us on the “point” of street cars.

        • Anonymous

          The “point” is to raise tax revenue from the increased property value surrounding the streetcar line. See: H St. NE.

  • sbc

    They are missing huge opportunities on each end. There is no excuse for not connecting it to the Takoma metro, unless they can do an MOU with Montgomery County and go to the Silver Spring metro.

    And it needs to cross the Mall at 9th or 12th and run down Maine past the Wharf.

  • Anonymous

    Option 2!!!

    I feel for the people on Sherman. it would be nice to have a trolley in front of your house but how much more can they take?

    • Anonymous

      I lived in San Francisco on streets with a streetcar running out front and believe me, it can be a real pain having one in front of your house. They are not, shall we say, whisper quiet

  • Baby Peanut

    I don’t see why we need streetcars so soon when we still have to burn through Shaybah, Khurais and Manifa.

    • Anonymous

      ah, you listen to the news.


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